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All brides who are planning a magical wedding during a fall day might be interested in seeing these wonderful pictures of white dahlia wedding flowers posted below on this page. We are happy to be able to show you more beautiful and unique types of wedding flower bouquets and arrangements that you can choose for your own wedding or wear.


We know how important is for a modern bride to be able to find something that can help her make a statement on the big day and differentiate herself from other contemporary brides. The best way to do that is to opt for a less popular type of flower, color of bouquet design and arrangement. This is exactly what we are going to show you’re here in this article, hopefully the images you can examine below will make a great source of inspiration for all of you who are planning a modern wedding.

april flowers for a wedding 300x200 White Dahlia Wedding Flowers

Dahlias are among the most beautiful, romantic and impressive types of flowers available for fall and winter wedding ceremonies. They can be incorporated in all kinds of bridal bouquets or arrangements because they are versatile flowers which look good in almost any shape or design. However, we must admit that dahlias look at their best when used in natural touch wedding bouquets. They are usually chosen by brides who are planning a beautiful and romantic wedding in the middle of the nature, such as in a garden, in a forest, on an open field, in a park, backyard, mountain top or even in a country side.

april flowers for a wedding 2 200x300 White Dahlia Wedding Flowers

These natural locations are the bets hosts for dahlias especially when the wedding is inspired by the nature itself in arrangements and decorations. We are here to propose you the white dahlia wedding flower bouquet style hopefully this color will suit your wedding theme or character and style. The white color is still a top choice for the vast majority of brides today who are planning an elegant, stylish and classy wedding. There is no doubt that these white dahlia wedding flowers presented in the photos can make a wonderful choice for both modern and traditional weddings. However, if you wish to add a tiny splash of color to the white dahlia arrangement, we recommend you to use a few colored dahlia blooms.

april flowers for a wedding 3 300x268 White Dahlia Wedding Flowers

These precious types of flowers can be found in lots of dark and bold whimsical shades of brown, plum, burgundy, red, hot pink, dark orange, fuchsia, dark purple or yellow. You just need to find the right color combination for your wedding although the white shade looks good with almost any other type of color – more or less dynamic and vibrant. On the other hand, if you wish to mix dahlias with other flowers for obtaining a more diversified and rich type of bouquet or arrangement we recommend you the following types of flowers to make your pick from: asters, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, gerbera daises, peonies, tulips, roses, calla lilies, sweet peas, ranunculuses, spider mums, gardenias, Billy Balls, gladiolas or amaryllises and stephanotises.11

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The vast majority of the brides today are interested in planning a more casual and unsophisticated wedding where they can wear a more comfortable and easy-going wedding dress and a more delicate soft practical type of bouquet. Well, in the images below we are going to give you a few examples of gorgeous simple and chic wedding bouquets that you can choose from for your own wedding.


Perhaps you will be able to find something adequate and beautiful for your own wear that can match with the type of dress you’re wearing, to your silhouette or formality of the wedding. In general, these types of bridal bouquets can work best for informal ceremonies where everything is planned in a more relaxing, cozy and loose way. It’s not necessary to go wild, lavish and extravagant in order to obtain a remarkable and eye-catchy look.

blue hydrangea wedding boquet 240x300 Simple and Chic Wedding Bouquets

In fact, we must mention that elaborated wedding flower arrangements and bouquets never look as stylish, classy, refined and elegant as the tiny simplistic ones. There are many ways to create a fabulous simple and chic wedding bouquet using a few types of natural tiny flowers and decorative items. It all depends on the colors or accessories one uses for creating the bouquet. The secret is in the way a simple and smaller wedding bouquet is composed.

blue hydrangea wedding boquet 2 240x300 Simple and Chic Wedding Bouquets

If you can’t seem to find any inspiration in composing the bouquet on your own you can always ask for help. Hiring a specialist might cost you more than you can afford to spend on the wedding flowers. So the best way to do it quick, easy and for cheap is to watch a few tutorial vides which can teach you what, how, where and when to use the flowers, the colors and the accessories in order to obtain a fresh, modern and elevated simplistic bouquet. However, you can still gaze at the myriad of images we have on our website in order to familiarize yourself with the numberless of bouquet types that you can select for your own wedding.

blue hydrangea wedding boquet 3 240x300 Simple and Chic Wedding Bouquets

The internet represents the best resource of information and support in this regard. The number of brides who decide to plan the wedding on their own, using the famous DIY method is constantly increasing. While some of them are challenged by the fact that they can use their own imagination and creative sense in composing a more personalized and original wedding, others may decide to follow this method because they don’t have sufficient money to spend on a specialist in field to make the flower arrangements for them.

blue hydrangea wedding boquet 4 300x225 Simple and Chic Wedding Bouquets

We are going to offer you a few examples of real types of flowers that can look gorgeous in simple and chic wedding bouquets, hopefully you will be able to find something adequate for your own wedding: sweet peas, lilies of the valley, Billy Balls, orchids, hyacinths, ranunculuses, roses, hydrangeas, lilacs, calla lilies, tulips, sunflowers, carnations, gerbera daises, freesias, amaryllises, magnolias, dahlias, gardenias, stephanotises, tuberoses, lavenders, cherry blossoms, narcissuses, marigolds, gladiolas or peonies.11

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In this article we are going to offer you a few examples of gorgeous two-tone crossover wedding rings that we think you might like to see and so we’ve posted a few images on this page. The crossover style is among the most modern and elevated designs available today in the industry of wedding rings and bands and it seems that more and more brides are interested in adopting this style for their own wear.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

When the time comes to choosing the right type of wedding ring or the most attractive and beautiful one, most brides tend to panic and become even more confused than they already were before even starting the process of searching for the ideal wedding ring. And this is because the market is full of unique styles – one more beautiful and eye-catchy than the other. In this context we can only imagine how hard it is for a modern indecisive bride to choose a single type of ring from the myriad of styles available out there.

celtic triscele weave wedding ring silver Gorgeous Two tone Crossover Wedding Rings

However, there are a few things or aspects that one can consider in order to narrow down the search and make the whole process of looking for the best wedding ring much easier to handle. And these aspects are related to the type of lifestyle one is living, such as: the profession or the job and the daily occupation one is involved in, the wedding budget, the vision and the personal preferences of each bride and groom in part. There is always much easier to choose something when you know what is right or appropriate and what is not. Taking into account the difficulty level of the profession you must deal with can help you choose something adequate and more fitted.

