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Whenever it comes to weddings the invitees, the wedding couples and their families put a lot of effort into the only aspect that is mainly considered while attending to such an event – the wedding gown. Everybody who participates to the event, mostly women, is paying a lot of attention to this detail since weddings are seen to be as one of a kind occasions where the brides are given the possibility to make their appearance as the queens of the day. This special concern has existed, exists and will continue to exist as long as weddings are the events that occur once in a life time being understood as the marking point in the beginning of a new life.
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In this regard, it is a common knowledge that brides-to-be spend hours and hours in searching for the specific wedding dress that has the faculty of conferring the maid to wear it the effect she is looking for. After all she is entitled to wear an attire which draws everybody’s attention and admiration; first of all it is her wedding day, she is the one to be in the center of attention and in this respect she strives hard to get the admiration desired.  Whether it is a traditional wedding or an informal one, or a themed organized wedding, there isn’t one bride not to wish to shine through the wedding day that unites her for life with her beloved one in the presence of the gathering of witnesses.

wedding gowns 234x300 Wedding Gowns
Beside the brides, the lady invitees are also the ones to pay careful attention to the gown when it comes to attend to the wedding celebration. I remember that I was once verbally announced about the upcoming event of my best friend. From that moment on I had spent plenty of hours thinking what was I supposed to wear, since it was my first wedding to attend to as an adult person. My wardrobe didn’t contain any gown appropriate to the occasion, not even a cocktail dress, since I am not the kind of person to pay that much attention for these sort of details. Even for the theater events or concertos shows I used to dress in a classical-casual style of attire, but now with my best friend’s wedding I wanted to wear something to lift up to her occasion’s expectations.

My friend is that kind of person who takes into account the etiquette in society and I wouldn’t have wished to disappoint her on this matter. Moreover, the day I have received her wedding invitation I understood that actually decent and classy attire was asked from the invitees, so I had to come up with something of that sort. I have some knowledge in regard to the tailoring, so I thought the best and cheapest way for me was to go shopping for some fabric and start sewing a wedding gown for my friend’s wedding event.

I went shopping and found a dark green fabric out of which I designed a dress with spaghetti straps attached to a stretched bodice connected to a bell-shaped long skirt, its length covering my ankles and since I intended to wear some high-heels black sandals, the gown conferred my body a certain highness that went well with the shape of my body.   I declared myself pleased with the wedding gown I had created and I waited for the day to attend to my friend’s wedding knowing that she would be content with my appearance. And what is nicer than to make a bride feel satisfied on her wedding day?11

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Just try for a second and imagine how a wedding celebration will look like if the decorative elements are missing! Wouldn’t be it rather dull? We are used in our daily life with plenty of decorations to be objects of our visual delight, therefore to fulfill our spiritual need for beauty. And if we consider the wedding day as a day that represents the turning point in a couple’s life, we would be more than righteous to admit that decorating this day is as important as decorating every day that crosses our existence. One of the elements to bring the blow of beauty and freshness to the atmosphere of a wedding is the wedding flowers.

Flowers carry within themselves the sparkle of beauty that resides in the pure nature and symbols have been rendered around their existence both in colors and shape. Have you ever wondered how come that these natural elements have been given specific meanings and since when all this has been lasting? It is said that flowers have been messengers since the prehistoric times, their symbolic meaning being specified in Egyptian transcriptions, in Greek and Roman mythology, in Chinese writings as well. Starting with the 17th century, there was even a “language” of flowers invented in order to deliver specific messages and from those times on flowers began to gain importance in subtle transmitting words and messages of love.

wedding flowers 300x300 Wedding Flowers
That is why we use today flowers when we want to express a feeling of passion, a wishful thought, a sharing in grief of others; in this respect we carefully select the type of blossoms that can accurately reflect our feelings and it is the same with the event of a wedding. For this special occasion, the variety of fresh blossoms is wide, as well as for the colors to belong to the blossoms since color could influence the meaning of a flower. The option for silk made flowers is also available in regard to the choice of wedding flowers. The latter version seems to many wedding couples a better one as long as they prefer to get rid of the concern of a possible wilting or lost of freshness, though florists nowadays come with different methods to prevent wedding flowers from dying exactly on the day they are needed.

Suggestions of flowers that have symbolic meanings adequate to a wedding event are: aster – as talisman of love; baby’s breath – to express pure heart, sincerity (very popular in the wedding arrangements, be they for bouquets, or decorative elements), white carnation – for pure and passionate love, red chrysanthemum – for the sincerely “I love you”; the daffodil – to express the uniqueness of the beloved one; globe aramanth – for an unfading love and very popular to be used in the outside located wedding celebrations, lilac – the first, true love,  red tulip – expressing a declaration of perfect love; and, of course the ubiquitous rose which comes in a variety of colors, all of them being favored on the list of floral choices.

