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When that special day happens and you get engage, one of the craziest periods of your life begins. It’s amazing and stressful, it’s joyful and tiring, but the end it’s going to be the best day of life. You will be a married couple and the symbol of this new status that you will have is your wedding rings.
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Nowadays wedding rings symbolize never-ending love and a promise of spending a life together. It’s the most important piece a jewelry that someone has. As you begin shopping for your wedding ring you might know what you want or you might not have a clue of what you are looking for. You probably don’t know any prices, any style, the new trends etc. I’m going to try to give you a hand, so here are some ideas that can help you in finding the best wedding ring.

3424997942 51576f3f83 Wedding Engagement Rings

There are more possibilities to find the perfect wedding ring. You can go and check some bridal shops and bridal boutiques; there they probably have wedding rings. Another way of purchasing your wedding rings is to order them online. If you Google -wedding rings- you will find a variety of web pages where the models and style can give you a hint of what you would like. Also, another idea would be to check the vintage shops and the antiques shops.   This is a personal decision, because not every wife to be would like to wear a second hand wedding ring. But if you are one of these ladies, go for it, you might find something unique and special. In the antiques shops, there are great rings and really beautiful ones, but the price is also high. You will wear a piece of art but you will feel it in your pocket.

Did you know that centuries ago the wedding ring didn’t exist? All started in the 2nd World War. The ring was the symbol of the love that was waiting at home. Men liked to wear rings that reminded them of their beloved. In the past men didn’t wear wedding rings at all. They were the head of the family, they owned wife, they lead harems and they didn’t want to be tied down. But the wars made them realize how much they miss their lovers.

braided wedding rings Wedding Engagement Rings

Traditionally a wedding ring is a band, a circle with no start and no end. That’s why the love of the soon to be married couple can be compared with the unbounded circle. It’s a strong belief that many past cultures shared their opinions about circles. The marriage has no end, so that’s why they chose the circle, as a wedding ring.

If you’re still looking for the right one, here are some tips. You can buy an elegant, classy diamond wedding ring. After all, diamonds are girl’s best friends. Another idea would be to buy platinum wedding rings. They are not that expensive and they look amazing. White gold or golden wedding rings are other great options. Don’t forget that you will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, so you might want a precious metal. If you want to be Eco-friendly, you can choose wooden wedding rings. They are cute and natural, but I don’t know how much they last. The companies that create them says they are perfectly durable, just try them and you will see.

No matter what are you going to chose and buy, think that it’s going to stay on your finger forever and it has to look good. You wedding ring is the one piece of jewelry that matters the most. Be creative, be yourself and chose the perfect wedding ring for you.


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Wildflowers are the flowers known to grow in the wilderness of the nature not being intentionally planted or seeded. I guess that originally all the flowers have been wild, growing their beauty in wide opened spaces of nature and when people have seen their wonderful blooming and the way they enchanted the eyes and the soul of the viewers, they have started to seed them and have them growing around their houses. Not to mention that wind has played an important role as well as the insects with the pollen carried here and there, spreading species of flowers from one place to another.

Organizing your wedding you need this element to be part of your wedding atmosphere, the element that brings vividness to everything it touches, the floristic element of the wedding celebration. The wildflower wedding flowers are somehow different than the ones that are commonly met in the wedding events. The presence of wilderness is a way to borrow a part of the freedom that’s pulsing in the veins of nature, the same vibrations being transmitted to the floral arrangements as well. A bridal bouquet for instance, containing wildflowers can confer the bride to wear freshness and a uniqueness rarely seen in the hands of the brides.

wildflower wedding flowers 300x300 Wildflower Wedding Flowers
Planning your wedding outdoors is the good reason for you to include in the decoration of your bouquet (be it done in a cascading style, or loose-tied, or crescent, or posy style) wildflower wedding flowers. You needn’t worry about the availability of these flowers; you can find them either in the gardens of your family and friends (those flowers that are growing without being cultivated), in fact there are so many, that you can even coordinate their colors to the ones of your wedding gown or to the ones to belong to the flowers existing in your bridesmaids bouquets.

The options for these wildflowers do not need to be that thoroughly defined, as long as they can be found in a variety of sorts; the ideas of using them as additional decorations come by merely looking at them and instantly you would get the clue of how to be used in your bridal bouquet. These wildflowers are the ones to speak for themselves, they are the ones that can show you the way to beautiful creations of bouquets, of unique styles of arrangement, so, again, you needn’t worry.

But just in case you are determined to use wildflower wedding flowers and you still don’t come up with something of a novelty in regard of creation, then the assistance of a professional florist will be of some help for you or even the bridal sites that advice about the floral element of wedding celebration. As you can see, everything is at your hand, all you have to do is relax, take a deep breath and start browsing for the flowers of your wedding, be they wildflowers or flowers grown and cultivated by specialists. Either way, the flowers will be the ones to bring your wedding atmosphere the freshness and vitality in those parts that otherwise are filled with dullness and monotony of displaying.11

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In the displaying of a wedding ceremony, many wedding couples choose to include as part of the entertainment program a video montage of their life, life that includes representative moments of their past. Some of these video montages are also planned by the bridal party, namely bridesmaids or groomsmen, or by the parents of the wedding couples, them being the keepers of long time forgotten memories of the times when bride and groom were babies, times of their growing up and of their first dates. All these memories contain emotional images of the figures that in the unfolding of the reception are the main characters to be depicted.