celtic triscele weave wedding ring silver 2 Gorgeous Two tone Crossover Wedding Rings

What would be the point in purchasing a sophisticated and extravagant pompous wedding ring if your job does not allow you to wear something very elaborated or glamorous? This is the case of many brides who are only looking for dazzling rings without considering the type of life they’re living when buying the ring of their dreams. If you decide to spend a fortune on a more extravagant and intricate wedding ring you must assume the consequences that come with it.

celtic triscele weave wedding ring silver 3 Gorgeous Two tone Crossover Wedding Rings

You can whether take the ring off whenever things get too hectic or dangerous or you can wear it day by day and have the ring’s integrity and appearance ruined in a few days. The crossover style is definitely a more attractive, irresistible and unique alternative to other popular regular styles and it still represents a practical, casual and easy to wear type of ring. Now, it all depends on the embroideries and patterns made on the band. The bars can be simple, paved with diamonds or gemstones or adorned with ornaments and artistic embroideries. We’ve chosen the gorgeous two-tone crossover wedding ring because the two-tone style is very popular and trendy these days for both men and women. The yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum metals are the most common used in general in two-tone or multi-tone wedding ring styles.11

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The majority of brides and grooms today are attracted to everything that is new, hot and trendy in matters of wedding rings and bands, and this is who we ended up seeing more and more new white gold or platinum wedding ring styles out there on the market. The internet is also full of wonderful and unique modern wedding rings made with all kinds of artistic patterns and contemporary designs and settings. In this article we are going to discuss about white gold pave set wedding rings and show you a few images with this great style that we think you might like to see on our website.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

The white gold metal is definitely the most popular type of metal chosen today by brides and grooms for their wedding rings or bands, followed by the platinum metal which runs a close second. It seems that the precious and extravagant yellow gold wedding rings are not as popular as we though they still were and this is because many couples today consider them old fashion or too traditional to be worn by a modern bride or groom. However, despite the fact that the majority of the couples today have a preconceived notion on the fact that yellow gold wedding rings look dated, we want to inform you that more and more elevated and modern styles or designs appear for this type of metal too.

candy wrapper wedding favors dolphin rings White Gold Pave Set Wedding Rings

There are no more traditional styles that are being left un-updated or modified to ft the new preferences of the modern brides and grooms. Every single style is now taken to a further level of uniqueness, fashion and elegance in order to match or reach the new expectations that most couples of today have when it comes to wedding rings and bands. Well, in the following lines we are going to present you a few of the advantages that white gold wedding rings present compared to other types of metals.

candy wrapper wedding favors dolphin rings 2 White Gold Pave Set Wedding Rings

First of all we must say that white gold metal rings are and look more modern, voguish, stylish and elegant, perfect for both contemporary women and men looking for something hot and trendy for their own wear. The white gold can be considered a new type of metal that appeared in the last few centuries in the industry of wedding rings alongside with the rose gold. But among all types of gold metals, the white one is the most sought-after and appreciated by brides and grooms of today. And who can blame them for choosing white gold wedding rings?

candy wrapper wedding favors dolphin rings 3 White Gold Pave Set Wedding Rings

This metal is gorgeous for both active and inactive types of couples who want to wear something practical and easy to match with other types of jewelries or daily cloths. However, the white gold wedding rings are also very attractive, glamorous, extravagant and elegant. We’ve chosen the white gold pave set wedding ring style because we think it’s the most suitable one for those of you who are planning a more exuberant, brilliant, dazzling, eye-catchy and extravagant look.11

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This article can be read by both men and women who are looking for a more artistic, unique and eye-catchy type of wedding ring because here we are going to discuss about two-tone braided wedding rings. The styles you can admire in the pictures below are made especially for grooms, but brides who wish to wear something more outstanding, original and imposing can always opt for a similar style made for women.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

The braided design was also invented for men wedding rings although we must admit the pattern is very romantic, stylish and elegant. This is why we think that brides too can find something delightful and beautiful if looking for the braided style. We’ve chosen the two-tone braided wedding rings to present you here because we find this combination between the two tone style and the braided design very interesting, appealing and original. The days when men were supposed to wear or buy only wide plain and simple yellow gold bands are finally over.

claddagh wedding ring Two tone Braided Wedding Rings

These days anything is possible when we refer to the industry of wedding rings and bands. Any design you dream of can be made or transformed into a stunning wedding ring and personalized designs are quite trendy today. The most popular types of metals used in general in two-tone or multi-tone styles are: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, sterling silver or titanium. You can choose any of these metals and create your own personalized and individual two-tone wedding ring for obtaining a more original and impressive look. The braided style is able to offer the wearer a more imposing, romantic, whimsical and dainty look, although these qualities or features are usually promoted by bridal wedding rings.

claddagh wedding ring 2 Two tone Braided Wedding Rings

There are many grooms out there who are willing to adopt and assume a more extravagant, glamorous and sophisticated look by choosing a more unusual and unconventional design, pattern, setting or embroidery. The braids are usually made of the type of metal that is meant to accentuate the ring’s design and provide it with a more diversified and rich appearance. There is no doubt that two-tone braided wedding rings make more magnificent and spectacular unique alternatives for contemporary couples interested in finding something different and perhaps less popular.

The braided pattern can be incorporated in the two-tone ring in various ways: whether as an engraved, etched or carved design, whether painted or scrollwork made. You must choose the right type of ring according to the type of lifestyle you’re living. If you are involved in all kinds of dangerous daily activities we suggest you to opt for a more refined, comfortable and practical less sophisticated two-tone braided wedding ring. In general, this type of ring is not adorned or paved with diamonds or gemstones, although you can have a diamond two-tone braided wedding ring customized. We invite you to browse for more articles and pictures of diverse types of wedding rings for men beautified with all kinds of patterns, diamonds, gemstones and embroideries on our website.11

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Now that so many couples of today are interested in wearing something more practical and yet still modern in appearance we though to present you a few of our favorite types of modern platinum wedding rings we found on the internet hopefully you will be able to choose something adequate for your own wear. Perhaps platinum are among the most popular types of rings chosen in general by active or busy brides and grooms who are living a more solicitant and stressful kind of lifestyle.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