As mentioned before, the wedding flowers can exist under both their natural shape and silk made type, but whichever a wedding couple’s choice is, the important thing would be that these flowers should be selected in a manner that delivers the perfect message of love and faithfulness of the couple, the flowers colors integrating in a joyful way to the wedding atmosphere.11

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Wedding dresses are the outfits that women supposedly wear only for one night, but with nowadays tendencies of a bride to step out of the ordinary they can be beautifully replaced by wedding gowns to keep in the wardrobe long after the wedding event is over.  This is the case with non-traditional colors of wedding dresses, meaning other color than the customarily white. Organizing the wedding event in a note that can get a sparkle of new and originality can facilitate the wearing of different styles and colors that belong to the wedding attire.

Royal blue, for instance, is a choice that shows the bride into a brand new light; the color itself, as the name says it already, brings a note of royalty, hence the elegance of a royal blue wedding dress. The blue color is known to convey importance and confidence, and especially the darker blue which is connected to intelligence, unity, stability, and conservatism. It is stated that from the religious point of view, the royal blue is the color of the night sky in which the star, announcing the birth of Jesus, appeared to the Three Wise Men.

royal blue wedding dresses 188x300 Royal Blue Wedding DressesIf a bride decides for this color she won’t be disappointed; the effect the dress will have over her invitees and her future-to-be husband can not be compared to any other effect, if we consider how elegant this color fit in the patterns of a wedding dress. Websites display royal blue wedding dresses in a variety of styles, brides needing to see which one matches perfectly with their personality and taste. The beauty of these dresses is that they are created in such a way that confers the gown the quality of a ball/cocktail gown, allowing the bride to wear it many years after the wedding celebration ends.

The styles of these royal blue wedding dresses are numerous: dresses to encompass strapless neckline with delicate flowers embellishments with gatherings of the skirt displaying the same floral embellishments; sexy deep V neck and low back design of a dress with a glorious train to follow a full length skirt; chiffon gowns with butterfly shaped aiguillette design to define a perfect bosom and a waist outlined by satin ribbon to underline the elegance of the couture; A-line wedding dress displaying a strapless sweetheart bodice connected to a tulle full length skirt and a band adorned with beads under the bust line to convey additional glamor.

The dresses made with halter tops reveal a specific elegance due to the possibility of creating them with empire waist which will flatter all shapes of body, having the satin accordion pleating of the full length skirt to bring coverage in a chic note. If a bride is tempted to select one of these royal blue gowns as her wedding dress and looking for her sizes can not find the right ones, then she shouldn’t worry: most of the bridal sites offer also custom made services in order to make the desired dress match perfectly the bride’s body size, turning the bride’s dream into a beautiful reality.11

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Weddings are the events that bring a lot of excitement into young couples’ life and as any other happy event it has a beginning and unfortunately, an end. But this event has a feature that any another event doesn’t possess: it displays a magic world where one steps in alone and leaves it in a formula of double. The spell is cast inside this magic world since the beginning of time and the two main characters who step in have to be prepared for this change that will occur in their lives.

So when it comes to the wedding, couples are ready to do whatever it takes to make the magic world last even after the wedding celebration is over. In this respect they choose the wedding rings that will stand as proof of their commitment and vows, they take photos and make films about the moments that filled the atmosphere of their wedding to keep these moments fresh in the range of dear memories and they seek to further have lasting memories out of the event that brings change into their lives. Also pieces from wedding can be preserved, such as wedding gowns, wedding invitation, accessories that do not extinguish in time, but yet they need more.

silver monogram letters for wedding cakes 300x300 Silver Monogram Letters For Wedding Cakes
They need that every part of the wedding to be marked with symbols which can be saved for the later times, symbols to be shown to the generations to come. As the wedding consists of two parts, the ceremony and the reception, pieces from these distinct parts can constitute mementos of the wedding celebration. From the first part, there are wedding gown, wedding rings, also the unity candles as pieces to be preserved and from the second part maybe some floral decorations to be kept in the shape of a frame with a glass that will prevent them from scattering the dryness all around and that is about all.

The reception, due to its displaying, revolves around elements that unfortunately can not be preserved for the future. In this part of the wedding everybody is supposed to have fun, to dance to the music and enjoy the meal. Everything that belongs to the reception is consumable, even if music, for instance, carries the sounds of songs that have certain meanings to the newly weds, can not render the materiality of a proof. But couples need to have something to stand as a symbol for their reception part, especially that this one includes the surprise element, the wedding cake which through the moment of cutting the first slice, symbolizes the husband and wife’s first experience in supporting each other and sharing to one another.

So what is there to be done in order to have a material piece to be preserved out of this moment? The suggestion might be to use toppers in different models and designs that could show an entire range of figures, castles, flowers and last but not least silver monogram letters for wedding cakes which exist on the cakes’ decoration sites. These sites display a variety of silver and gold monogram letters in different fonts and sizes with the purpose to offer their clientele numerous options to choose from thus enabling the newly weds to have the material proof of their first experience of commitment into a new life.11

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The wedding event displays itself into two parts: the ceremony and the reception and in both of these parts music plays an important role as its background is capable to render the wedding an atmosphere to lift the spirits high and/or to fill the eyes of the gathered people with tears of happiness and emotions as well. The ceremonial of a wedding consists of one moment which captures everybody’s attention and is filled with the anxiety residing both in the audience and the groom. That’s right; we are talking here about the bride’s entrance, the moment that holds everybody’s breath for some seconds and is prepared by the entire suite of persons selected as bridal party.