The best way to emphasize these flashes of life in an emotional manner is to incorporate songs for wedding video montage, songs that are part of the couple’s life or simply reveal in a musical tone through tunes and lyrics the important aspects of the specific video montage. Another best idea to have this video made is for the ones who organize it to be the family members. In this way the surprise for both the newly weds and the guests is guaranteed. Imagine how the wedding couple would feel in the middle of their reception party for the music to stop and everybody to be requested to take their seats while the video of their past life starts to unwind in front of their excited eyes and souls.

songs for wedding video montage 300x261 Songs For Wedding Video Montage
No one could affirm that this moment is other than loaded with emotions, with tears that sneak in the corner of the eyes and silently roll over the blushed cheeks, tears mixed with laughter at the sight of a baby boy and baby girl learning their first words, or their first steps, or the first anniversary parties with a lot of people gathered around the tiny face of an excited little boy and little girl… All these dear memories are dug up from the ashes of a memory that used to bury the lost in time moments that now come with the power of parental love and dedication.

Bride and groom, mothers and fathers, grannies, close friends they are all in there, so there is no way for one person to be left aside and not to be penetrated by the emotional feelings of such a video montage. Before editing the relevant images all in the same montage, you need to make a list of the moments that mark the different periods that you plan to include in the video. The periods can be represented by the following parts: baby period, the growing up ages, family pictures, friends gathering, first dates and so on. The point is that this editing shouldn’t be that long and boring, and if you can include at some parts all the people present in the wedding’s reception the better!

To suggest some songs for wedding video montage would be too long of a list, but here are however few of them related to the importance of the part meant to be displayed: – for the baby songs – “Butterflies Kisses”, “Greatest love of all”, “Tiny dancer”; for the growing up – “My girl”, “Go your own way”, “You are the sunshine of my life”; for the family pictures – “Time of my life”, “I’lll be there for you”, “Circle of life”; for friends gathering and first dates – “Forever and always”, “Uptown girls”, “Can’t help falling in love”, “Love of a lifetime”, “Beautiful day”.11

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It is said that wedding planning should be loaded with fun and excitement; with excitement I agree, but with the fun included in it… well, I don’t know about that! I witnessed once the excitement of a friend of mine; she had just coming back from a date with her fiancé and was all blushed and breathless while telling us about the way her upcoming event was fixed in regard to the day; it was chosen the day that celebrated one year of the day they had first met. And that was the sparkle which lit up the anxiety of a fire: from that moment on I remembered her to be all stressed and in doubt whether her wedding day would be or not the most beautiful day of her life.
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I offered my hand every time I had the chance to do it just because I could see how mixed up she proved to be so many times I happened to talk to her. Sensing her like this I gradually insinuated myself in the planning of her wedding event, although she didn’t want to accept anybody’s help in this matter. She was quite positive that she could handle it next to her fiancé; after all they weren’t the first pair in the world to do it that way. I assured her that my help was merely limited to that of drawing the wedding planner check list which would help in its turn to keep track of the items she had already accomplished in her sinuous road of preparation.

wedding planner checklist 300x171 Wedding Planner Check List
Maybe because it wouldn’t have been much of an outsider implication, had she so easily accepted my involvement, but regardless what was she thinking I was glad to do something for her in this regard. To draw the wedding planner check list, I needed to have the copy of the planner exactly how she had it previously conceived. And according to its items, I was supposed to do the checkups following the receipts, the notes of the order, and everything that was to be done in terms of arrangements, of hiring, of contracting the variety of vendors etc.

Besides, this check list was a necessity both in tracking the steps and taking a part of the burden from my friend’s shoulders. Each time there was something to be done I would let her know about the thing with at least few days in advance, for her to have the time to physically and spiritually prepare (I still have her frightened look fresh in my mind, even now after two months from the ending of her wedding, which by the way, has proved to be quite success!). But to me, her way of being wasn’t at all a surprise: I had always known her to be a little scared of everything that was new to her knowledge, especially on the occasion of her own wedding celebration, which was supposed to mean so much to her and her beloved one.

I couldn’t say that the checklist itself was an easy thing to do and to keep track of the variety of items with all the wedding parts that are comprised in the overall aspect of the wedding event was quite demanding, but I liked to think that somehow my involvement had been of some help, and even if I had spent a lot of time in researching for extra items that shouldn’t have left aside, I was still glad to see that all our efforts had lead to a day that ended up in glory that was carried till the present days of their happily married life.11

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One way to cut costs of your wedding planning, just from the beginning of your preparations, is to find a manner in which to create wedding invitations for cheap. A friend of mine, once settled on the day when her wedding celebration should begin, started with the creation of her wedding cards with three months prior her wedding day. I remember that when I received her wedding card and I was quite surprised with the way she managed to create the invitation. It was an A4 format of one page card folded three times in order to fit a window format of an envelope. The background of the card was colored in slightly defined orange-rusty maple leaves (her wedding day was set to be in one of the beautiful fall months – September) leaving empty space on the left corner of the upper side of the card where she had placed the photo of hers and her fiancé’s.