We always try to advise all couples to think and rethink well their options before making any hasty decision or a big purchase. The type of lifestyle one is living has the greatest influence on the integrity of the ring’s stone or design. This is why is so important to choose the most adequate or the right type of ring according to the degree of difficulty of your profession or daily activities and not only according to the level of elegance, beauty or appearance.

cheap jewish wedding ring Modern Platinum Wedding Rings

It is important to find a wedding ring that can suit both the comfort and the glamour factor. And we are convinced that you will be able to choose something appropriate from the myriad of styles available out there on the market or on the internet. We invite you to browse for more articles and picture son our website on diverse wedding ring and band themes that might be more or less inspiring for you. It’s essential to look for different types of rings before making any extravagant and inappropriate purchase in order to make sure that you’ve made the right choice in the end.

cheap jewish wedding ring 2 Modern Platinum Wedding Rings

Only after you get the chance to explore through many styles different in designs you will be able to tell which type of ring is the one for you. When we say “modern’ we refer to a more elevated design, innovative pattern, artistic embroidery and to a more practical and protective type of setting. There are plenty styles today that can feature all the qualities that a wedding ring needs to be classified as modern or as a successful type of wedding ring. If a certain design is not able to offer you practicality and a certain freedom of movement you need for doing your job or the daily work you’re involved in it might not be the perfect wedding ring for you.

cheap jewish wedding ring 3 Modern Platinum Wedding Rings

No matter how dangerous or solicitant your profession or type of lifestyle is, the wedding ring must always be able to provide you with comfort and practicality. Well, platinum wedding rings and bands are usually recommended to brides and grooms who are living their lives at extremes because this type of metal is one of the most resistant, durable and endurable one of all. Besides this, it is very attractive, dainty and stylish in appearance, which makes it the ideal metal choice for contemporary wedding rings and bands. Browse for more pictures and related articles on various modern platinum wedding rings on our website.11

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Brides who are interested in Vera Wang’s diaphanous style will surely be happy to see more of their favorite designer’s creations on our website. In this article we though to present you more of Vera’s gorgeous and feminine soft wedding dresses made for one of her recent bridal collections for the year 2010-2011. These delicate and vaporous dresses were made for all brides who are planning a magical and simply wonderful wedding during the spring season. However, we would warmly recommend these sensual and sensitive dresses to all of you who are getting married on a lovely fall day or even in the summer!


There is no doubt that these splendid soft light-weight Vera Wang wedding dresses can make any casual bride’s dream come true, and the reasons are many. We said casual brides because these styles are more fitted for informal wedding ceremonies or for less sophisticated yet still chic and romantic looks. Among the most notable and important features or qualities that we can mention here about these sensational soft light-weight Vera Wang wedding dresses are: comfort, delicacy, innovation of style, refinement, discretion and subtlety of embroideries, smooth and touchy textures, simple and clean lines, glamorous designs, feminine and sumptuously romantic silhouettes, ethereal and expensive woolly fabrics.

maggie sotero wedding dresses 200x300 Light weight Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

The majority of this bridal couturier’s creations are made in a very nice and flattering way where the attention to details and to every single embroidery or embellishment and accent transpires throughout the designs and the sensual fabrics. Both destination brides and semi-formal brides who are planning a gorgeous and sublime wedding outdoor in the middle of the nature or in a classy relaxing backdrop can opt for one of these pretentious and puffy soft light-weight Vera Wang wedding dresses. From superb ball gown princess styles to more form-fitted mermaid and sheath silhouettes, this fashion wedding dress designer’s creates various types of gowns that can fit a bigger number of brides and figures.

maggie sotero wedding dresses 2 200x300 Light weight Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

There is no doubt that Vera Wang’s wedding dresses can make the perfect choice for bohemian brides or for young brides planning a nonchalant, youthful and playful look as well! In this recent collection you will be able to choose from diverse types of soft and fine dresses made with all kinds of pastel natural shades. From eggplant white, blush, coral pink and ecru to champagne cream, beige, brown and dark semi-metallic gray soft light-weight Vera Wang wedding dresses, in this spectacular collection you will be able to find lots of original and unconventional styles beautified with splashes of color.

maggie sotero wedding dresses 3 200x300 Light weight Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Perfect for romantic brides who are planning a more feminine and charming wedding, these creations can also make an ideal attire choice for modern brides looking for something more challenging, innovative and surprising. The majority of the brides today are interested in obtaining a more distinctive and unique look, no matter how unusual, weird or quirky the designs they decide to go with are after all. We must admit that these enchanting Vera Wang wedding dresses are a little bit whimsical, but in a romantic way.11

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In this article we are going to present you a few of our favorite vintage Rosa Clara wedding dresses that we found on this designer’s recent 2011 bridal collection and thought you might want to see. It seems that the number of brides who are interested in wearing something old fashion couture on the big day is constantly increasing. More and more brides of today wish to look more authentic, original and glamorous on the wedding day and this is why they are tempted to choose from the myriad of old fashion styles available these days in the majority of bridal fashion wedding dress designer’s collections.


We think that these magnificent gowns made by Rosa Clara can help any bride fulfill her dream and offer her the experience of her life. This bridal couturier is famous for the innovative elevated designs and exquisite clean lines she uses in her dresses. Brides from all over the world and even celebrities are fans of Rosa Clara’s original style and are interested in adopting it for their own wear. We must admit that her dresses are a real enchant for the vats majority of contemporary women who are looking forward to see what’s new in this rich and wonderful industry of wedding dresses.

michelangelo wedding dresses 237x300 Vintage Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses

There is no doubt that these gowns manage to bring a novelty vibe in every bride’s life, making her special wedding day even more romantic and memorable! There is no way one can look or feel unattractive, plain or standard in one of this designer’s wedding gowns! We guarantee you that once you get the chance to take a closer look at her dress masterpieces you will know for sure that you can plan a successful wedding and an enviable beautiful silhouette in on of these fashion designer’s gowns. We recommend these superb creations to all modern brides interested in wearing something more original, old fashion and glamorous on the day.

michelangelo wedding dresses 2 235x300 Vintage Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses

We are happy to see that more and more women return to the old style and elegance which are definitely more refined, distinctive and even more glamorous or stylish than the designs we are used to in modern collections. We can never compare the old style with the new one because there are big differences in style that we can not classify as one more beautiful and adequate than the other.

michelangelo wedding dresses 3 233x300 Vintage Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses

Each bride has her own vision of the perfect wedding dress she would like to wear on the day and this is actually why we are trying not to generalize when speaking about a certain style or not to recommend you a design that we know it may not work for the majority of the brides today.

michelangelo wedding dresses 4 225x300 Vintage Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses

You can look for more vintage Rosa Clara wedding dresses on our website or on this designer’s official website where you can find all the previous collections to browse through and pick the right style for you. The vintage style can be defined through the chic and artistic lines, cuts and embroideries which are able to offer the bride a very gallant, dandy, romantic and sensual flirty look.11

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We know that there are many of you out there interested in viewing more of Rosa Clara’s original creations on our website, so we though to offer you a few more samples of this designer’s dress masterpieces made for her recent 2011 bridal collection. The entire collection consists of magical and simply spectacular gowns made especially for the contemporary bride who is willing to invest more in her bridal look for the big wedding day.


