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In Egyptian traditions, the marriage was considered to be a very sacred event, and so it was suppose to organize the whole event. It’s known that the Egyptians were the first civilization who put the marriage affair into rules and regulations, so the couple to subsist to the authority of a god. The wedding day in the Egyptian territory is known to be very extravagant and quite grandiose, especially because of the specific adornments and colors. The remarkable Egyptian wedding style is based on a special brilliancy, given by the golden nuance and the glamour of the embellishment elements that create the bride’s dress.
The Egyptian wedding dress is extremely sophisticated, imposing, noble and sublime at the same time. Nevertheless, the Egyptian wedding dress still feels pretty comfortable to wear, mostly because of its large design. In the ancient traditions, the Egyptian wife was thought to be a person pretty much respected. The Egyptian bride must be the symbol of prestige, esteem and sacrilege. It’s a must for the Egyptians to engage firs, and then get married. The engagement bride’s dress is much simpler than the wedding dress itself. The Egyptian engagement dress could is mostly pink or blue colored.

egyptian wedding dresses 215x300 Egyptian Wedding Dresses

The Egyptian wedding dress is mostly embellished with gold and golden variations, because the gown must express lightness, warmth and brightness. In the ancient traditions, the wedding dress was extremely long that the bride swept the floor with it. The delicate canvas material is golden from head to toe with expensive and valuable embroideries. Gold is a symbol of domination, fame and preciousness. The embroidery is richer at the top of the hem, into an angular decorative style, where even more gold is used. The wedding dress usually underlines the bust area with the finest gold details. The golden motifs are extended in the jewelry and the shoes of the bride.

One alternative Egyptian wedding dress is the white gown, embellished with the traditional golden fine decorations, hand sewn.

egyptian wedding dresses 2 Egyptian Wedding Dresses

The material used in most traditional Egyptian clothing is linen. Due to the extremely high temperatures of the environmental climate, this fabric was the best idea for the people. But the wedding outfits enjoyed a more official material. Over their head or their shoulders, Egyptian brides could wear a shawl, handmade of a material called asuit. A silver wire is embroidered on this particular shawl. The bride could wear a golden headpiece, if she has a status.  This is often a golden crown, but in ancient Egyptian wedding traditions, some beaded or crocheted headpieces were often worn by the women.

The henna art belongs almost entirely to the Egyptian traditions, mostly because of its use in the tattoo art. These sorts of tattoos are to be painted on the couple hands before the wedding, in a more contemporary design.11

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French wedding dresses have always amazed the young ladies with their unique and chic design and shade. The finest wedding dresses are the French style and glamor, a simple touch of elegance and sobriety. Regarding the innovations in the French wedding dresses, the quality of the material and the embroidery were never raised to such heights.  The impeccable fabric and cut make are a beautiful mark of the French style. The superior quality is easy to be seen in these unique textures. The traditional French wedding dress, made of lace, combined with the novelty of the modernism patterns is looking absolutely stunning and superb. The texture is very ethereal and has a romantic fairy-tale appearance.
We present you a couple of splendid French wedding dresses from Amy Kuschel. The Alexandra French wedding dress is a very feminine romantic and classic style. The dress is from San Francisco and it’s made out of silk satin organza and it has a light and airy appearance. It has a classic, formal and romantic theme and it can be found in white and ivory nuances. A more luxurious wedding dress made in San Francisco as well, is named April and it has an Italian silk refinement embellished with luxurious lace. This gown is perfect for a trumpet silhouette, and the theme is classic, formal, romantic and glamorous. Colors are available in ivory.

french wedding dresses 199x300 French Wedding Dresses

The Kaleidoscope French wedding dress has an English empire laser-cut material, and it is strapless. The design is unique and modern, and it is perfect for a beach casual wedding. The color is ivory.

Another strapless lace French dress is the Nosegay, which has a very feminine and classic cut, also indicated for a modern, romantic beach casual wedding. The colors are white and ivory.

“Believe” wedding dress suits with a trumpet silhouette. This model is made in a modern French Chantilly Lace, and it proclaims a future fashion in the field.

The Butterfly dress has a classy charm style, an appealing empire silhouette, with a dramatic open back. This dress is called “Flutter” as well, because it can be detached from the skirt into a mini dress that can be used in the honeymoon departure.

french wedding dresses 2 199x300 French Wedding Dresses

A sensual, modern, romantic and silky wedding dress is the Celeste model. It’s absolutely breath taking because of its ethereal appearance.  The dress is asymmetrical and strapless, and it’s perfect for a Long Island Weddings. The color is candle.

A very delicate and feminine French wedding dress, the Bouquet Chantilly Lace elegance is a strapless gown suitable for an elegant wedding on the beach. This is a flirtatious and fabulous dress that you could wear if you want to look sexy and charming. The colors are only ivory and white.11

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Cat jewelry: let`s purr!

In most of ancient cultures, cats were regarded as symbols as fertility and feminity. This old meaning has been somehow transferred to our modern cultures, we use to say that a sexy woman has a cat like walking, balancing her hips or that some women love to literally purr in the arms of their beloved.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Jewelry produced have reborn old sensuality of cats by creating jewels based on cats representations. From home decors to model of watch, you are surrounded by cat jewelry and you will probably end by feeling as sexy as Michelle Pleiffer in Catwoman role paper.