The wording was created in a black lettered font for the ceremony of the wedding including the hour, the day and the name of the church and further on the right side of the page at the bottom, the photo of two wedding rings held by two lovely doves which was positioned next to the dark red colored font of a wording for the wedding reception. The reception was located in a restaurant close to my residential area and to me was simple to reach at, therefore the use of driving instructions note was futile, but yet they did it anyway since the pattern of the invitations was one and the same for all the guests regardless of their living place.

wedding invitations for cheap 300x300 Wedding Invitations For Cheap
The inclusion of driving instructions is mandatory in the composition of a wedding invitation as well as the RSVP card. The latter one being of strict necessity in order for the couple to know how far, in regard to the costs, they can go with the wedding expenditures. When I called her to announce my attendance I congratulated her on the occasion of the upcoming event and also on the creation of her wedding invitations which looked very inspired and lovely at the same time. I inquired her in regard to the costs for the cards, and she told me that actually she had managed to make the wedding invitations for cheap, less cheap than she had ever expected. She ended up buying only the card stocks and the envelopes and after that she started to do the overall design.

She told me that she was previously browsing the sites, and she got a lot of pretty good ideas from there, but since she wanted to have a very personalized aspect of her wedding cards, she begun first by downloading their photo and after that with a graphic program she took out only the contours of their faces, rendering in the end the effect of the graphic colored reproduction of their faces.  The fall leaves she had found in Clipart graphic images and she inserted them with a slightly readjusting of their contours as well, and the image of the doves had followed the same route of graphical effect and insertion.  I congratulated her once again on her ideas that helped her to considerably reduce the costs for this important item of the first steps in a wedding planning.11

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“Essence of Australia” is a fashion company established more than 14 years ago, and up to now it is recognized to be the worldwide leader in the bridal fashion industry. With so many wedding gowns existing out there in the specific industry, it would be impossible to state that “Essence of Australia” delivers something new in regard to the styles of cuts, the thing that distinguishes this team of fashioners is the attention they pay to the details, conferring the finishing line a special and superb fit of couture. Experienced designers are paying also a great deal of respect and effort toward the outfit they create, in this respect getting inspired from the travels they take around the world in the attempt to offer brides-to-be the dress that they are dreaming of.
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In the displaying of their site you meet options to customize the essence of Australia wedding gowns with options such as zipping up the back of the dress or lacing it up as well, in this way brides being able to get a dress that will reflect their personal style. One can make the difference when seeing an Essence of Australia dress and another wedding gown looking similar in design: first of all the Essence of Australia wedding gown presents a luxurious fabric and wonderful beading that uses Swarovski Crystals and Diamonds. The gown range displays diversity in styles (elegant, captivating and sophisticated) starting from the tempting satin chiffon and laces to sparkling draped angel satin.

essence of australia wedding gowns 198x300 Essence Of Australia Wedding Gowns
Not to mention that the collection of essence of australia wedding gowns are conceived in a way to come at handy for the brides-to-be who are in search of THE dress of their special event. The dresses are displayed according to the seasons of fashion, each of them having their print of originality in creation and personal touch of the fashion designer. The “Store Locator” link is the connection of the future brides with their local bridal salon where they are ensured to find their Essence of Australia wedding gown they’ve been dreaming of. The personal touch of the fashion designers is to be recognized in the addition of sleeves and jackets in their trial to add up the variety pattern to the existing dresses.

Entire couture collections have included silk made gowns with pastel shades richly decorated with Swarovski crystals and diamonds conferring the dresses the stunning aspect of exquisitely conceived model of a unique wedding gown. Due to these unique prints they own unique features, this being one of the reasons why the creators from the Essence of Australia team recommend that the gown not to be purchased on internet because in this way they can not guarantee for the authenticity of the Essence of Australia gown. In this respect there are the authorized retailers existing on the list of Store Locator who are presenting your area with the bridal store to assure of the expert service and professional alterations if there is the case.

As such, the wedding gowns to be A-line, trumpet/mermaid and sheath silhouetted are there next to a strapless, sweetheart, spaghetti straps cut of a neckline, with Basque, dropped, empire style of a waist and beaded, embroidered and laced embellishments. Colors also vary from blue, champagne, ivory, metallic reaching till orange and traditional white. And prices, well, prices speak for the quality that you are looking for and truly exists with the lowest price being of $500 and reaching the highest of $2,000.11

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One of the items to be included in your wedding celebration with the importance that is rendered by the décor of the wedding atmosphere is the flower. This item can be found in different ways to be displayed in the ambient of a wedding: in bridal bouquets, in corsages, in button holes, on the pews of the church’s ceremonial space, on the chairs that are disposed around the tables and on the reception tables as well in the form of wedding table flowers. The last ones are in their turn to be discovered as having a variety of styles and designs, most of them being the creation of professional floral decorators that work hard and full of imaginative dedication to find the best and the most exquisite ways to embellish the aspect of a table, which otherwise proves to look quite common in the daily aspect of a diner or restaurant location.

Flowers to be used as table arrangements are chosen quite often according to the flowers that decorate the other elements of the wedding mentioned before. But there are situations when wedding couples choose for instance flowers and plants as well that are part of a fall season, in case they have their wedding celebrated in the autumnal setting, or wildflowers to decorate the reception tables in case the wedding has a theme located in the wilderness of pure nature.

wedding table flowers 2 225x300 Wedding Table Flowers
There are options of wedding table flowers made of silk, the ones that do not wilt in the presence of candles if the couples choose candles to burn in the table centerpiece décor. There are also petals of blooms in a variety of color to cheer up the arrangement of reception table, the petals being also the ones spread on the aisle in front of the moment that announces the bride’s arrival. The ideas of flowers used as decoration can be plenty, they can come as tips given by bridal magazines, where a bride-to-be discovers the beauty of such arrangements relevantly captured by the eyes of a photo camera.