There is absolutely no doubt that Rosa Clara’s wedding dresses are incredibly fashionable, stylish and attractive, perfect for fulfilling any bride’s dream, regardless the formality or theme of the wedding. In this designer’s collections you will be able to choose from various splendid styles and designs – one more unique than the other. Fitted for both vintage and modern brides, this couturier’s collections also feature lots of amazingly beautiful and delicate lace wedding gowns made especially for traditional or conservative brides who are planning a classy refined look. You will be able to find any style or design you are interested in Rosa Clara’s collections.

is there a store that buys wedding dresses in boise idaho 234x300 Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses II

We can assure you that you won’t leave unsatisfied or unpleased with the choice you’ve made! We think that even the most exigent, picky and pretentious bride who is usually very hard to decide or impress will be able to find something delightful and suitable for her personality, taste and vision. Of course, the only thing that can prevent someone from purchasing a dreamy Rosa Clara wedding dress is the money. This designer’s creations can be very expensive and simply unreachable or unaffordable for many economical brides who are struggling to keep their options within a tighter wedding budget. And the high prices placed on these remarkable dresses are somehow justified by the fact that this couturier invests both money and time in creating such spectacular, exquisite and refined gowns especially for those who are interested in wearing something more elegant, stylish and haute couture on the big day!

is there a store that buys wedding dresses in boise idaho 2 233x300 Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses II

However, we’ve seen many brides on budget falling in love with a stunning wedding dress signed by Rosa Clara and managed to make some sort of a compromise or sacrifice in order to afford buying the dress of their dreams. After all, it’s your wedding day and this special event only happens once in your life time. Why not make anything in your power to obtain the most successful and enviable look possible!

is there a store that buys wedding dresses in boise idaho 3 228x300 Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses II

Nevertheless, there are many brides out there who have certain principles which they can’t break in order to buy a very expensive and glamorous wedding gown that they will only be wearing once! We are not here to judge, blame or criticize anyone, or to force you or trick you into spending a fortune on a gown that is out of your price point or league. We are only interested in providing you with more info on diverse types of designer wedding dresses made nowadays especially for modern brides in order to help you make the right decision in the end. Browse for more images and articles on Rosa Clara wedding dresses on our website!11

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In this article we are going to recommend you a few of your favorite bridal gowns made by one of the most famous genius fashion wedding dress designers, and these are Elie Saab wedding dresses. In the images below you will be able to admire some gorgeous creations made by bridal couturier for a fabulous 2008 bridal collection designed especially for contemporary brides who want to wear something sumptuously romantic, ultra dainty and high class on the big wedding day.


There is no doubt that these superb dresses can be worn by any type of bride – regardless of her age, physical condition, formality or cultural background at their wedding. We must admit that the designs are very bold and provocative, although the silhouettes and the embroideries are classy, stylish and classy. We recommend these lovely creations to all brides who are planning a spectacular wedding and a special one of a kind look. Although these dress masterpieces were made for a remarkable collection for the year 2008, we think that this designer’s creations are timeless and therefore suitable for any type of wedding in 2011, 2012, 2013, etc.

maggie sottero winnie wedding dresses1 252x300 Gorgeous Elie Saab Wedding Dresses

Any bride who is planning a wedding in the near future can choose one of these magnificent gorgeous Elie Saab wedding dresses and be sure that she is going to look absolutely charming, breath-taking and unforgettable on the day!

maggie sottero winnie wedding dresses 21 252x300 Gorgeous Elie Saab Wedding Dresses

We don’t know about you, but we find these gowns more than adequate for both elegant formal and causal weddings, although the reception must be planned with a more sophisticated, glamorous and extravagant theme or style. The main features of characteristics that we remark in Elie Saab’s original style are the feminine and elegant approach to romanticism, glam, refinement, vogue and innovation.

maggie sottero winnie wedding dresses 31 252x300 Gorgeous Elie Saab Wedding Dresses

We think that this designer can read the mind of the modern woman beaches his dresses seem like made especially to fit and flatter the new preferences and expectations of the modern woman in the ideal wedding dress of her dreams, and the qualities or virtues that can make a gorgeous Elie Saab wedding dress the perfect attire choice for any contemporary bride are: sensuality, drama, decency, originality, innovation, contrast, femininity, naturalness, comfort, extravagance, romance, ultra elegance, sophistication, purity, refinement and sweetness. This designer manages to introduce us to the fine art of seductive through his marvelous and magical gowns made especially for highlighting the bride’s body, offering her the silhouette of her dreams.

maggie sottero winnie wedding dresses 41 252x300 Gorgeous Elie Saab Wedding Dresses

These gorgeous Elie Saab wedding dresses combine the hot and sexy look with the classy dandy style and the result is absolutely heart winning! You can look for more breath-taking and ravishingly romantic bridal dresses made by Elie Saab on this designer’s official website where you will be able to find previous or recent bridal collections. The fabrics are sleek, lustrous, expensive and refined, perfect for providing the bride with an enviable luxurious and outstanding silhouette. The majority of the dresses made for this collection are covered in rich embroideries, crystal and pearl artistic work. We can’t deny the fact that these precious gowns are able to make any bride’s dream come true!11

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People have different lifestyles and points of view. One of the most often discussed issues about food design is the so-called vegetarianism. If you are vegan, your wedding will be vegan as well, and you will be looking for a vegan wedding cake. Continue searching. You are free to follow your belief, and the Internet will offer you excellent ideas regarding a vegan wedding cake. There are tasty and nice looking vegan cakes that you can find in modern wedding bakery. You`ll find a proper one for your wedding ceremony too.