The processional of a wedding develops in the order previously established by the priest who is consulted long before the wedding is about to take place. This order often depends on religion and on the preferences of the wedding couples. In case the ceremony is located in another place, other than church or worship place, the alternative of a non-formal ceremony is preferred to that of a traditional one.  In these situations the rules in regard to the choice of music are not restrictive, many wedding couples preferring to select trendy songs for wedding processional, songs that have a meaning to them and may as well send their message of love to the persons who came to witness their life time commitment.

trendy songs for wedding processional Trendy Songs For Wedding Processional
The processional part of the ceremony is divided in its turn in other moments performed by parties that prepare the entrance of the bride. It is up to the wedding couple’s decision in which way these moments are organized or if they are all used in the displaying of the ceremony. Some couples prefer to cut some parts and make the ceremony more simple deciding to elude the elements of filling up the atmosphere till the bride steps in. Other couples decide to plan a processional which is prolonged enough to generate that note of suspense in which finally the bride steps in accompanied by a song that is mostly chosen as one of importance for the bride and groom.

If the ceremony, which is connected to a religious service, is performed in a modern tonality and has the priest’s approval to drop the notes of the traditional classical songs, then couples are free to select the songs that set the musical background for: the groom’s entrance from one side of the place, the groomsmen walk down the aisle, the bridesmaids entrance followed by the flower girl who prepares the grand entrance of the bride.

Some suggestions in regard to the trendy songs for wedding processional of an informal wedding ceremony might consist of: “Bitter Sweet Symphony” – performed by The Verve, “Virtual Insanity” – Jamiroquai, “I don’t want to miss a thing” – Aerosmith, “Endless love” – performed by Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey, “Come what may” – Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, “Can’t help falling in love” – Elvis Presley and the list may go on depending on wedding couple’s preferences for songs that have real significance in regard to their belief toward their act of marriage.11

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Love is the state of mind or better said soul, since it is more connected to that state which most of the time doesn’t belong to the power of reasoning, that has represented for always a source of generating the creation of different things or a way to help the lost ones to find themselves. In this regard, love has been understood also as the root of all the artistic manifestations and creations, as through its power it can build beautiful and eternal pieces of artwork to depict the harmony that love brings into a person’s soul. These pieces have been preserved throughout the centuries carrying the symbols of one’s love carved in different materials that have sealed the people’s longing for expression in regard to the feelings that have populated their body and spirit for centuries.
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Maybe it’s the spirit of love that made all these discoveries possible, the spirit of love that imprinted the mark of eternity on the objects to display a feeling that exists since the beginning of the world. The same spirit must have been the one that has driven the Celtic people to carve symbols that have lasted for hundreds of years as a testimony of their love. One of these symbols that has been discovered in Scotland, Ireland and Wales is the ‘love knot’ that refers to the knot of two lovers that can not be ever untied. This symbol is often given the meaning of the ‘eternity knot’ and the ‘thread of life’ which is related to the continuity of life that love brings in the couple’s relationship.

celtic love knot wedding rings white gold 293x300 Celtic Love Knot Wedding Rings White Gold
This meaning is one of the reasons that determined the jewelers to use the symbol of Celtic love knot into the design of wedding rings. Another reason is that its stylized form can be easily reproduced adding at the same time different other geometric shapes that can be beautifully incorporated into the intertwined flow of the lines. The symbol is carved in many ways and precious metals and as the trend nowadays is to wear white metals, Celtic love knot wedding rings white gold are favored over the ones made in yellow gold, especially that due to its chemical composition  the white gold is harder and stronger than the yellow gold.

The bridal jewelry stores available both on internet bridal sites and on the market display a variety of Celtic love symbols carved on the wedding rings, symbols known as: Celtic oval/spiral to denote eternity and continuity of life; Celtic triple drop to represent the three elements of the nature – Water, Earth and Fire bordered by a continuous line that stands for strength, unity and fullness of being & spirit; Celtic round to symbolize self completeness; Celtic square which is the representation of love and loyalty; Serpent knot with intricate motifs to signify the continuity of eternal life. All these Celtic symbols make a nice choice in the selection of wedding bands considering the fact that they reflect a simplified and yet deep representation of love, the feeling that governs the bride and groom in their way to a new life of support and commitment.11

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The style of men wearing earrings has become very popular. Men have started to wear earrings since back in the 70′s 80′s but then, people were very skeptical and if you were wearing an earring, you couldn’t be taken seriously. The first one that started this style was George Michael, or so I know. He worn an earring in one of his videos, and many followed his style. There were many commentaries on this matter, because of his promiscuous personal life. He was gay, and so many though that wearing an earring as a guy, meant you were gay. Since then we have passed that situation, and today, many men wear earrings, doesn’t matter in which ear. Wearing an earrings can express style, courage, confidence etc. A man wearing a pair of earrings is most of the times seen as a very sexy and tough guy. Ironically , I might say, since earrings are a piece of jewelry for women, expressing womanhood.
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There are two models of earrings for men. Because they can’t wear chandelier ones or large hoop earrings, they stick to stud earrings and small hoop earrings. Men’s Hoop Earrings can be made of silver, gold or platinum. Some men choose to have a model on them others choose to buy hoop earrings with crystals. Nowadays, fashion trends and the celebrities style, make many of us want to look the same. Hip hop singers have started a trend of  iced jewelries that shine and show your financial status. Many young boys and men altogether, have started to buy stud crystal earrings or stud diamond earrings for those who really afford them.