Cats as home decors are designed to make you smile, they are graceful and begging for your petting as true cat, funny dressed like Harlequin and Christmas cats, which help Santa with sharing the gifts. You should really be careful with your true cat, if you have one, it will soon get jealous on the rival. Home decors are the cheapest items in cat jewelry, they start from 8 $ to 35 $.

cat jewelry 300x232 Cat Jewelry

In your jewelry collection, cats will make the rule. You can reveal your sexy and wild face by puting  a Regal Swarovski crystal cat or a Kitty Swarovski in the Moon in your hair. You can be proud and eager as a golden cat standing right on her paws or you can look romantic, daydreaming. Those hairpins will cost you between 20- 45 $, cheap as it can be for a royal aspect. If you feel like you want to surprise your friends attached to your look a cat with attitude pins: it can laugh, tongue, get scarred, bored or start to cry, anyhow they are as well cheap- only 9 $.

cat jewelry 2 211x300 Cat Jewelry

Be a true Catwoman by wearing a set of cat earrings and bracelet. They are unbelievably cheap (between 10- 20$) and they create a playful sensation for you and for the ones, that admire you. They are mostly made of sterling silver and adorned with crystals or gemstones (especially amethyst and amber). You won`t believe it, but some stylists recommend women to wear in the wedding day cat earrings or bracelets, in the old Egyptian tradition that said cats bring fertility and prosperity to the young couple. For that special day, you have to choose a high quality silver bracelet or earrings, which surprisingly will cost you very cheap, only 15 $.

cat jewelry 3 272x300 Cat Jewelry

Cat earrings are very funny and cheap (between 9- 15$), you can have a pair of cats balancing her tails, cats dangling a bell or even a mouse.

Cat rings follow the same way of being funny and cheap, moreover they are very colorful (red, blue or green). Sterling silver rings usually have as ornaments two or three cats.

cat jewelry 4 300x300 Cat Jewelry

Cat necklaces are further the most spectacular items: you can buy a purring cat in a circle, a kitty Swarovski crystals quartz or a dreaming cat, all for just 15 or 20 $.11

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Skull jewelry: get creepy!

We are used to see and wear delicate jewelry such as angels, butterflies or colorful gemstones, what about a total inversion of values?!  If you feel like you want to break rules, try to wear skull jewelry and everybody will catalogue as rock fan in the happiest case (for some of them you would like a satanic) or rebellious and powerful as the bad girls of show business.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Creepy- that`s first impression when you will stare at one item of skull jewelry.  Then someone of them will remind of old symbol of pirates and they will seem to you much funnier.

skull jewelry Skull Jewelry

Stars as Linsay Lohan and Christina Ricci have introduced skull jewelry in their daily look, so why won`t you go rebellious for a while?!

For your outstanding drive, you have plenty models to choose from. If your budget is low, you can stop at one small and silver skull pendant of 30 – 40$ or a skull ring of 15 $.

Bracelets of skulls will get you into a pirate mood for only 40- 50$. If you want to surprise your friends  at your meeting, try to put in your hair a skull pin (only 4 $) and will certainly notice it from distance.

skull jewelry 2 200x300 Skull Jewelry

For an extravagant and creepy look, you can wear a color skull necklace, available as purple, green, pink, blue or orange. Now you made sweety your new trend!

Pirates used to seal important letters or maps with personalized skull rings. Nowadays, the pirate girl in you can reveal her delicate fingers by wearing a massive silver skull ring of almost 70 $.

If you want to make discrete your skull jewelry preference, there are leather cuff for watches for women or men, accessible as price, only 60$.

skull jewelry 3 Skull Jewelry

For a creepy Valentine`s Day, some producers got an incredible idea: to combine the classical and lovely pink with silver skulls. The result: a dual, but nice pendant, which you can wear everyday, if you like and this will cost you just 14 $.  On the markt, you can also find jewels following the same model: skull bracelets with red or blue stones attached, skull rings with blue bone, with the same accessible price, of 20 $.

skull jewelry 4 Skull Jewelry

Swarovski House couldn`t have missed skull jewelry trend, so they lent their crystals, especially black to watch producers. You surely love this classical and creepy items, fine as manufacturing and rebellious as ornaments. 100 $ aren`t that much for reconciling both styles, are they?!

If you want to transform your lover into a pirate or to suggest him this, offer him an onyx and diamond ring, also adorned with a huge skull. The change is worthy, according to the price, almost 100$.

skull jewelry 5 Skull Jewelry

Finally, for pirate in you, who likes fine treasures, you can buy a white gold necklace with a small and discrete skull (270 $) or a 10 K white gold and black diamond skull pendant to make you sure that everyone will remark your presence in a party (400 $).11

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Earring jewelry box: stylish safe place

So, you have bought unnumbered earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces, where to put them?! A stylish, tiny and roomy jewelry box. Starting with 30 $ you will fix the problem of storing your jewels.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Wood, plastic, leather or glass- these are the most common materials used to create your earring jewelry box. The difference of price between them isn`t that great: one wooden earring jewelry box starts from 20$, one acrylic or glass earring jewelry box start from 80 $, while one leather earring jewelry box is the most sophisticated and expensive of all, almost 150 $.

earring jewelry box Earring Jewelry Box

The greatest advantage of one tiny earring jewelry box is that it can be transported with your necessary things during a travel. If you prefer to have an earring jewelry box just for home use, you can buy large wooden or leather boxes, starting with 120 $.

earring jewelry box 2 Earring Jewelry Box

For your extravagant needs, producers have created silver or mahogany earrings jewelry boxes, a little bit more expensive, about 180 $. The most expensive earring jewelry box are those made of ragar (230-270$, or even 670$), but will be delighted by their spacious and vintage aspect.