Oh, would you like to plan a “kosher” wedding for yourself? Then you have the task of finding an organic wedding cake baker as soon as possible. Well, I’ve got some good news for you! There are definitely few vegetarian companies in your area. Google around the Internet in order to ensure those healthy materials for your wedding day. Health and tradition means so much for you. Actually it is a very good combination, and you have the best chance of finding your perfect vegan cake. But you have to be very ambitious and creative! In case that you couldn’t find a vegan baker, there are other possibilities for your vegan wedding. Search for a vegetarian restaurant! You also have the choice to contact local vegetarian societies. They will know, which ingredients to use in a vegan cake!

Vegan Wedding Cakes 225x300 Vegan Wedding Cakes

You probably know what is enough “vegetarian” for you. Your special request for an egg-free, gluten-free, organic wedding cake will be accepted at any health-food store. Those people will be happy to work for you. Collaborate with them in order to obtain the healthiest wedding ever baked! Maybe your friends or your relatives, your neighbors will help you out with your vegan cake. Just get a tasty recipe from the Internet and let your mother bake it for you. They would make anything possible in order to make their children happy on such an important day of their lives. No matter what size or shape you might like to have, just try a lovely vanilla vegan cake for your wedding. Brides make public all their ideas on the Internet, they share all their experiences with you in order to make you a happy, satisfied bride. Use their advice!

Vegan Wedding Cakes 2 225x300 Vegan Wedding Cakes

Well, I’ve found a website for you with such content about vegan wedding cakes. As you can see, many people share the idea of vegetarianism with you, you are not alone! What are the ingredients and the frosting technique for a vegan wedding cake? Try the following recipe, and make a unique and healthy vegan cake for your wedding ceremony. This cake must be made one or two days in advance, of course. You’ll have enough time in case that you’ve let your wedding experts help you out with these details.

I won’t reveal you all the secrets of this magic vanilla cake, you’ll have to be inventive and ambitious. This is just a recipe suggestion, please consider the details yourself due to the size and shape of your vegan cake. First, you`ll have to combine water, sunflower oil, white vinegar and vanilla in a large bowl. Take another bowl and mix some flour, sugar, salt and baking soda in it. Mix the content of the two bowls together with a hand mixer. Take the baking pan after 5 minutes. After 40 minutes of baking your cake will be almost ready. You’ll need only a bit of frosting. This was a nice vanilla recipe from MyVeganPlanet.com. Just pay attention to the amounts of materials used in the preparation, and your guests won’t even notice the difference! They will enjoy your vegan wedding cake. Try some clever vegan cooking books!

Vegan Wedding Cakes 3 300x268 Vegan Wedding Cakes

You’re going to be the most beautiful vegetarian bride in your country. You are such a special person, with special taste. Teach your chef vegan cook recipes, he will enjoy his job, don’t worry. They just simply love cooking! Let your wedding be a special vegan event in your life, the beginning of a long, happy journey as a fresh married, beautiful and healthy wife. Enjoy your (healthy) life!11

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Modern couples are following the ancient custom of wearing the wedding ring, but only few of them know the spiritual-religious background and the origins of this custom. Why do we wear wedding rings? We are following old traditions in our wedding ritual, without paying attention to their symbolic meaning.

The engagement rings and the wedding bands are popular jewels worn by women and men, as a public symbol of their marital status and fidelity. Young couples are curious about the spiritual aspect of this custom as well. They would like to know the origin and the meaning of this popular custom, as they have decided to follow a conscious lifestyle and an open minded way of living. The marriage is not only a trade or a tradition to them, but a wise decision and a choice taken by following their loving heart.

Why Do We Wear Wedding Rings 300x246 Why Do We Wear Wedding Rings?

Get familiar with the ideas and concepts related to the custom and origin of the wedding ring. The history of the wedding ring is very interesting. Originally we have to deal with a symbol of domination and possession. It is about a traditional token of possession. The origin of the special wedding terminology dates back into ancient times as well. The words connected to the ceremony of the wedding have ancient roots as well. We have to travel back in time to the land of medieval Scandinavia to get the original meaning of the word “husband”. Are you familiar with the ancient Viking language? No problem, I`ll help you out with the translation. The Scandinavian words for house and for dweller give us the English word “husband”. The peasant farmers from the 14th century were usually married people too.

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The old English language helps us understand the meaning of the word “groom” and “bride” as well. A bridegroom is actually the man of the bride, as “guma” in the ancient English means “man”. The word “bride” is originating from ancient Anglo-Saxon languages. What was the main task of a young married woman in old times? To prepare the food for the family and to take care of everything that needed to be done around the house. The word “bride” is related to these activities in the life of a married wife. We have to be familiar with the history of the wedding ring too, in order to understand meaning of this custom of wearing the wedding rings. The shape of the ring is a circle, a geometrical symbol for important spiritual and religious concepts. The ancient wedding ceremony used the symbolism of the circle for religious purposes. The circle has traditionally magical properties. The ancient ceremony leaders wanted to protect the institution of the marriage by wearing a circle around the fourth finger – this was considered to be the finger of the heart.

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So, in ancient times of science, the spiritual leaders used magical rituals to protect the bride and the groom from evil spirits. The left hand is closer to the heart, so this way, we have to deal with the tradition of the left ring finger or of the fourth finger. Why do Christian civilizations use this pagan symbol of wedding rings? In 325 AD Constantine began the conversion of the Pagan world to Christianity. The Christian civilization has adopted many pagan symbols. So, there is amazing information on the Internet about the origin of the wedding ring. Be an educated, open minded bride, and take your time to search for these interesting stories and legends from the past! A wedding ring is the expression of love and devotion. You are honoring the sacred union with your fiance by the spiritual symbol of the circle shaped wedding ring. You don’t have to wear a ring made of grass, plant or hair, as in the old times. Beautiful masterpieces of gold, silver and other precious stones and metals are waiting for you.

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You may be a traditional and a contemporary, modern bride at the same time. Design this traditional emblem of eternity according to your own taste and personality. By accepting the heart of your fiance, you accept his personality as well. The finger related to personality is the left fourth finger of the hand. You are wearing the symbol of your marital unity this way.