Other choices are given by professional florists purposely advertising to satisfy the wishes of so many brides-to-be in attempt to comprise a wider range of fresh flowers to be selected as object of decorations, advising at the same time upon the availability of the flowers in matters of season, accessibility and texture. Some sites are sharing the florists’ secrets of decorations used in arrangements of various celebrities’ weddings, proving with pictures taken straight from the specific venues.

Directories of local florists are to be found on the bridal sites, as well as perfect wedding flowers selected from the Flowers and Plants Associations. Colors, styles, types of blooms, all are there to make your floral work and inspiration flow run easier through your mind in the long hours of a stressful preparation of your wedding.  And as such you can find the ubiquitous rose in elegant and unique red rose & diamonds association of a table centerpiece, baby’s breath combined with strong orange daisies in an interesting cascading form of a large mouthed glass vase positioned as table decoration and so many other ideas. Finding these images you can get inspired, and if you think that nothing comes up with the feeling of satisfaction, then you can try and have your own flowers arranged: be sure that nothing can go wrong with the flowers, after all they are, regardless of their arrangement, the element to bring freshness into the ambient of your wedding reception.11

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Remember the moment when have first invited your beloved fiancée to have a dance with you? That moment may be still fresh in your mind when you have to choose the song for first dance moment of your wedding reception. This special moment comes after you have been already pronounced husband and wife; it is the first dance you perform in front of your guests with the awareness of the fact that it should be the one to stand for your love, your commitment that you have just vowed for and in this respect you need to have the song that is quite relevant.

In the unwinding of your reception, this first dance moment is preceded by other important moments, the father – daughter dance, the mother – son dance, which are as well filled with emotional state of mind, but none of them compares to the first dance moment, the dance that shows the groom you’ve been dancing with the bride’s  who’s been. You are now a married couple, the dance you perform is the one to reveal the sentiments of both your souls, and the songs that can so deeply represent them are plenty on your list of options.

most popular first dance wedding songs 209x300 Most Popular First Dance Wedding Songs
Along with your wedding preparations, late after all the other details have been fixed and marked as checked on your wedding planner checklist, you start to set your mind on selecting the songs appropriate to the party that comes right after the decency and sobriety of a ceremony. If the tone of your party is meant to be the one less formal than the ceremonial event, as it should be, then the preferences for the choices of the songs are the ones to loosen up the atmosphere, to carry the spirits of your guests in the realms of entertainment and joy. Although the first three important moments of the reception could be chosen to reflect a certain sentimental state, due to the specific occasion, the rest of the songs to dance to can come as diversified styles and tunes, since they have to be the ones to get the people out there in the dancing ring.

The list of the most popular first dance wedding songs is loaded with suggestions, either coming from browsing the musical sites or selected from different chat rooms where couples who have already celebrated their wedding day suggest as being the most favored. Some of them that appeal to you both in tunes and lyrics are:  “A moment like this” – by Kelly Clarkson, “All my life” – Linda Ronstadt, “Can you feel the love tonight” – Elton John, “We’ve only just begun” _ the Carpenters, “Everything I Do (I do it for you)” – performed by Brian Adams.

Reaching the one to belong to Brian Adams, you feel how your memories revive inside your mind and soul and the first moment to dance with your fiancée appears clearer than ever in front of your eyes. You turn toward your beloved one, look for her eyes and the instant you catch her glancing at you, desire overwhelms you from all the corners of your heart and wish for the first dance to be there, to have your woman close to you to hold her for good in the everlasting feeling of love and dedication. To you, Brian Adam’s song is the most popular first dance wedding song ever composed and danced to!11

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Earrings are a personal body adornment. They were conceived specially for women  to express their beauty and their elegance. Earrings can be worn in any occasion, and with all the models we can find on the market nowadays,. Women can accessorize with almost anything. Fashion and style is important to have a great image about yourself. People choose their friends on account of their looks, and it’s easier to make friends with someone you don’t have nothing to comment about. We have become snobs because we are too concerned about what we wear and what brand is it. Earrings are great for men too.  Today, we see many men wearing earrings. Their most common models are stud earrings and small hoop earrings.
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Teardrop Pearl Earrings are a unique and modern design of earrings. Pearls are very expensive and they represent a more higher social class. Few women wear pearls these days, and those who actually do wear them, are very sophisticated women. Pearls are a luxury and they can be as expensive as diamonds. Teardrop shape earrings are great for going out or for special occasions. The most common ones are silver teardrop earrings. They can also be as a chandelier in shape of a teardrop. There are thousands of models from which you can choose, and any women can find something suitable for her.

teardrop pearl earrings Teardrop Pearl Earrings
Teardrop Pearl Earrings can be found in any jewelry store. Pearls can come in many colors, but the most precious ones are those in their natural state. Nowadays, crystals are very trendy, because they are more cheaper than diamonds, but give the same glamorous effect. Pearls are very elegant and can be worn only on special occasion. Pearl necklaces are also very sophisticated and quite amazing to look at.