 Mens Hoop Earrings
Men’s Hoop Earrings, can be found in any jewelry store. Nowadays, you don’t know for sure, if a man buying  a pair of stud earrings, buys the item for his girlfriend or for himself. Hoop earrings are more casual and more sportive looking. At a special occasion, a men dressed up in a beautiful costume who wears a pair of crystal stud earrings is the attraction of the evening. Men look sexy and attractive, or so many women say. Teenage boys, or even more mature men that like the casual style, have tattoos and wear earrings are the typical guys good girls love. I do not know why women are attracted to very tough bad looking guys, but they are.

Since the earrings and the watch are the only accessories a man can wear, although some wear also rings or bracelets and necklaces on the neck base, they need to choose a really nice, trendy model. Men who pay attention to the way they dress, how they look, are seen as metrosexuals. A metrosexual is a man who wears the finest perfumes, goes to salons, wears trendy clothes, has a glamorous lifestyle etc. Earrings can be seen as much more than a plain accessory. Earrings give life to your style and make you look trendy. There is a difference between a man that wears a pair of earrings and a man that knows how to wear it. Attitude is essential. Not all men can pull of wearing earrings. Some are just not cut out for new trends. If you do not feel comfortable with earrings , then do not try to fake it, because it will be a total disaster.11

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“Money makes the world go around / The world go around” as the lyrics of the song say and the same can be applied when it comes to the weddings. If you have a good budget for your upcoming event you can be entitled to believe that your wedding will be assured of a success that will turn the world around. Nothing compares to a well-planned event, in fact that well-planned that it has to comprise even the possibility of unexpected things to occur, if we may say so, and as such preventing them from taking place. But of course and unfortunately, this isn’t possible with all the money existing in the world, so the planning can be made in such a way to include some unforeseen events, but will never be able to previously prevent them from happening so long as they are in the hands of the uncontrolled destiny.
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But enough with unpredictable; we have to stick to the situations of planning a wedding from the financial point of view with or without unplanned events. First of all wedding couples have to decide if they can afford to hire a bridal professional to assist them with the planning. In this respect they need to check with a wedding planner settling first a consultation and see how much he/she charges for the services. If these services cost more than they can afford to pay, then they are compelled to go on with the wedding planning on their own.

wedding finance planner2 300x230 Wedding Finance Planner
A planning of such proportion can be a little bit scary, considering that it is the first time a couple is involved in organizing such an event, but with the help of their families and peers they can work it out brilliantly. And not to forget that internet websites provide a lot of information in this matter, couples being given the possibility to draw their own plan in the most detailed way, thus successfully covering every aspect comprised in a wedding unfolding.

As in any other event planning everything is related to the available amount of money. So, the main thing around which every detail is revolving is the budget. Beside the wedding planning, budgeting is the first attempt of a couple to get involved in a spending plan that for the future will turn into a habitual situation. This attempt comes as a first exploration into their capabilities of making conscious decisions about how to effectively use the wedding budget. The thing that will motivate both the bride and the groom is the common goal that they have to stick to – planning a successful wedding day; in this way the wedding finance planner will show good results both in organizing and well management of the money.

On the websites young couples can find different ways to manage the wedding money in the shape of worksheets to contain columns divided in titles such as: Item/Budgeted Cost/Actual Cost and rows to describe every item that is incorporated in a wedding unfolding, to include also “miscellaneous” with its tipping to be considered as expenditure and the unexpected costs – in a percentage of 10 to 15 out of the total amount of money. In this regard drawing up a wedding finance planner comes at handy whether the wedding couples organize the event by themselves or they have a wedding planner to take care of it. Either way, the finance planner is helpful in that it allows you to keep track with every step taken in the process of wedding planning.11

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Earrings are a form of body adornment. Everyone wears earrings, even the guys. women are crazy about jewelries of all kinds: from necklaces to rings earrings, bracelets, charms and brooches. Accessories are a very important part of fashion. Fashion deals with clothes and establishes trends for every season. The majority are into fashion and like being modern, and there is no trendier look that when you wear some accessories to match your outfit. Fashion is all about style and weird but ok combinations of clothes, colors and accessories. For women, fashion industry is much more bidder than for men. Women have a wide range of products from which to choose. In what regards accessories and jewelries, we find the same situation. Women can choose from thousands of models of earrings and necklaces, whereas men have only a few models.
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Earrings can be worn in any occasion, depending of course of the design. For example a woman can wear stud earrings or small hoop earrings during the day, at work, or at the grocery store. We all know that a women dress up even when they go down stairs to buy a pack of cigarettes. Men choose to wear the same stud earrings and small hoop earrings because these are the only two models of earrings that can be seen as more masculine.

silver earrings Silver Earrings
Earrings can be of different material. For example we have Silver Earrings, gold earrings, metal ones, plastic, wood, titanium, platinum earrings etc. The most worn ones are the Silver Earrings , because the material from which they are made is not that expensive but is still precious. Gold earrings are more for women and for special occasions, and the rest are for casual wear. Trends nowadays, especially because it’s summer, cross all exceptions. For example women can find very nice, colorful silver earrings, wood earrings, or plastic ones.