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Traditionally, the wedding ring is worn by the married woman, as a symbol of her love and commitment. The modern times brought a lot of changes in human civilization. The Second World War has brought global political and cultural-financial changes as well. Men started to wear wedding bands due to these radical historical times. They needed an expression of their marital state as soldiers. A symbolical bound to their loved ones waiting for them at home. They wanted to assume proper responsibility for their families. They wanted to show their love and respect for marriage and family. They needed a Ring.

The wedding band was a public display for soldiers for their status. These first wedding band rings for men were designed traditionally of platinum and gold. Modern technology and the art of fashion jewels offers a wide variety of contemporary men wedding bands. Men choose to decorate and engrave a simple wedding band with elegance and style. Men have good taste, too! We live in modern times, so diamonds are becoming more and more popular. Even among men such wedding rings have become more popular! If your fiance wants to marry you with a diamond ring on his finger, let him choose your diamond wedding ring, too!

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Which metal should we use for a diamond ring? Think of platinum, titanium, white and yellow gold as a popular choice! The metal platinum will hold your diamond stone and it won’t cause you skin allergies either. Your husband may expose it to water as well. This is a practical way in which you can show your devotion and fidelity! It is durable. I think that your fiance would prefer white gold for his wedding band. Ask him, if I am right or wrong about his taste! Or he would choose a combination of white and yellow gold. This is a popular style for men as well. Attention, ladies and gentlemen! Diamond rings might be extremely expensive according to their quality and design. Their price could easily reach the sky. We are talking about hundreds to millions of dollars! This is quite an expensive way to show your emotions, but love is really precious. You will keep your love to your life mate together with your precious wedding rings.

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Men accept to wear jewels only as a serious motivation. Guys could be so comfortable sometimes. But they love their wives with or without wearing wedding bands. They are searching for modern solutions and fashions to preserve this tradition of proving their responsibility and honor. Diamond stones are brilliant choices for those who want to express their eternal love and commitment. The ancient Egyptian times are over, but love is eternal. The essence of love is the same. Please do not choose the ring for your fiance! Let him provide the wedding ring of his dreams. He might have his own dreams regarding your wedding day, don’t you think so?

You have to let him decide freely regarding this issue! Men have their own personalities! They would like to express it as much as you are proud of your own! It is a matter of pride. Men try to wear wedding rings showing their social-financial status as well. It is about love but not only about it. An exclusively designed, expensive diamond ring chosen by your future husband is something natural and common. I hope, he`s got the affordable budget for his ego… Try to follow my advice, unless you are used to pre-marital conflicts and arguments. I feel responsible to save you from a lot of discomfort and trouble!

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The cleverest solution for the proper ring choice is to choose the wedding rings together. For both of you! That special ring waits for both of you in a special place, you just have to believe in magic and have enough money so as to buy it. Your fiance must feel safe and relaxed having made the right choice from his heart! You would find stunning ring creations for both of you, if your partner is in a good mood. Let him have as much fun and joy as possible!11

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The day of your modern wedding is approaching, and you are probably stressed because you still have numerous unsolved wedding details. I can feel your anxiety regarding our wedding plans, but I can only help you by offering you few money saving tips and ideas from the Internet. Popular websites ensure great tricks concerning affordable wedding planning steps that need to be followed. There is an affordable solution for every wedding ceremony detail, especially for your floral choices.

Flower arrangements could show a wide variety of styles and prices as well, due to the plants and the materials that are used for decorations, centerpieces and modern wedding flower bouquets. Choose an affordable solution for your flower arrangement! By choosing a popular wedding planner team online, you could save a lot of money, time and energy. JustWedding.com will ensure you a brilliant wedding planning for example, feel free to consult them! They will search the right people for your wedding details: DJs, photographers, bakers and florists as well. Thousands of useful tips will make your wedding planning easier. You’ll need such advice in order to create or choose an affordable flower decoration, too.

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Bridesign.com is a website specialized in affordable wedding flower services. These florists will deal with all of your requests. They have enough experience in this domain and they know how to handle any wedding budget. They know many clever tricks suitable for making all your dreams regarding your wedding day come true, without spending too much money on your flower decoration. You’ ll receive fresh, blooming flowers for amazing prices! Everything you order from them, will be shipped in time and in a perfect shape. The florist team ensures an average money saving of 30-40%. I hope you’ll find this information useful. You must make sure that your wedding flowers will be affordable and beautiful at the same time. Flower arrangements need a good self knowledge. You have to know your style. Hopefully you have discovered your own style and personality by now. You’ve got your own taste when it comes to flowers, but your budget might be limited. You need to fin great flower arrangements at modest prices.

For a lower budget, you have to find similar flower solutions instead of expensive floral arrangements. Don`t get lost in the world of flower decoration, as your budget is not endless! Choose between the needed and the wanted flowers, no matter how difficult it seems to be! There are money saving alternatives for every decoration idea, so a proper consultation regarding prices is required. Search for simple decoration solutions. Save the energy of your florist and your budget at the same time!

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Available flowers are more cost-effective. You have to pay attention to the wedding theme, to the number of guests and to the wedding reception venue. You have to compare your expectations with your budget limits. Wedding planning needs wise decisions. This is why contemporary couples ask for the help of worldwide famous, experienced wedding planner experts. No need to rush when making such decisions. Take your time to choose the best from the solutions that are available for you!

Married life has its material aspect as well, and you’ll have to deal with difficult financial decisions every day. Learn from popular experts, how to take care of your budget limits! You’ll need an affordable flower solution for your floral bouquet. First of all, just think about money saving ideas for your bouquet filling. The aster flower is available in wonderful colors and it is affordable for your budget at the same time. What a sparkling solution for your bridal bouquet! And you shouldn’t worry about costs either! You’ ll hold a bouquet of stars, after the latin name of this beautiful flower (astrum). Shining flowers are perfect for a bride shining like the sun. You’ll find the proper solutions, because modern brides are not limited to local florists only. Browse worldwide for your affordable flowers on the Internet! You are such a busy bride but fortunately, the flower service companies are searching for more and more creative and effective flower delivery methods.

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There are popular, award-winning websites ready to be helpful. Every bride dreams about wonderful but affordable wedding creations. Fresh flowers are the traditional choice for flower arrangements. What about artificial wedding flowers made of silk? What about another money saving tip? I suggest you to go directly on the fields to find your fresh flowers! I wish you happiness!11

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The wedding cake traditions are different, from culture to culture, from country to country, but modern couples prefer to decorate their wedding cakes in many ways, in many styles, due to their religious believes, their education, their personality and even to their hobbies. There are many animal fans worldwide, and presenting a miniature of your favorite pet on your wedding cake seems to be a popular idea in modern wedding planning.