The majority of earring jewelry box are made of wood, for their traditional aspect and low price. Cherry, oak, rosewood, walnut are the most used in creating this kind of jewelry box, which are majority brown, but you can also find turquoise, pearl white, red or pink earring boxes.

earring jewelry box 3 Earring Jewelry Box

Those earring jewelry box made of leather are especially light or dark brown and white.

One common earring jewelry box will have four layers to stores your precious things, but you can also by huge models with 10 layers.

earring jewelry box 4 Earring Jewelry Box

If you have in mind a possible model for your perfect earring jewelry box, you should know that producers often personalize items on demand, until on the market you can find heart earring jewelry box, hexagon with mirror attached earring jewelry box, adorned with 14 k yellow gold.

earring jewelry box 5 Earring Jewelry Box

Some producers have thought of a smart idea: why buying one, huge earring jewelry box, when you can have three little earring jewelry box at the same price?! If you like, you can share the jewelry boxes with your sister and with mother, or you can use all of them for separating your jewels in classes: one box for earrings, one for bracelets and one for necklaces, for example. If you are really out of space, you can choose even six jewelry boxes, for just 30 $.

For those of us that really hate to search in the earring jewelry box for a certain pair of earrings, producers have an outstanding proposal: a stand for earrings, on which you will just hang them and they become visible for your every mood.11

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Angels earrings: love your angels instead!

I`m lovin` angels instead…” is said in a beloved pop- song. Well, you could love your angels earrings all day long, by wearing them at job, at a date or at a party. Angel earrings have always sold well, thanks to their religious affinity: angels are meant to protect us, to guide us in this life and after death.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
What makes them so special is their old and still gorgeous style: one of this pair of earrings will remind you of your childhood, of your snowy Christmas and you will probably wear them when your first child will be born, just the please the little who stares at them, as if they were some kind of toys. Many reasons to wear again angels earrings or to try their impact on your look.

angel earrings 150x150 Angel Earrings

If you mention that even Rihanna wears angels earrings, in her case they are almost chandelier earrings, keeping just the wings as old resemblance with this class of jewelry, then you will probably buy one of them for your personal collection.

angel earrings 3 210x300 Angel Earrings

Their price is accessible: one sweet and little pair of angels earrings will cost you between 10- 50 $ and if you want something refined, you will get out of your pocket 150 or 200 $. Anyhow, success will be guaranteed, one of them will reveal your angelic face, the pure child in you. If you want to be something more than the ordinary trend of vulgar divas, then you got the perfect spot, but still there is the risk to appear too innocent in front of men`s eyes. The choice is up to you.

angel earrings 2 300x300 Angel Earrings

You have to make difficult decisions, because jewelry producers have surpassed themselves in creating angels earrings: he- angels or she-angels, wings of angels, angels sealed in a heart pendant, he- angel praying on a half moon, she-angels flying  with an amber gemstone (among amber, topaz is the most used gemstone on angels earrings)  or with a silver sun in their hands, angels daydreaming, angels protecting Tour Eiffel or angels singing to lyres… Interesting, isn`t it?!

angel earrings 4 Angel Earrings

You have made up your mind to one model, you should know that most of them are created from sterling silver adjusted with gemstones or imitations of them.

angel earrings 6 Angel Earrings

This kind of angels earrings are the cheapest, the most expensive of them is estimated to 40 $. If you are in love with yellow gold angels earrings, you will get out of your pocket between 100- 150 $ and you will be wearing a wonderful pair of angels on a half moon to guard you.

angel earrings 7 Angel Earrings

If you prefer white gold, you will have to pay 10 or 20 $ extra and you will boast yourself with whispering angels or playing on lyres angels.11

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Jessica Ann Simpson is a well known American singer, actress and TV personality who became famous during the 1990’s. She has remarkable characteristics, both physical and psychical. She is very talented not only regarding singing and acting, but also when it comes to style. She is admired by women for her style in clothing and hairstyle as well. There are thousands of women out there who are trying really hard to copy the hairstyle of Jessica Simpson, with more or less luck.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

Jessica has blond hair that hasn’t changes over the years. She has changed only the shades, the main color not. Most of the times she has long hair, but she could have been spotted having medium hair as well. In the following part of the article I am going to tell you about a few of her hairstyles.

Jessica Simpson Hairstyle Of Jessica Simpson

The first one that I mention is a sleek and smooth style that looked very good on her, even though we are kind of used to seeing her with curly or wavy hair. The edges of her hair were cut blunt and she had layers only in the front in order to create the shape.

The next one that I present was softer, sexier than the first. Her locks were left to flow over her shoulders this way revealing the longer layers cut round the edges to make it look like the hair has movement. In the case of this hairstyle the hair is parted in the middle. If your face has round shape, this hairstyle might be perfect for you.