Silver Earrings can be found in any jewelry store if you ask for specific details. There can be clip earrings, pierced ones, chandelier earrings, round big earrings, earrings in all kinds of shapes such as geometrical earrings, animal shaped, earrings in shape of objects like dices , guns etc. Each person has his own unique style, and so, we see so many different styles on the street. Wearing a pair of earrings is a way to express your style and your character. Silver Earrings are more common, and they are the perfect accessory , in any occasion. Teenage girls are more into silver earrings. More mature women, like to wear elegant earrings with crystals, diamonds etc.

As a conclusion, earrings can be a great way to be more sophisticated and have a modern look. nowadays, we put a lot of accent on clothes and accessories, and we judge people for the way they are dressed. There is a big difference between someone wearing a pair of earrings and someone who know how to wear them. Attitude makes the difference, and style counts very much. Not many women know how to accessorize and so, being trendy and in the same time ok dressed involves having a great quality. Earrings can be accessorized with bracelets and a belt. Earrings are that special thing that gives a certain charm to any look.11

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Once the period of dating is over and your beloved one has finally decided to propose to you, you already picture yourself wearing the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of for so long. But when it comes to the wedding planning you realize that actually this would be the last issue you should worry about. The priority comes first to the wedding invitations since they play an important role to the further planning; they are the ones to spread the news and according to them you can proceed in taking further steps in the organization of your wedding. The number of guests that are supposed to send the RSVPs back is the one that enables you to hire the location, to order the menu which includes the type and size of the wedding cake.

In this respect you start making the list of your invitees for in the end to begin the search for that specific style of wedding invitation, the style which satisfactorily comprises the wording that reflects your feelings toward the biggest event of your life. Sometimes the plans for the wedding run a little bit hectic and you might loose track of some important detail; that is why you want to have everything written down on a list of to-dos. Planning the wedding is not easy at all, you totally comprehend the dimensions of such an organization and starting with the invitations doesn’t make the things easier for you either.

wedding invitations with a picture 300x300 Wedding Invitations With A Picture
You begin browsing the internet sites in search of something that might appeal to you, but you come up with a lot of ideas of which none truly represents what you are looking for. Invitations showing different motifs, geometric ones or inspired from nature, symbols printed on the cards that are not even close to what you are looking for, especially that the wording of your invitation is created around the image of you both, first as singles and ending with you as a couple in search of a unity made possible by the act of marriage that will seal your love for the rest of your lives.

Then you encounter websites to display wedding invitations with a picture and after a short exploration, visualizing what they offer and imagining how your wedding card will look like if it were to have your photos printed on one of the sides, you declare that your internet searching has reached to an end. You consult upon your idea with your beloved one and you both agree that it would be nice to order a tri-fold wedding invitations with pictures of you on the left side and of him on the right side and the page in the middle that is on the inside to have the picture of you both where the wording for the wedding is also present.

And the nice thing is that the tri-fold invitation card can stand on its own and can be arranged in such a way to picture you and your hubby in separate photos and in the middle the important picture that shows you both holding in each others arms, gazing at each other with that look that makes you sink in his eyes and makes him sink in yours.11

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Fashion has given us all the liberty to wear whatever we want to. Because fashion is something that comes and goes, people usually choose to wear whatever suites them, then  to buy the new and quickly over passed dresses and costumes. Fashion trends that designers launch are usually more outgoing and very couture. What is released on the market are only the things that can be worn. Usually trends set in color, materials, models etc. In order to be a fashionista you need to know that fashion doesn’t mean following step by step all trends, but knowing how to accessorize and combine your personal style with fashion trends. Nowadays, we see a lot of styles on the street. Clothes and accessories are made to express attitude, character, style etc. some teenagers choose the punk look others the Barbie look. Each one of us has his own personality just waiting to be shown.
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Earrings are a great part of fashion, because accessories complete any outfit. Every woman has a box full of jewelries and accessories, she wears with different clothes. Accessories complete and improve any look, and since trends suggest as many accessories as possible, then, we submit and follow. Earrings are a personal adornment , designed especially for women, to show their elegance, beauty and womanhood. Even so, men wear earrings too, but not the same models as for women. Men earrings are usually small stud earrings and hoop earrings. Pink Earrings for example are only for girls. Pink is a very modern color, especially that shade of powerful pink. Pink is a color used mostly by teenagers. Women over 40, are more reserved when it comes to powerful colors.

pink earrings 282x300 Pink Earrings
Pink Earrings can be in many shapes : for example there are chandelier pink earrings, hoop pink earrings, feather pink earrings, round clip earrings, earrings with many colors amongst which is pink also etc. Pink goes very well with white, gray, blue, black etc. Knowing how to accessorize and combine colors is a very difficult job. Few women have this sense of style, and it’s a very appreciated quality. Pink Earrings are more childish, they take you to the idea of Barbie doll. If you are wearing a pair of pink earrings then you cannot have too many colors on you. For example if you have a pair of big pink earrings, a colored purse and a mono color on your clothes will be just perfect.