People use this opportunity of making their life public for a short period of time on their wedding reception in order to make their hobbies and preoccupations, their personalities and their view of life public as well. We like to share our lives with our loved ones, with relatives, friends and colleagues. We are proud of our addictions and passions. The animals are part of the nature, just like flowers and landscapes are. We got common origins with Mother Nature, in fact we have, due to our instinctive-emotional side. something “animal” in us as well.

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We could have many favorite house pets, dogs, cats and even bigger animals such as horses. Some of these pets might be exotic, a little bit strange and odd, but they belong to us. Using animal wedding cake toppers seems to be a funny and interesting idea, especially in the case of modern weddings. With a bit of creativity and fantasy, the animal kingdom will take part in your wedding, the same as in the most popular Animal Planet Show, and your guests will love the emotional, heartbreaking atmosphere offered by your favorite puppies on your wedding cake.

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Those lovely teddy bear toppers will ensure you the sweetest moment of your wedding. You can show them to your children years later and even to your grandchildren too, in case you choose from those there are made of stylish porcelain. I am talking about crafted figurines from crystal and other precious materials, all of them designed especially for your wedding ceremony. It is not a big deal to search for them on the Internet, and you will enjoy your browsing experience for sure!

The wedding accessory shops have many interesting items. Their worldwide online shops offer you a wide variety of wedding products, even those adorable animal-themed wedding cake toppers. If you feel attached to animals, please, use this possibility of making public your love to nature too. This would make you even more adorable. What a wonderful life you might have, in case your life mate shares your passion for animals! Your favorite pets are going to become your family members after your wedding, so they have to take part in your wedding ceremony as well. Gather them all around you, at least in a miniature size! Put your four legged friends on the top of your wedding cake! They will look quite alive, and they will reach the hearts of your wedding guests.

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Maybe you find these birds a bit sentimental for your wedding cake. Are you searching for something funny? There are different styles and designs of funny animal toppers that you can choose as well. Just take your time to choose your favorite toppers! Those humorous wedding cake toppers will offer you on your wedding ceremony day a joyful, optimistic atmosphere. Or do you want to feel sad on your wedding day? Oh, no! There will be party time, you are getting married! Everyone should laugh and enjoy each other’ s company on such a particular occasion as a wedding. How would you like a funny frog prince cake topper?

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They’ve made you laugh, didn’t they? Your wedding guests will enjoy them as well. You’ve found the prince of your life, didn’t you? Maybe some fairy tail decorations would help you tell the love story on your wedding day. Everything is possible, all of your dreams may come true with the help of some wisely designed figurines. Your fears and phobias belong to you as well. You`ll pass them beyond very soon, due to your happy marriage. Children will help you familiarize yourself with animals. They simply adore them!11

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A professional wedding planner cares for every detail regarding a wedding ceremony. These people are experts in providing the best decorations, flower arrangements, foods and cake bakery experts as well as DJ-s. A wedding needs a particular music background for every major part of the ceremony.

You might think that you`ll need only few songs, but the list of the key ceremony parts is quite long. Let`s meditate a little bit upon your wedding ceremony, from the beginning to the end. First, there is the arrival of your wedding guests, isn’t it? So, these people need a musical background for when sitting down and preparing themselves for the union ritual of your ceremony. These songs performed in the very first part of your wedding are the pre-wedding songs. You’ll need a loop playing these special songs.

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Your wedding aid team is walking down the isle. Your bridesmaids, candle lighters, groomsmen, flower girls and so on. So many kind people are dedicated to offering you a moral and practical support on your wedding day. Their entrance and their walking needs a special song as well. Your walking in would need a special song too or you may just walk in together with your bridal party. Your arrival as a husband and wife needs a special song as well. Don’t forget the first dance of the bride and groom either! You and your husband will dance together for the first time on your wedding day! Your parents need a special song as well as the moment when you’ll cut your wedding cake. Your bridal bouquet will probably also be thrown away on a particular musical background. And you`ll leave the reception area on another wedding song.

Why are all these songs required? Well, you don’t want your wedding ceremony to be boring, do you? Every ceremony part has an important meaning. Music can open the hearts and the minds of your wedding guests. They need this artistic support to become active participants in your wedding. You share precious feelings and emotions with them. Your fiance and your parents are important persons in your life. Tender moments of love and devotion spent during your childhood and later on, once you have met your future husband will be celebrated by listening to these songs. All these memories are present on your wedding day in your mind and your heart. You need music!

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In case you would like to calculate the size of your wedding ceremony playlist, you have to collaborate with your wedding planner and your priest as well. The church must approve all the songs that might be performed in the temple. The evening reception party is quite different. Your party DJ or your music band will take care of the musical details concerning your wedding party. Be able to express all your wishes and options to them! It is your party after all! The music selection must be appropriate and popular among your wedding guests. They should enjoy your wedding! Please, prepare some extra wedding songs for the wedding day!

Choose romantic love songs for your dancing songs, as all the eyes of your wedding guests will focus on your happy romance with your husband. People like romance and love confession, these tender moments ensure us sweet minutes of joy and happiness. Life is so precious, it should be lived in peace and harmony! Try to find the best contemporary or traditional wedding songs for your heart touching moments of the wedding ceremony. Be sure of yourself, and try to express all your talent and personality! It`s like preparing a soundtrack for a movie. You should be the director of your own wedding! It is your wedding!

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Whatever genres you might like, the chosen songs should have an intimate background, with a special song text and a deep symbolism. The artist shall speak instead of you about your feelings and about your dreams! Listen to the lyrics carefully! You’ll find a middle ground with your fiance, hopefully. Harmony is the most important thing in a relationship. You fiance should accept your music choices, even if your tastes are not identical. Please choose some familiar songs for your vocalist and for your music band as well! They must be familiar with your songs!11

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The modern wedding planning is based on traditions and customs from many cultures. Due to our religious-cultural orientation and life view, we may use in our wedding ceremony different themes and ideas for our decorations, dresses and table reception. This variety of customs offers you the possibility of expressing your personality in a particular way, using wedding themes from different countries and civilizations.