In what regards models of pearl earrings, we can find many pairs of earrings with different shapes. Pearls can be found in many accessories, but it’s a more difficult  item to apply. Earrings can be worn , depending on their design at many events. Women have a wardrobe full of accessories, to change and diversify whenever they want. Fashion has reached a very high level nowadays, and besides wearing expensive jewelries women, also appreciate big brand names. The teardrop model is a more special model. There are also earrings in shape of teardrop made of wood or strings. Unusual earrings are great and funky looking. Women who search for more unique and unexplored models, can find them in small boutiques, vintage boutiques etc.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of model you choose for your earrings, the important thing is to choose the one that suites your personality and that can be accessorized with other clothes. Knowing how to complete an outfit, in order to look trendy and stylish is essential and there are not many people who know the difference. Nowadays, we see more and more women, nicely dresses, and more men taking care of themselves. Maybe fashion doesn’t only create snobism, it also helps us improve our look and boosts up our self confidence.11

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One of the most important things in our society nowadays, is not economy , is not money or work, is just fashion. People are very concerned about what they are wearing and about their appearance. We have reached a level of snobism, when we judge people for how they dress and choose our friends after their appearance and financial status. Fashion is essential if you want to have an active social life. Fashion includes dressing after the latest trends, wearing accessories and jewelries of the best brands in the world. Branded jewelries and clothes are a must have, and also all the accessories that come with an image like phones and shoes , should all be of the best quality. Any ugly person can improve his her look by just putting on a beautiful dress and accessorizing it with some fancy jewelries.
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Earrings are the piece of resistance in what regards personal adornment. All women are crazy after what they jewelries and expensive shiny things. Women are fashion addicts , and trends are a success mostly because of them. earrings were designed especially for women, to express their womanhood, elegance and gentle side. Earrings can be worn my men also, but they prefer only two models : stud earrings, and small hoop earrings. Men actually look handsome and manly with a pair of stud earrings on their ears so, it seems quite ironically, because these pieces of adornment were specially designed for women.

sunshine earrings 300x277 Sunshine Earrings
There are plenty of earring designs and models, of different shapes and sizes. For example there are hoop earrings, large and small, round earrings either filled or empty, dangle earrings, chandelier earrings, clip small round earrings etc. they all come in many colors and you can find plenty of designs , for any occasion. Sunshine Earrings are a very popular model nowadays. Many women choose sunshine earrings because they are cute and very simple. Sunshine Earrings can be found as clip small earrings or as pierced stud sunshine earrings.

Sunshine is a great model for teenagers but grown up women choose to wear them too. Many young girls are seen with small sunshine earrings, making them look like princesses. These earrings are very common, they  can be perfect for any occasion and they can be found with crystals on them also. Crystals are a great accessory for an evening event, and if you want to look more trendy you can try a pair of Sunshine earrings.

As a conclusion, there are many pairs of earrings for each person’s taste. Some women prefer unique earrings, those who are custom made or there is just one model from each type. Unique earrings are harder to find but not impossible. This model of Sunshine earrings is quite common so, you might be disappointed to see it at other girls ears. There are also sets of sunshine model in earrings and a sunshine pendant. Sunshine Earrings can also be those for your belly button. Many girls who have pierced their belly button, have pun a sunshine earring made of silver, exactly on top of the belly button and so the aspect was of a sunshine , covering entirely their belly button., quite unique and special.11

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Earrings suggest elegance, style and womanhood. Almost all women wear earrings every  day, it has become more of a habit and routine than a way to look better. Earrings can complete an outfit and give you personality in the image your displaying. The way we look has become a very important issue. Women have always been interested in the way they look and have always tried to come up with new methods of improving themselves.

Jewelries are a woman’s best friend, or diamonds are a woman’s best friend, either way the saying is true. Jewelries adorned with diamonds, or rubies are very expensive but they are a real work of art. The majority can’t afford to buy jewelries, with these kind of materials, but instead they buy common , also beautiful jewelries. The most popular material is silver and instead of diamonds, crystals have become the second best thing. Crystals are less expensive and give the same effect as diamonds.
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Ruby and Diamond Earrings can be found in the most luxurious jewelry stores, and they can come in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Diamonds look great on anyone, but it’s all about taste and not quantity. Today, many of the popular singers and actors, have made out of wearing diamonds a trend, and wear them with such careless interest that it seems they wear plastic jewelries and not very expensive, house price expensive jewelries. Rubies are precious stones , that can come as earrings or bracelets. There are also many rings with ruby stones, or pendants with stones or diamonds that look amazing on a woman’s neck.

ruby and diamond earrings 215x300 Ruby And Diamond Earrings
Ruby and Diamond Earrings can make as a perfect gift for a special someone in your life. You cannot fail with a gift such as this one, so you better put some money aside for a more amazing gift. Women would prefer to buy themselves a pair of Ruby and Diamond Earrings but being so expensive, they prefer to use the money in other purposes. These items are very expensive because are very rare. They are precious and not many have diamonds in their home.

In the end, earrings are great because they give the impression you are dressed. They say a naked women, only feel naked without a pair of earring a necklace a bracelet or a pair of shoes. Jewelries, have the power of making you feel better, dressing you up, even though maybe you are not that dressed , and making you feel more confident. Whereas men are concerned, earrings for them are not that sophisticated. Men like to wear earrings as simple as possible. A man wearing a pair of crystal or diamond stud earrings will make people look just because he leaves a different image from what we are used to.

Just as a woman with a very beautiful pair of earrings , leaves a very good impression, and is seen as a fashionista and a very powerful woman.  Earrings should become a permanent accessory, because they are the only ones, that can change how a person looks. As women grow older , they prefer to wear more discrete jewelries, just as men start to wear smaller earrings, and more qualitative watches and necklaces.11

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If you want to have a good planning for your wedding celebration, considering that it is your first time to be involved in such a huge event, (being huge due to the meaning of its displaying, a meaning that will change the rest of the days of your life), then it is best for you to go to sites that will help you in this matter. These sites are the ones to offer tips, ideas, innovative creations on how to organize, to think of the day that is meant to be so important for you and your fiancé. Before getting involved in the process of the planning you have no clue where to start from, what to start with, where are different things to be found at, every detail that a process of such dimension comprises?!