Men do not wear pink earrings, because pink is a color for girls. But we have seen many men wear pink t-shirts . Pink is a color more appropriate for the summer. Summer brings all the powerful and outgoing colors on the surface. Winter asks for more brown, black, gold, dark green etc. Pink Earrings, pink anything, goes very well, with a child. A small girl dressed in pink looks like a princess, from a fairy tail. Girls are distinguished from guy by their color. Pink for girls blue for boys. In the end, Pink Earrings can be worn even if you are a grown up, buy in small doses. There are some beautiful pink dresses, modern and very youthful, that make any girl look sexy. If you have already pink on you, then pink earrings are not a solution. So always , pay attention to how you accessorize , when going out.11

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Fashion has always been a point of reference for the trends around the world. Fashion trends start from America and in a few months invade the whole world. Those living in Europe, east Europe, do not get all the new fashion new trends , only later on. Fashion means trends in clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories too. Accessories are a great part of fashion mostly because they make an outfit stand out, through accessories people express themselves , show styles etc. Accessories include : belts, scarves, gloves, purses, hats, sunglasses, charms, brooches, and jewelries such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings , watches etc. Nowadays, people put a big price on appearance. Snobism is flourishing, meaning that we judge people for how they dress, for what brands they have on. We are a society living on brands labels and glamorous style, meanwhile we do not have that much money to afford to be fashionable all the time. This means snobism!
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The jewelry that is always good to go, and can be worn by both sides are earrings. Earrings are a personal adornment and are used to express style and womanhood. Because initially they were made for women, earrings are more elegant and very classy. Today, we have tones of pairs and models of earrings. Women have a large range of products from which to choose. The materials from which they are made just as the designs and the colors differ from pair to pair.

gold hoop earrings Gold Hoop Earrings
The most popular earring materials are gold and silver. Silver mostly by teenagers because is much more cheap than gold and it’s trendy. Gold is a more expensive and precious material and usually is worn by full grown women. Gold Hoop Earrings are a trend amongst teenagers. Many teen age girls choose large hoop earrings for their daily life. Gold Hoop Earrings are more outgoing and very observable. In east Europe Gold Hoop Earrings are considered to be gypsy earrings. This trend has been very popular , while it lasted , but we see even today, women wearing Gold Hoop Earrings.

Gold earrings are more pretentious, and sophisticated, especially hoop ones. they need to be worn at an occasion, where flashy things are appropriate. You can’t walk in plain daylight, with a pair of shiny earrings, made of gold as big as a fist.  There are also Gold Hoop Earrings but smaller. They are also a very good choice for men. Men have started to wear earrings a long time ago. They can wear only two models of earrings : small hoop earrings and stud earrings. A man wearing an earring looks more manly, more sexy , attractive, more of a bad boy, seems confident etc.

In the end, Gold Hoop Earrings can be worn by both sides. For women hoop earrings, the small ones can be worn daily , at work, when going out etc. Big hoop earrings are more pretentious and more modern, suitable for a teenager and not for a 40 years old woman. Gold earrings are very precious and gold cannot hurt the skin. some people have allergies to gold, but the majority has problems with silver. Gold small earrings are also put at one year old young girls, so they get used to earrings and mostly because they look very cute. Gold doesn’t start any infection and so, it’s a safe and precious material.11

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Not too many modern brides (including mostly the ones to belong to the 50s, 60s, and 70s) have had the audacity to try wearing other than traditional white as a color for their wedding gown. Only recently, different colors and hues have been used in dying the fabrics out of which designers created fabulous wedding gowns. Actually colors are a good source of inspiration when it comes to create things, be they in painting, fashioning or generally speaking, art. Because every color carries within its displaying certain meanings, they can easily become the reason of existence of different artistic expressions.
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But at the same time some individuals perceive colors with meanings that are totally opposed to other individuals’ perception of colors. This happens due to the variables determined by gender, ethnicity, culture, experience and even religion. Painters have tried to convey colors the meanings that were useful to the overall message that their artworks transmitted to the eyes of the beholders. Thus Leonardo da Vinci has tried to define colors according to the simple displaying of elements existing in the nature, in this respect he had set white for light’s representation, blue for air, black for darkness and red for fire.

wedding gowns with red2 220x300 Wedding Gowns With Red
If we take red, for instance, we see that there is a color to display extreme perceptions: love and violence; what features can be more extreme if not the two opposite feelings? One can not love and carry within himself at the same time the anger of violence; as if he is populated by two contradictory feelings that would eventually tear him apart. Love in its definition can not comprise violence, since love is a feeling to reflect harmony, inner peace and joy; it is a feeling that is by excellence warm and understanding.