You are free to create an atmosphere which reflects your state of mind, your mood, your emotions in the best way possible. We have to assume risks in wedding planning and overcome our limits and preconceptions. A wedding is an amazing life event full of joy and happiness. You must find your creative side for these occasions! You might even become a famous wedding expert!

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Asian-themed weddings are popular in modern wedding planning, due to the beautiful cultural background of the Asian culture. Ancient traditions in the domain of art, health, education, gastronomy and other life territories are waiting for you to discover the beauty of Asian traditions. In case you or your relatives have Asian ancestors or Asian heritage, the oriental style of wedding decoration may ensure your wedding guests a unique atmosphere of peace, calm and relaxation. We may not forget the joy nor the happiness. Asian people usually show a great respect and gratitude towards each other and especially for their guests.

If you have decided to choose an Asian wedding theme, the dominant color scheme of your ceremony should be red and yellow. These are the traditional colors for Asian oriented ceremonies. Your Asian wedding expert may help you out with your preparations, and provide you the proper wedding accessories and arrangements. Please,take care of the nice traditional wedding attire that you must wear and of all the dresses that shall be worn by the participants – the groom, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen – harmonizing with the major color theme of Asian focused wedding ceremonies: red and yellow. As a modern western bride, you might decide to wear a wedding gown that was designed in oriental style. Your wedding bouquet may offer your Asian look a lot of beauty and elegance. Combine modern and traditional elements with the help of your oriental wedding expert. Some solutions and ideas might be a bit unusual, but they could offer your wedding the unique atmosphere of an oriental culture.

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The details concerning to your wedding bouquet are very important. I would give you an arrangement suggestion related to colors. We have to take care of this issue concerning the color of our arrangements as there are ancient traditions concerning the acceptable colors in the case of different ceremonies. White is associated with funeral ceremonies. Maybe too strange for you, but your Asian guests may feel even shocked by your white wedding bouquet, so please do not give them such surprises. Honor them instead with tiny Thank you gifts for attending your wedding ceremony. The experience of your wedding expert is particularly required. Honoring your guests with your presents is a special ceremony detail in the case of Asian weddings. Use small, particular gifts, easy to remember, symbolic values of respect and love. Take your time for this wedding ceremony detail, because your Asian wedding guests offer you respect as well!

The usually suggested flower types for an Asian wedding bouquet are lotus blossoms, peonies, daffodils, orchids and jonquil. And remember: forget pure white flower bouquet solutions. You would cause trouble and a lot of disappointment for your wedding guests. Flower stores usually include the possibility to rent their expensive decoration items, and offer you a proper consultation in Asian themed flower arrangement before choosing the best one . Search for Asian wedding directories on the Internet in order to find your beautiful Asian flowers for your bouquet online. Honor your Oriental roots with respect and gratitude! Be proud of your cultural heritage, it is worth to be preserved and followed. Your Eastern themed wedding may benefit from such ideas. The Chinese and the Japanese culture, or even the Zen philosophy may inspire your wedding preparations as well.

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You have to find flower experts in the Asian wedding flower business. The Internet is waiting for you and it has great famous names and ideas to offer you. Search for AsianWeddingNetwork.com.uk for your UK weddings for example! But you can find these experts worldwide. A magic day of celebration!11

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A wedding ceremony involves both a practical-material and an emotional-spiritual aspect. Love and devotion are precious human values, the emotional-spiritual background of every human relationship. The marriage and the family life represent the most beautiful part of human coexistence and collaboration. A wedding ceremony offers the possibility of spiritual reflection and meditation, due to the young couple’ view on life.

In case you have a calm, peaceful lifestyle, you would like to follow your spiritual orientation in your wedding planning as well. New Age wedding music ensures you the proper mood of relaxation, love and inner peace for you and for your wedding guests. Your wedding will be an amazing celebration of universal love and spiritual development. Your wedding will be a blessing for every wedding participant.

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Let your music expert ensure the proper musical background for your expectations! New Age music is a popular choice for outdoor weddings, especially in a natural environment. A wedding is a great occasion on which to share your life concepts with your friends and relatives. You could offer your guests a tender, peaceful feeling of joy and happiness, performing the right songs for them. Search for a wedding DJ, who is familiar in the case of theNew Age music. Choose these songs together! Your wedding planner will search for people sharing your taste and lifestyle. You need peaceful, devoted persons to care for all your wedding details, like flowers, foods, music, venue and the whole wedding ceremony. A beautiful, natural decoration will offer your guests an eternal memory of Love.

If you are searching for New Age wedding songs, you might prefer a personalized wedding ceremony ritual for your wedding vows. Focus upon the idea of sacredness. Your wedding union needs a sacred place, usually a church. This environment ensures you the connection with divinity. Your future marriage needs God’s blessing as well as your parents’ blessing. Call on Mother Nature to bless your wedding. The proper music background is required for this purpose. Music opens your heart and prepares a special state of mind for relaxation and emotional comfort. It should be the happiest day for your guests too. They came to share your state of mind, your happiness and your joy. You have found your life mate, so you are in your best emotional and spiritual condition.

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Your wedding music expert will search for relaxing music, and you may collaborate with him in this issue. You`ll become a great New Age music DJ in a few days! I suggest you to listen to the songs of Marshall Styler, a high skilled New Age musician from Austin. His piano melodies will offer your guests a unique atmosphere of relaxation and inner peace. It is going to be an unforgettable music experience for everyone. You have waited for your wedding day for years! It is a special day for your loved ones too. Enjoy the piano music. Your music is actually a poetry of sounds. It will help you express your emotions.

Listen to many New Age tracks on the Internet! All of them are special in their style and effect. You may download these songs for free or for a particular price. These wedding songs are suitable for intimate life events. Your wedding music will inspire your guests and refresh their senses, especially in a natural environment including fresh wild flowers. They won`t fall asleep, just feel comfortable and safe. You don`t like angry, anxious people, do you? Try to bring your guests to a proper state of mind for such a special day of your life! Endless playlists of famous New Age artists are waiting for your music selection. Your wedding DJ will suggest you many names such as Enya and Enigma. Do you know these musicians? Google around for other names suitable for your taste!

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Your wedding ceremony is going to need special musical background for every ceremony. Could you find a New Age themed mother-son, father-daughter song? What about seating your grandparents or reciting your wedding vows? There is a musical solution for every ceremony . Let New Age music be your Life!11