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In your research you come across several bridal sites that are really helpful, but all they offer are only pieces of this, pieces of that; you still don’t have the theme of your wedding, you are not sure which location to choose (God, they are so many destinations that appeal to you both!), not sure yet if you want a traditional wedding or a less formal one, so many decisions to take that you are at a loss which is the wedding style you want to settle for good. Remember that this day is the one you would have to remember for the rest of your days, your children and the children of your children will find out about this day, you will need to have beautiful photos and video film to talk about it!

the knot wedding planner 219x300 The Knot Wedding Planner
Your mother comes with the idea to hire a wedding planner for you, but what kind of a future married couple are you if you start with the wedding to be planned by a person who is not quite intimate to you and has no connection whatsoever with the love that you carry inside and  on top of it, for this person to be hired by your parents? No way! You need to have your love to culminate with an event that you both take care of it in an awareness of the fact that it has to be special and it has to be YOURS! Further browsing you find “the knot wedding planner” – a site which not only it is complex in its unfolding, but it also offers different images/photos as examples to help the organizers of the site to support their points off view in regard with every detail they approach in the bridal site.

So, even if it comes to flowers, to locations, to ceremony programs, to decorations, to reception, everything is presented by the knot wedding planner, in the form of photos gallery for the wedding couples, in their search of ideas, to have the picture of the event described in detailed pieces that are used in the big composition. Once you begin browsing these photos together with the detailed ideas and tips for ways to celebrate the wedding, your mind begins to get clearer and pretty soon you’ll start to have the image of your wedding unfolded in the landscape of your thoughts, thus your wedding preparations will begin with an optimistic view over the steps you need to take further into the planning process.11

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Weddings, from the beginning of their planning, offer quite challenging situations either on creating the wedding cards or coming up with ideas for wedding cakes. In fact, the first and the biggest challenge is offered by the choice of a theme. Fixing the date for your wedding celebration is the start that is given for the competition; you are in a constant competition with other weddings that were held out there in the world of brides-to-be, wishing for your wedding day to be the one of a kind event that appeals to your guests through the aspect presented by your wedding invitation.

The temptation to come with something new and beautiful is the one that stimulates imagination; hence the creation of the innovative wedding cards, for this matter. Everything is connected to the theme of your wedding, to the ideas that this theme generates, and in regard to this you need to keep the flow of creativity to confer your big day the coherence in style and decoration. Having a floral theme chosen for your wedding you can make the best out of this theme; speculating in the floristic area of representation, you can come with different patterns, either stylization or simply picturing the reality of a bloom. I, for instance, have seen so many flower wedding invitations that I couldn’t not remark the way artists or amateurs speculate around this generous topic: the flowers.

flower wedding invitations 194x300 Flower Wedding Invitations
But I have to admit that beside the stylized way of floral embellishment of a wedding card, there is one which really got an impression on me: the watercolor creation of flower wedding invitation. Flowers like purple iris, lavender orchids, orange calla lily, various wedding bouquets, all have been so delicately caught in the image of vellum background of a card, the types of flowers themselves in their displaying being a great source of inspiration for the font used for wording of the invitation.

This special wedding invitations are designed by the hand of an artist, as one can see from the first glance at these cards; an ordinary eye couldn’t catch the way a petal is detached from the bloom falling delicately aside touched by the airy aspect of a light green leaf. Or the image of a bridal bouquet so ethereal surprised on watercolor paper having the specific text written on vellum with fonts that go so well with the aspect of the flowers. Only the image of a real bloom with its unique color next to a bunch of greeneries bordering the card, wrapping the wording of the invitation in a motion of ballet dancing, can be a great way for you to send the message of your special event.

The artistry of the flower wedding invitations is displayed with so many beautiful, elegant, delicate and somehow simple means, going from the use of embossed paper with floral motifs, to blooms pressed on the cardstock of the invitations and stuck behind a transparent foil that is shown to have a soft color to match with the bloom’s. Variations of design are plenty as well as of displaying, it is only up to your preferences to choose the wedding card that appeals to you and define the most of your personality and wedding theme.11

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Internet access, since its releasing on the PC consumer market, has always proved to be a helpful tool for those who need to find something in a matter of seconds and at the same time for those who needed to make their business image become worldwide known. Websites, in this respect, have been provided tags in order for the desirers to locate easier pages of the specific item ready to be set at their disposal through the search engine of the Internet connection.  Browsing Internet sites can be a time saver, as well as a time consumer; there are moments when you feel like you get lost in the vast amount of information that is displayed in front of you; there are these ‘links’ that carry you through the labyrinth of more and more news, but knowing that their only purpose is to serve your needs.