10486 Jessica Simpson d h o Hairstyle Of Jessica Simpson

She seems to enjoy having layers because she had them many times, like when she had long layered tresses up to her mid- lengths to create balance. She had her bangs in the front swept to the side that made her look very sexy and in the same time they suited her face perfectly.

At one moment she had very long golden locks that draw the attention to her face, especially to her eyes with the help of the layers that seemed to form a kind of frame. In the back of her head she had layers that gave volume to the top. If you have thin hair I wouldn’t recommend you to have this style, and also it isn’t favorable for those who don’t have naturally straight hair.

9197 Jessica Simpson d h Hairstyle Of Jessica Simpson

My personal opinion is that she looks very nice with up-dos. One of my favorites is when she had her top teased and pinned to create a height on the top of her head and the hair in the front was swept to the side to make it look more feminine. I find this style very elegant, and so perfect for special event or occasions. I really liked the hairstyle of Jessica Simpson when she had curls. Her hair was of shoulder length and it was layered to create texture. If your face has a thinner shape then this hairstyle might be the one for you because it makes the face look more round.11

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When it comes to hairstyle there are millions of styles to choose from or you can use the ones that are already made to create something unique. I would like to remain impartial, but my personal opinion is that the most favorable hair length is the medium, and i will tell you why. This is the length that is in the middle, it isn’t too short and it definitely isn’t too long.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

It isn’t as short as to not to be able to style it or to create other hairdos and it isn’t as long as to have problems maintaining it. Having long hair needs a lot of time to take care of it and after a while it becomes uncomfortable. If you have medium length hair you can pin it up with ease or you can layer it and tease it while leaving it down and you will have a more dramatic appearance.

choppy hair Choppy Medium Hairstyles

If you have chosen the medium length then I have a hairstyle to show you that you will probably love: the choppy medium hairstyle. I dare to say that these hairstyles are among the most popular ones at the moment. Of course you can have a choppy hairstyle even if your hair has another length but professionals say that the best hair length for a choppy hairstyle is medium. There are many different kinds of choppy hairstyles such as the bob and the layered cut.

Choppy hairstyles are great for almost any hair type, except for curly hair, but if your hair is straight or wavy, be sure that a choppy medium hairstyle will look great on you. The hairstyle is very easy to maintain because it doesn’t really need any special treatment, just simply wash as usual using shampoo and a conditioner and maybe after the hair is dried you could use some hair wax to emphasize some strands. It is most probable that your hair will like it has a lot of volume because there isn’t much hair to pull it down, there is no excessive weight.

Choppy medium hairstyles care considered to be funky and carefree and to a certain limit messy as well. If they are worn by younger women, it makes them look more mature while the style makes older women look younger.  We can say that the style has no age, it can be worn by anybody who thinks that it is close to her personality and who thinks that she likes the message it sends to those around her. This is a style that for sure will make you be noticed.

choppy lengths bob Choppy Medium Hairstyles

I don’t want to convince you to get such a hairstyle; I am just saying that it is worth to be taken into consideration because my personal opinion is that it has only advantages. There is almost nothing you can’t do with such a hairstyle. Some might say that it is hard to make an up-do when having choppy hairstyle, but I think that it is very easy and you will have some strands loose that give a more romantic look.11

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Avon products Inc. is an American cosmetics, perfume and toy seller that is making sales in over 140 countries all over the world. It was founded in 1886 by a 28 year old young man called David H. McConnell who was a door-to-door book seller. After a while he came up with the idea to give with each sold book a perfume. He realized that the perfumes were a lot more popular than the books, so soon he founded the California Perfume Company and the rest is history.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

Every woman needs some kind of lipstick or lip gloss and fortunately these days there are hundreds of manufacturers and hundreds of brands to choose from. When we select a lipstick we take into consideration various factors, such as the quality, the color, the ingredients, sometimes even the casing. It is only natural that in a world where everything is spinning around money we take into consideration the price as well.

avonglazeweardiamondslipstick Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick Pink Tiara

In our days Avon is a very popular cosmetics producer and it also is very well known. It has numerous products that have received positive ratings and feedback. One of these well known products are the Avon Glazewear Lipsticks. These lipsticks are like a balanced combination of lipstick and lip gloss with the right amount of glitter to make your lips sparkle in a way that is just perfect. It is very easy to apply since it goes on smoothly. The aesthetic appearance is appealing as well; it has a chrome silver cylinder. When the lid is removed, the lipstick holder tube is revealed with a silver ’Avon’ inscription on it.

The lipstick is said to stay on for about 6 hours which is very long if you come to think of it. When the color begins to fad, the glitters still stay on and these are a little difficult to remove. Since the lipstick is quite thin, it is advisable to pop out only a short section of it because otherwise it might snap. The opinions regarding the price are quite divided. Some say that it is inexpensive; others say that it is expensive. The objective truth is that its price is about $8.

Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick comes in 6 shades: Chocolate Sequins, Coral Goddess, Lustrous Berry, Pink Tiara, Ruby Slippers and Wine with Shine. One of the most popular shades is Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick Pink Tiara. As the name suggests it is a shade of pink, but it isn’t that baby pink kind of pink. It is rather a more mature pink that can be worn even in daytime, although most women wear sparkling lipstick only during the night.

fotografija0014sg0 300x168 Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick Pink Tiara

It looks great with every skin tone (even those women can wear it, who have a very light skin color because this shade of pink doesn’t make them look pale) and hair color. I can recommend Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick Pink Tiara to everybody; I think it is worth trying it at least once; you can never know how much you will love it.11

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‘Lipstick Jungle’ is an American TV comedy – drama based on the novel written by Candace Bushnell. The series premiered on February 7, 2008. At first it was planned to have 7 episodes, but later another 6 were added. Some say that the series was produced in order to be a substitute for the very popular ‘Sex and the City’.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

I must say that the substitute was so well created and became so popular that NBC decided to order another season of it and on April 2, 2009 they renewed ‘Lipstick Jungle’ for another season. After a time rumors began about the show being canceled and although at the beginning it was vehemently denied by the stars, in the end the rumors turned out to be true so ‘Lipstick Jungle’ season 2 was the last season of the series.

lipstick jungle1 Lipstick Jungle Season 2

The comedy-drama presents the lives of three successful women living in New York trying to find the balance between their personal and professional lives. Like in every other movie there are some problems that in the end are solved related to love, infidelity, lies and so on. I think I can say that the series presents in some way the everyday life, the problems people have to face and possible solutions there might be. A central topic of the series might be friendship itself. The three main characters, Wendy, Nico and Victory, are trying make their friendship work even they all make mistakes.

‘Lipstick Jungle’ season 2 has 13 episodes. I think that each episode can be watched as an individual film, since each one of them has a problem that is solved, but the whole series presents a bigger topic, a bigger issue that is solved. The list of the episodes can be found on many web sites and so can be the episode summaries so I am going to restrict the information I am giving to the title of the episodes: Pandora’s Box (ep 1), Help! (ep 2), Let It Be (ep 3), The F-Word (ep 4), Scary, Scary Night (ep 5), The Lyin’, The Bitch and the Wardrobe (ep 6), Let the Games Begin (ep 7), The Sisterhood of the Travelling Prada (ep 8), Thanksgiving (ep 9), Bye, Bye Baby (ep 10), Indecent Exposure (ep 11), Lover’s Leaps (ep 12) and La Vie En Pose (ep 13).

1257656644 Lipstick Jungle Season 2

If you haven’t seen the series I suggest you to watch it. If you liked ‘Sex and the City’ I am sure that you will like this film as well, since the topic is very similar and the characters are well performed, having strong personal traits. From my point of view it is a great film to see if you have some free time and you would like to relax in front of the TV. There is no violence that is so typical for movies these days, so you can enjoy the movie without seeing anyone get shot. Since it is a comedy-drama, I am sure that you will find parts you will laugh at.11

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I am sure that at one point you have already considered having French manicure and probably you asked yourself: How long do French manicures last? I have done some research myself about the topic and it revealed that there isn’t a time period that is true for everybody, in fact I can say that French manicures last between 3 days and 3 weeks. Not very specific, right? The truth is that the length of time it lasts depends on various factors. We all know that in the case of acrylic nails it usually lasts longer and the time period is easier to specify, but in the case of natural nails it is a lot harder.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

There are some practical tips to make the French manicure last longer. For example avoid washing dishes or clothes by hand. When you have a nice manicure that you would like to preserve it is better to avoid keeping your hands in water for a longer time or to do any work that might affect your nails.

french man 1 300x225 How Long Do French Manicures Last?

There are some methods that might help to make the manicure last longer. When you apply the base coat, you should apply more layers. After this be careful not to make the tips to thick because this makes chipping more probable. In the end be sure to apply a top coat. It is useful in this situation as well to apply more layers. Even if you go to a salon you can ask the manicurist to do these things for you.

Besides chipping other problems may occur, for example after a few days the natural smile line will be visible, where the polish doesn’t cover anymore (naturally this might happen is you use clear polish instead of pink or nude). In this case you can paint a new line or to get a new manicure. It might be a good idea to paint the smile line a little further back when getting your nails done, so that the smile line will appear later. This little cheating might be useful, but if the smile line is drawn too far back it will make your nails look a lot shorter than they really are and unnatural.

Here are some tips what to do to make your manicure last longer: apply a coat of clear polish every day on the manicured nails. This will prevent chipping. If the tip chips immediately fill in the chipped areas and apply a layer of clear coat. If you don’t repair it fast enough, the chipping will spread. Be careful not to apply lotions or hand creams on the nails because they might damage the manicure. The pedicure might be protected by wearing socks or stockings.

leighton 300x188 How Long Do French Manicures Last?

We might protect our manicure for a certain period of time, but whatever we do, after a time we must do our nails again. These little tricks might enable you to win another week of beautiful manicure. At this point you should already know how long do French manicures last.11

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There are two parties when it comes to nail salons: Those who are pro and those who are contra. Those who are pro see nail salons as a quick way to achieve good looking manicures and they think that they are safe because at most of the salons are employing only professionals.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

Those who are contra think that the best is to do your nails yourself, because this is the safest way even if the results aren’t as good. They say that at nail salons the so-called professionals don’t really care about your health, they only care for the money they will get for the services.

manicure stations Video Bad Manicure Pedicure Report

I think that the truth is somewhere around the middle. Still you could have seen in the past period a lot of video bad manicure, pedicure reports. We might think that those videos uploaded to videos portals are just scams, but when people saw such videos in the TV as well they began to believe that such things might really happen. Naturally most people think that bad things can only happen to others, but it is time to face the fact that the danger is real. I don’t mean to scare you so you won’t go to a nail salon ever again, I am just saying that we have to be careful about who we trust, especially when it come to our health.