That is why red it is mostly given the side of love and passion when it comes to its meanings in the unfolding of a wedding event. Thus red flowers are often used to symbolize the love that governs the two souls which are subject to unity in the celebration of a wedding. Going further than that, many brides dare to use this color even in the fabric that creates their wedding attire. Wedding gowns with red have become nowadays a favored tendency to show the passion of love as a mark of personality in the bride’s wedding attire.

Brides who wish to step out of a traditional white wedding dress choose alternative colors in an attempt to add to their appearance on the aisle the element of surprise and uniqueness. In this regard they often choose red to decorate the white color of their wedding gown in empire style models created by famous fashion designers; we meet brilliant collections of wedding gowns with red, most of them using the white colored fabric as the background for the spots of red disposed either as insertion on the long imperial trains or red roses to pin the rich ruffles of the dress’s skirt.

Red is indeed an audacious color to be used as unique color for the wedding gowns but small doses of it applied on the sparkling white can be more effective in the aspect of an attire that is meant to turn a bride into the queen of the most important day of her life.11

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There has been and still is a fashion in the wedding displaying to use colors in order to bring a plus of vivacity and joyfulness to the atmosphere of the wedding. And to emphasize these features in a more original way, couples often choose combination of colors to decorate the ambiance of their biggest event in a trial to transmit messages of their true feelings that fill their souls in the day that will unite them in love and commitment. In the same note of originality the combination of colors is gathering hues that at the first sight might seem peculiar, as it is for instance the pink and brown combination.

Taken separately, these two colors have their own meanings and from far distance they seem not to go well with each other. Pink is the color to denote romance and charm, playfulness and tenderness, delicacy and softness, features that complements the best black or gray or shades of blue. Brown, on the other hand, is a down-to-earth neutral color that is found in the elements that compose the nature: earth, stone and wood. It represents earthiness and wholesomeness, simplicity and friendliness, health and dependability. Yellow or rusty orange are the colors that go well with the warmth of the natural brown.

wedding flowers pink brown 224x300 Wedding Flowers Pink & Brown
Organizing the wedding in a combination of pink and brown colors is quite a risky task especially when it comes to pink & brown wedding flowers. There aren’t too many available brown colored flowers if we refer to the fresh ones existing on the florists market. To those who prefer the alternative of silk made flowers to the natural ones the brown colored flowers wouldn’t be much of a problem, the problem being mostly the dullness many couples see to be expressed in the displaying of this color. But in this case they do not comprehend the deepest influence that this color could bring in balancing the extravagant accents of strong hues.

One of these balances is reflected also in the pink and brown combination, where the down-to-earth power of brown comes to equilibrate the playful spirit of pink conveying the combination an aspect of earthly feeling as in an attempt to descend the pink’s spirituality of romance into the brown’s materiality of the earth. Using this combination in pink & brown wedding flowers can turn the decorative elements into the messenger of love reflected in the human nature that is leading the wedding couple to a life time commitment.

Fresh brown flowers considered to be the most popular in regard to the brown wedding floral choice are the chocolate cosmos flowers that are sure to create memorable wedding bouquets, table arrangements and wedding cake decorations. Lately the florists are selling a new rose type called Terra Nostra that has been developed by French growers. Its look, due to the brown hue, adds a note of mystery and sensuality to the well known romantic rose. As to the pink flowers, the range is vast comprising gerberas, cymbidium orchid, lilies, tulips, hyacinths etc. almost all of them resulting in a unique and mysterious type of combination with the brown chocolate cosmos or brown rose.11

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Modern is the opposite of old and if we apply it to the weddings becomes the opposite of the tradition. We hear all the time about modern days, modern technologies, modern architecture, modern art and why not modern wedding? The term “modern” seems to be more and more favored among the future-to-be brides when it comes to choosing the tone of their wedding. This is because many maids live in an area of social where modern feature is omnipresent and the brand of new, of modernism is obsessively applied on almost everything. There isn’t something up to dated to appear in the area of fashion, for instance, without being marked with the seal of modernism.

So when it comes to the choice of a manner in which a wedding should be planned, ‘modern’ word is already there without even needing to be uttered. Bridal stores having long time bridal traditions in the offers to belong to the wedding field have lined their products up to the modern styles of wedding attires displaying creations made in elegant notes and first-quality gowns with prices that meet every bride’s budget. These stores are displaying their products on Internet sites where brides introducing the word “modern” as a search engine are immediately provided with several modern creations of wedding gowns.

modern wedding dresses 182x300 Modern Wedding DressesThe on-line sites offer also the possibilities of making the available products fit for the brides that look for full option services in regard to the wedding attires. Many testimonials of the brides are filling the pages of these sites relating about the great help they have received in carefully handling the wedding gowns, this concern reflecting the top notch professionalism of the bridal store’s team of assistants.

Bridal large collections of modern wedding dresses are displayed in a variety of designs to compete with famous designers’ styles, showing attire that can still keep the traditional look but added some color to it or even colored it all the way help the brides to shine in a modern way on the day of her life’s biggest event. Other styles such as the regular A-line, Princess or medieval shapes of a wedding gown are elegantly replaced by a cocktail or baby doll length or mid-calf length of a dress. Brides are challenged to experiment all sorts of designs even reaching the coziness of a flowing pantsuit design, especially for the ones who do not feel too comfortable in the pretentiousness of an elaborate design of a classical wedding dress.