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The same impression I have got while helping my friend browsing on the internet in search of her wedding dress. She has accessed so many bridal sites with options of wedding gowns online, that at a certain moment, as she has told me meanwhile, she felt tired of not coming up with a final decision. She has visited the sites with the wide range of wedding dresses, the sites including all sorts of models such as: traditional, informal, modest, temple ready, plus size, she has reached till the sites which offered variations of the white color of the attire. Dresses to be worn by non-traditional brides-to-be in different choices of color and fabric and design. As such she has seen and she has been quite impressed with choices of blue, light yellow, red, burgundy as well as combinations of white with blue, red, green and red; all of  them looked beautiful and compete with each other in design, creative imagination and style.

wedding gowns online 190x300 Wedding Gowns Online
Wedding gowns online present themselves through useful ways to have them accessed, to be ordered online, not before choosing the size or ask for the size you need (most of them have this option for you to order a dress adding your size, even if the site is not displaying the size you’ve got the specific item). These sites are generally divided in sections of different types of wedding gowns, presented either in collection or according to their design. There are gowns to be cheaper than others, others come in discount, other are second-hand with unbelievable prices for a gown that women had worn once and then gave it in perfect shape to be sold to another bride-to-be.

Therefore, choices are so many, so tempting, so one-of-a-kind, that a future bride finds it rather hard to decide, even if she has from the very beginning a pretty good idea on what she would like to wear. This maze of bridal sites has caught also my friend’s attention and the moment she called me asking for help I was at a loss not knowing how to help. These wedding gowns appeal to me in such a big number that I, instead of helping her, made her feel more confused. Finally she got the help of a fashion expert in the bridal department, who assisted her with everything that was there necessary for her, for her big day, for her fiancé who would be there waiting for her at the end of the aisle to swear his love for the rest of their days.11

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Wedding cakes are the items in the displaying of a wedding that carry with themselves the symbol of supporting and sharing. This symbol is expressed by the gesture of cutting the cake, the one that comes with the image of a bride, now pronounced wife, holding the knife, her hand supported by the one of her groom, by now husband already, and followed by the feeding each other with a piece of the cake’s slice. Because of its symbolic meaning, wedding cake has been and still is regarded at with great deal of importance. This is the reason why bakers try to find the most unique ways to decorate the cake in the manner that appeals to the wedding couples both from the edible point of view and design.

I have a friend working in the wedding cakes field, but she is responsible only with the details regarding the delivery of such cakes. However, she has seen many times how thoroughly and sometimes frustrating such a job is, especially the part that requires decorations and steadiness of a 3 or 4 tiered wedding cake. The decorators are the most challenged persons in the bakery houses, their work has to reflect exactly the desire of the customers, who many times leave the inspiration in the hands of decorators, giving only a small hint of what should their wedding cake look like.

flowers in wedding cakes 257x300 Flowers In Wedding Cakes
The most interesting part in regard to the decoration seems to be the creation of hand crafted flowers in wedding cakes, the ones that look so indistinguishable from the real ones, the flowers that can be preserved for a lifetime (due to their sugarly structure) as an added element to the whole chain of memories to belong to your wedding day. My friend told me that there are so many couples who don’t even have a clue on how their wedding cake should be, either to be decorated with fresh flowers or have artificial ones, either to have that color of icing or the other one.

But the cake decorators and designers are there to assist the wedding couples in finding ideas, many of the ideas being strongly supported by their experience, in this way offering advices on how flowers in wedding cakes affect or not the taste of the icing, as there are fresh flowers that are not supposed to be used as cake decorations. All these details are known to the cake decorators, since flowers, as beautiful as they look being used fresh on the wedding cake can have in their pistils some sort of pollen which can be dangerous once swallowed. Their duty is to inform the couples about the possibility of using different types of fresh blooms that even if they are desired by the couples to be used as the elements to continue the series of floral wedding decoration, they can be however poisonous.

There is the option of using artificial flowers in the decoration of the wedding cakes, be they sugar made or silk made, they still resemble beautifully to the real ones, so be sure that the aspect of your wedding cake will not have to suffer in case you decide for the cake decorators to use other style of blooms than the fresh ones.11

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Rock and Roll as a style of music has emerged in the early 50s as a result of the combination of sounds to belong to jazz, country, gospel music and since its release on the market of music industry it has been the object of many disputes due both to the way of being expressed and the non-conformity it lies within the limits of its expression. But it is a known fact that although it has been and still is rejected by certain rules of morality defined only by a small mass of our modern society, rock and roll continues to exist in forms that have suffered adjustments related to the continuous purpose of the musicians to accede in a musical field that has always been different that the others. This tendency has degenerated into a trend which represented the young players to adopt styles that not only are they good to be listened to, but they also lack the musicality of a coherent displaying of notes.

If you are into rock and roll music, then you would probably be more then willing to insert in the atmosphere of your wedding the rhythms of rock and roll, but as any rocker who respects himself, you would definitely choose the rock and roll that has become the classical one even if time has lied its dust all over the vinyl discs which used to host the rhythms of good, old rock and roll. But for you to have your wedding filled with the sounds of rock, you definitely need to organize a less formal wedding, that kind of wedding which allows people feel cozy with themselves in an atmosphere of total relaxation and entertainment.

rock and roll wedding songs 223x300 Rock And Roll Wedding Songs
You have to pay also a close attention to the details; some of them could indicate to you that there are some of your guests who wouldn’t be very comfortable in the presence of rock and roll rhythms, “all that noise for nothing”, as they might say… So, in this regard you must either create separate wedding invitations, the ones for the ‘not young any more’ guests to be sent to the people to attend to your wedding ceremony, and the other ones for the ‘young enough not to be disturbed by rock music’ to be sent as reception wedding cards, or to simply invite them all and play a softer version of rock and roll.