Unofficial statistics show that most people are not aware of the risks a manicure or pedicure session carries. During such sessions people might contact fungi, bacteria or viruses that may cause severe health problems. The fact that more and more videos appear regarding this topic is a way to raise the awareness of population so that people will first look around before sitting in the chair.

There are some instructions which, if are followed, will assure you that your health is at no risk. First of all when you enter a salon or spa you should look around and check whether there are some dirty instruments. If you happen to see such instruments that means that the place isn’t sanitized well enough so it would be a good idea to leave the premises. Another good idea might be to check whether the salon is licensed. If it is not then it means that it is working illegally and probably the sanitization rules aren’t kept either. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions to the personnel concerning whit kind of chemicals they use and about the way their instruments are cleaned.

Whitney+Port+Out+Nail+Salon+yNEn3RyLz kl Video Bad Manicure Pedicure Report

There is no reason to panic, but people should always keep their eyes open. I know that most of the times the whole point of having a manicure session is to relax, but it is good to keep on eye on the manicurist to see what kind of instruments she uses, whether she washes her hands or not, whether she uses a clean towel or not. All these might indicate the type of salon you are dealing with. You should also watch some video bad manicure, pedicure reports to know what to be careful about.11

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Wedding is the most important event for two people who want to spend their lives together.  Today people announce weddings by sending wedding invitations. But these official wedding announcements have not always been made by using written cards. Before Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1447, there was no way of mass printing wedding invitation cards. Many people were also illiterate during the Middle Ages so the most effective way of announcing a wedding was by word of mouth. A person called town crier was in charge with spreading news and important events to the public. Anyone who could hear the town crier’s announcement was, therefore, invited to the wedding.
Wealthy noble families were the only who could afford hand-written wedding invitations. These were very expensive and were written by monks who were proficient in the art of calligraphy. These invitations would likely include the family’s crest or coat of arms, a tradition which is honored even today by some  families.

After the invention of the printing press, literacy increased and so did the popularity of the printed invitations. Despite the capability of mass producing printed invitation card, these were not high quality. This changed in 1642 when Ludwig von Siegen introduced the metal plate engraving technology, making customized engraved announcements available to middle class citizens. The technology behind this was simple: the text or graphic was engraved in reverse on a metal plate which was inked and imprinted on to the paper. In order to avoid smudging a thin tissue of paper was placed on the invitation card. Modern invitations still have this element although it has a more decorative purpose.

wedding invitations1 300x255 Wedding Invitations

In the 17th century, with the printing of the first newspapers, couples started spreading the word of  their weddings in the newspapers. This custom was an easy way to announce such events and rapidly became very popular.

A new technique called lithography, which replaced engraving and produced better quality invitations arose in the late 19th century. Due to the unreliability of the postal system which was at an early stage, most of the wedding invitations were delivered by hand.  For better protection the invitation was sealed in a so-called double envelope. The outer envelope was to be removed by the receiving servant who will then take the invitation to the household master. The double envelope practice is still favored by many people even today.

After World War II the introduction of thermographic printing decreased the price of the wedding invitations allowing, at the same time, more sophisticated designs. The thermographic printing produced a bevel effect which is used for a wide variety of stationery and even for Braille writings.

wedding invitations 2 300x225 Wedding Invitations

In 1973 the US postal service started issuing annual “love” stamps for people who used mail to send wedding invitations. Although “love” stamps were not a requirement they became very trendy.

Today most couples choose to personalize their wedding invitations with a wide range of elements and designs such as favored cartoon characters, photographs, ribbons, celtic symbols and even pressed flowers.11

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The nail has a few important functions: it acts as a shield for the fingertip, augments the sensitivity of the fingertip, it can also be used to pick up small objects and even as a defensive weapon. Although the fingernail has mainly a functional purpose, it is also viewed as an important asset in a person’s image.
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The anatomy of the fingernail:

Fingernails grow continuously but their growing rate can become lower with age and bad circulation. Fingernails growing rate is 3 mm per month which is faster than the toenails’ 1 mm per month. While a fingernail can be replaced in about 6 months, it takes 12 to 18 months to completely replace a toenail.

The anatomy of the fingernail is concerned with six distinctive parts: the root, nail bed, nail plate, cuticle (eponychium), paronychium and hyponychium. A particular function is assigned to each of these parts and the disruption of any of them can lead to abnormalities in the fingernail.

anatomy of the fingernail 300x236 Anatomy Of The Fingernail

The nail’s root is also called the germinal matrix. This section of the nail is hidden under the skin and stretches several millimeters into the finger. The root of the fingernail is responsible for producing most of the mass of the nail and the nail bed. This part of the nail does not have any melanin producing cells, also called melanocytes .  The white, moon shaped structure at the base of the visible fingernail, called the lunula, represents the edge of the germinal matrix.

The portion that stretches from the lunula to the hyponychium  is the sterile matrix or nail bed. Blood vessels, nerves and melanocytes can be found in the nail bed. The fingernail is produced by the root along the nail bed, which also makes it thicker as it is added under the surface of the nail. The nail bed has to be smooth so that the growing nail can flow down smoothly along its surface. Otherwise the fingernail can split or develop channels, which can have an unpleasant look.