But again, rock and roll is the music of freedom of expression and manifestation, maybe you feel like jumping around on the sounds of Van Halen’s “Jump” or shout on the sounds of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” and because of a grandma that can not stand loud music you see yourself compelled to refrain yourself from expressing your own personality; and why should you? Is a wedding party, when everybody is supposed to feel good and celebrate in the best way possible the reunion of man and woman in the act of marriage, so, go ahead and enjoy!

The rock and roll wedding songs present themselves in a variety of songs more or less relevant for a wedding celebration; but there are however some of them which seem to be the most favored among the whole list of options for rock and roll wedding songs: Billy Idol – “White wedding”, Eric Clapton – “Wonderful tonight”, “I’ll be there for you” – Bon Jovi, “You Shook Me All Night Long” – performed by AC/DC, “Pour Some Sugar on Me” – by Def Leppard, “Pretty woman” – Roy Orbison and the list can go on and on in a whole variety of options.11

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Before you started to get involved in the planning of different events of your family and friends, you had no clue that there is actually a job which is called event planner and browsing the websites you find out that there is also a better, more complex and more challenging version of this job which is identified as the wedding planner. You have attended to a single wedding event in your life and you remember that you have enjoyed celebrating the wedding of your cousin who was wearing such a beautiful and elegant dress that it is still fresh in your mind, though four years have already passed since the event.

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So with so much spare time on your hands, you begin to look for the possibilities to become a wedding planner, a job that will bring you the satisfaction of working in a field in which you have always seen yourself performing. But before you reach the sites that open online applications for wedding planner classes, you need to see if you have what it takes in order to become one of these planners. The main features that characterize a person as a good planner are excellent interpersonal abilities, the organizational skills, creativity and desire to be all the time up to date with the most recent releases in the field of wedding. The first three features apply to you, you are aware of this because you have the family and the friends who can vouch for you; they have always shown their gratitude toward the way you have managed to plan their events, and besides, you have seen the faces of the guests, all shiny and relaxed in an environment that could make them feel at their ease.

become a wedding planner 300x196 Become A Wedding Planner
As to the updating with the recent releases in wedding field, you don’t fit in this pattern of a feature as it has never been related to the events you have organized. It is true that you have done some researches in the filed of party invitations, new tips to organize parties and to choose themes for the given events, but as long as weddings haven’t belonged to your area of interest, you can not say that you needed to be kept updated in this field. Your friends advice you that maybe it would be a better idea if you stuck to the job as an event planner, but you find the wedding planning a field more complex and somehow more connected to an atmosphere that has to do with family reunions, reflecting a certain intimacy that reminds you of the Christmas times spent in the middle of your own family with all the peers coming over to celebrate the holy day.

Deciding once and for all on the wedding planning, you finally begin to look for the courses organized by different Bridal Associations and Accredited Wedding Institutions in order to assist the persons interested to become a wedding planner from the professional point of view. These courses are offered both online and on daily classes’ attendance and by the end of them, students get a diploma to certify their training in the wedding planning. Maybe these courses won’t be much of a problem, but performing as a wedding planner could be. You will need to get the experience required and in this regard you have to work first as an employee in the field, for only later to be sure to become one of the professionals existing the field of wedding planning.11

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The wording of the wedding invitations is probably the important aspect of your invitation card that draws the attention of your guests, showing the respect and the honor you, as a couple or parents of the couple have in the hope that the guest will attend to the upcoming happy event. In this regard, wording can be done either by the parents or by the wedding couple. It is most common for the parents to coordinate the wording, although many times the design of the wedding invitations is created or selected by the wedding couple itself.

If we consider that the theme of the wedding is chosen by the young couple, the attire, the flowers, the menu, the cake, the music are also objects of their choices, then why parents interfere in the process of creating the wording for the invitation cards? OK, there might occur situations where parents pay for these cards, but this doesn’t draw them the status of author’s rights over the mentioned items. After all, it is their children big event, they decide what is there right to be specified in the invitation cards, most of them wanting probably to express their feelings that have lead them to the conclusion that they can not live one without the other, or maybe they simply need to reflect their love in the overall aspect of the wedding invitations, in this way drawing a better attention and interest toward their special event.

wedding invitations wording 300x252 Wedding Invitations Wording
Wedding invitations wording should be a task to be left mainly in the hands of bride and groom even if there is that excitement that governs their soul in regard to the planning and all. Not to mention that the couple will have the feeling that time is not at all on their side, which is not necessarily true, but due to the richness of details they need to take care and the emotions that are running up and down their being, everything is kind of overreacted. But nevertheless, the wedding couple should be granted the honor and pleasure to do the wedding invitations wording, the one to be send as a messenger into the world of family, relatives and friends.

Once the theme of the wedding is set and you have to start with the planning, the detail of sending the wedding invitations is the first one to be taken care of.  In this regard you should begin the chasing after a design and style of your invitation cards and next to think of the proper wording. Depending on your theme or, if there isn’t any, on the style of your wedding (formal or non formal) you have to find the design that frames the wording which in its turn should go well with the style of card selected.

The wording can be achieved with your own words that do not necessary have to follow some patterns, though there is a certain etiquette in regard to the style of wording, but this etiquette is applied more to the traditional (formal) types of wedding. For all the rest of the wedding types, there is an endless range of wording, going from the various funny tones to the emotional ones; you just have to use your inspiration brought by the poetry of your romance, in this way reflecting also the feelings that got you into the decision of sealing your love with the celebration of a wedding.11