The actual visible fingernail is called the nail plate and it is made of translucent keratin, a tough protein. The blood vessels under the nail give it a pink appearance. Channels underneath the nail plate function as anchors to the nail bed.

The portion that blends the skin of the finger with the nail plate is called a cuticle or eponychium. The role of the cuticle is to provide a waterproof barrier.

anatomy of the fingernail Anatomy Of The Fingernail

The tissue of skin that surrounds the border of the fingernail is the paronychium or the paronychial edge. The paronychium can become infected because of ingrown nails. The infection of the paronychium is called paronychia.

The hyponychium is found under the free edge between the nail plate and the fingertip and it carries out a waterproof role.11

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For the guitar player, fingernails have always been a major problem.  The debate about this concern dates back to the sixteenth century. Whenever a student brings up this  subject, he is joining this centenary battle.
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Many guitar players prefer the no nail approach, but they too will find this issue an interesting reading material.  The term “nail approach” is often used incorrectly and it usually refers to striking the strings with a combination of right hand fingertip and fingernail. The resulting sound is different, depending on the part of the finger that is used: the nail makes a thin, soft sound, while  the tip of the finger produces an impenetrable sound that lacks clarity. The sound quality is also influenced by the thickness, width and curvature of the guitarist’s nails. It takes years for a guitarist to become an expert in using his own nails. This means that the guitar player must become aware of the close relation between his nails and the produced sound. The guitarist’s fingernails are to him like vocal cords are to a singer.

The guitarist must have the ability to change his own fingernails’ angle of attack in relation to the strings so that he can produce a wide range of sounds.

guitar fingernails 300x225 Guitar Fingernails

Just as some people have perfect hands, fingers, feet, there are some endowed with perfect fingernails. The nails of a guitarist can be perfect or less perfect in relation to the position that he uses for playing. If one uses his hand perpendicular to the strings, his hand will be in an unhealthy position and malformation may set in over time.

The recommended type of nails are:  rounded, following the natural shape of the fingers, 1/16 of an inch above the finger, or filed  to an angle with the angled part touching the guitar string. This latter one ensures that the finger  touches the string better before the nail and hooking the string is almost impossible.

guitar fingernails 2 225x300 Guitar Fingernails

The guitar player should know his fingernails very well and he should be aware that he will not use the same nail shape  his whole life. As years go by, fingernails will get thicker, his body position will also change and eventually the angle of attack of the nail will change too.

Guitaristsfingernails should be very well polished using a very fine nail polisher. The thumb nail should be moderately long with square edges. This nail will wear most during playing since the bass strings are rougher.  There are guitar players who do not use the thumb nail while others use it to pluck the string at different angles in order to produce different bass sounds. A classical guitar composer, teacher and performer, Abel Carlevaro and a lot of his students achieved a “fourth bass sound” by slicing through the bass strings. Choosing the right plucking technique at the right time is a matter of taste.11

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White spots in fingernails have been always a common problem. They are called “leukonychia”. Contrary to what people believe they are not caused by calcium or zinc deficiency nor by deficiencies in nutrients and vitamins. In most of the cases the white spots appear as results to injuries to the base of the nail that took place in the past. The white spots become visible about two and a half months after the injury, and by that time you might have forgotten about hurting your fingers. Hitting the door or table with your finger or even applying too much pressure on the matrix or base of the nail during manicure can lead to injures to fingernails and therefore to the appearance of white spots. Other causes for the white spots can be the result of allergic reaction to nail polish or hardener, use of excessive force in applying acrylic nails or even caused by nail infection.
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Here are some ways to deal with the white spots in fingernails:

1. Let the fingernails grow and file or cut them carefully. White spots will eventually grow out with the fingernail.

2. When doing house chores use gloves to protect your fingernails.

white spots in fingernails 300x300 White Spots In Fingernails

3. Wash your hand often to get rid of bacteria which can cause infections, especially if you have small open wounds on your fingers.

4. Avoid aggressive manicure. Don’t cut or push back aggressively on your cuticles. This can injure the base of the fingernail. Keep manicure tools in good condition. Do not borrow such utensils from someone else because there is a very high risk of infection.

5. Avoid using your nails to open boxes, soda cans or jars. This can also cause trauma to fingernails and lead to the appearance of white spots.

6. Use high quality cosmetics to avoid allergies that can cause white spots. Use nail polish to cover the spots.

7. Apply moisturizers on your hands and fingernails.

white spots in fingernails 2 White Spots In Fingernails

8. Do not apply direct physical action to try to remove white spots from your fingernails and completely avoid nail discoloration treatments. These could cause more serious problems to fingernails.

Following proper nail care can prevent the appearance of white spots in fingernails. Although white spots in fingernails are harmless and temporary and will disappear as your nails grow, this process will take more than 8 months. There are cases when changes in the look of your nails will reflect the presence of disease, but these changes are usually more obvious than just white spots. Completely white nails are a sign of liver disease. However, other symptoms will be visible by the time this happens. If there are dramatic changes in your fingernails color you should consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.11

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What is nail fungus? It’s an illness of the fingernails and toenails also called Onychomycosis. Unfortunately, this nail disorder can be noticed only when the condition of the nail is getting worse. That means discoloration of the nail. If this nail disorder isn’t treated, the nails turn black or yellow. Usually, this fungal nail infection is more frequent on the toenails than on the fingernails, but cases of fingernail fungus also occur. The last illness affects especially the persons who work in a damp environment and their hands are always wet. For example, 12% of all Americans have fungal nail infections.
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But what causes nail fungus? Some very small organisms called Dermatophytes are responsabile for this nail disorder. These organisms can be found in humide areas or damp places as, for example, shower rooms and swimming pools. How do these Dermatophytes work? They insert into tiny spaces between the nail and the nail bed and they destroy the keratin, the protein that protects the nail. Therefore, the nails and the skin around them remain unprotected and the fungus spreads rapidly. So the other nails will be damaged very soon. Other factors that can cause nail fungus are warm socks because they develop in a humid environment which is very favorable for the Dermatophytes to breed. Traumatized nails are a propitious space for the reproduction of these tiny organisms, too. This can be explained by the fact that trauma experienced by the nail cause a bigger distance from the formative layer of cells at the base of the nail, place where Dermatophytes can creep.

fingernail fungus treatment 229x300 Fingernail Fungus Treatment

Who is more affected by the nail fungus? The persons who suffer from H.I.V. or diabetes are also likely to have toenail fungus and fingernail fungus. The explanation is very simple – their immune system is weakened and their organism doesn’t have enough strength to struggle with infections like fungus or Dermatophytes. Other individuals that can contact this nail disorder easier than others are those with poor circulation of the blood. The immune system of these people doesn’t work properly because the amount of blood in the affected areas, such as fingernails and toenails, isn’t enough. This blood penury leads to poor nail nutrition and, this way, fingernails and toenails can be more easily wounded. And if the nails are traumatized easier, the fungus appears faster.

fingernail fungus treatment 2 Fingernail Fungus Treatment

How to cure fingernail fungus? The people interested in finding a treatment for fingernail fungus have to fallow some steps. Firstly, they have to keep the fingernails dry. If they take a shower, wash dishes or laundry, they have to wear rubber gloves in order to protect the fingernails from water. The humid areas are perfect environments where fungus “blossom”. Secondly, this rule applies especially for women: don’t use nail polish till you get well. In order to cure fingernail fungus, those affected by this disorder have to expose their fingernails to light. Tiny organisms like Dermatophytes or fungi breed in dark areas. In the third place, they can try home remedies, such as a fifty-fifty mixture of apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Those suffering from fingernail fungus must soak their hands for 45 minutes in this solution, for several days. In the fourth place, they can use topical creams and Oral Medications from the local pharmacy. For example, “Naftin” and “The Toenail and Nail Fungus Treatment” are very respectable brands of topical creams. While, “Leucatin” and “Lamisil” are drugs that can be taken orally and cure fingernails fungus. The extreme treatment for fingernail fungus consists in removing the nails. This method applies as a last resort.11

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During a wedding  ceremony , the bride appears next to her loved one, wearing a gown that it looks made by angels. The women would like to be the prettiest  at the after ceremony party, so when they plan the whole wedding, they focus on the dress.  Their religion and culture influence their choice when it’ s come about wearing a dress. Of course , there are women that afford to buy very expensive wedding gowns.

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Famous and rich people  , when it comes to wedding clothes , amount of money is payed. For celebrities like Katie Holmes , Madonna or Catherina Zeta – Jones, costs like 100.000 , 300.000 or 500.000 dollars spent on the wedding dress, is something very normal. But for the other women who can’t afford that luxury, there can be one solution : low price wedding gowns .

rochii de mireasa 45757b3e5d1b1 Low Price Wedding Gowns

First of all , removing all the diamonds and crystals from a dress , it makes it much cheaper. Is the bride’s beauty and elegance affected ? No ! Actually, the money spent on one expensive bride wedding gown , could be used to pay a relaxing and romantic honeymoon . If the low price wedding gown is bought from a boutique ( where is  bargain ) , it may be a one of a kind piece . Being cheap , it is more simpler and it can be accessorized easier .

At the opposite, there can be disadvantages  in picking a low price wedding gown. One of these is that it hard to find a dress adapted to that persons size , especially if she is too small or a plus size woman. Also, the bride must be pleased with what she founds , because there are small chances to find the wanted style. Another problem is regarding at the fact that the wedding gowns bought from the online e-stores can’t be the always the right size.

For the future wives who want a great dress at a low price, there are some sites where they can buy it from. Netbride.com is perfect for the brides that wants a designer wedding dress at a low cost . Also , here can be found plus size gowns . Houseofbrides.com gives the same opportunities as the first one . Another site is Bridalcouture.com who is keeping their clientele by adding new products often.

Cheap designer wedding gowns 1 300x200 Low Price Wedding Gowns

Liliwedding.com  has many selection criteria , so the interested person can find exactly what she wants . Elegantgowns.com gives the opportunity to find an under 149$ wedding gown . And these aren’t the only sites with accessible dresses. The list go on with Lightingthebox.com, Weddingo.net or Bridalonlinestores.com. The conclusion is that the perfect wedding gown can be found and it doesn’ t matter if it costs 500.000 dollars or under  140 $ .11