Adding some extra touches to the wedding outfit such as wraps, jackets or shawls, or creating couture dresses with edge flowers, for instance, turn it into a non-typical modern wedding dress that integrates the bride’s look into the big modern picture of our daily life. A modern wedding is an alternative event to the traditional note of a commonly organized wedding denoting the wedding couples’ desire to go with the flow of modernism that governs their lives. Every period to come in the displaying of time will carry its print of modernism absorbing each time its acolytes lining them up to the features that define the “modern” term itself.11

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Nails represent our protection for the nerves in our fingertips, while toenails protect toes from damage or injury. Nails are part of the skin layer and are made up of a protein called keratin.
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Fingernails can indicate a Vitamin Deficiency in one’s body. Reddish brown spots on the fingernails can indicate a deficiency of folic acid, protein or vitamin C. Vitamin C is a very necessary vitamin not only to the whole organism but also to the growth and thickness of the fingernails. It can be assured by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and having a healthy diet. Flat, thin nails can be the cause of a vitamin B12 insufficiency. Vitamin B12 strengthens the nails while promoting normal nail growth and healthy coloring. Ridges in the nails can be also the result of Vitamin Deficiency, one of which is also the Vitamin B.

fingernails vitamin deficiency 300x199 Fingernails Vitamin DeficiencyNutrition plays a very important role in every function of our bodies, down to our finger and toes. As well as signs of other possible disorders, nails can let us know how we stand when talking about all our required nutrients. Since nails are mainly made up of protein, they can immediately alert us when there is a lack of it in our diet. While lines bands across the nail beds can signal a protein deficiency. The protein can be obtained by consuming beans, oats, seeds, nuts, eggs and lean meats. Calcium is also very important in having healthy nails. Without it nails loose their strength and become brittle and dry. Calcium can be found in green leafy vegetables, dairy products, sesame seeds or even daily supplements.

To conclude, the best way to assure healthy fingernails is to have a well balanced diet. The organism needs plenty of protein, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables so that in does not have Vitamin Deficiency. Sufficient water intake is also very important, because beside of keeping your body healthy it provides moisture for nails. If after this sort of diet, your body is still not getting enough essential vitamins and minerals, it is recommended that you take a comprehensive supplement.11

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Fingernails are said to be an excellent barometer of your overall health. Changes in the appearance of fingernails can be the first sign of an undiagnosed medical problem such as a respiratory disorder, iron deficiency, anemia or a thyroid disease. Such signs as ridges in the fingernails, discoloration, and changes in the contours of the nail base can be important signs of illness.
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Horizontal Fingernail Ridges can indicate various diseases, although this is not always the case. Horizontal Ridges start from one side of the nail lengthwise across to the other side. One particular type of horizontal nail ridge that may indicate underlying illness is called Beau’s lines. They may be associated with traumas, acute severe illness, malnutrition, major metabolic condition, chemotherapy or another damaging event and can be the result of any interruption in the protein formation of the nail plate. Beau’s lines give horizontal grooved ridges in the fingernails which may be slightly darkened in appearance.

horizontal fingernail ridges 300x180 Horizontal Fingernail RidgesSometimes, the growth of the fingernail is interrupted because of more common factors such as brief changes in the nutritional status or a little trauma in the nail matrix. This can result in the formation of Horizontal Fingernail Ridges secondary to brief interruptions in the nail growth. These are usually not a case of concern, although it would be advisable to see a doctor if the ridges are very obvious since they can be a sign of nutritional deficiency or other underlying disease. In some rare cases, Horizontal Ridges can be a sign of arsenic poisoning.

There are also another type of Horizontal Ridges that are associated with albumin deficiency such as a kidney disease, liver or severe malnutrition. They look like a simple interruption of pigmentation but they are actually hiding diseases that can be treated only by a doctor. Another type of Horizontal Ridges are called Mees’ lines or Aldrich- Mees’ lines and are discolored horizontal lines which occur on the fingernails and toe nails if the person is suffering from renal failure. They are typically white bands traversing the width of the nail. When the nail grows, they displace upward on the nail and eventually disappear when trimmed. But it is necessary you see a doctor because any abnormalities in the appearance of your fingernails can be a reason of concern.

To conclude, if you have recently developed Horizontal Ridges on your Fingernails a consultation with your doctor would be advisable to eliminate an underlying health problem.11

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A wedding in its unfolding consists of several parts that are more or less subject to decorative ideas. While planning a wedding young couples often think to turn their big event into a day that will shine in their future days through its distinctive parts that abound in color and creativity. Thus the wedding attires, the location, the ceremony of exchanging the vows and rings, the reception table, each one of these elements carries with it prints of the couple’s personality and style. The decorative ideas are mainly inserted with the purpose of transmitting messages of love and commitment that are captured by the photo camera in an attempt to immortalize the finest and representative symbols of the wedding day.

In this regard, flowers are the ones to be counted among the symbols to be added in the colorful picture of the wedding, they being the decorative element to enrich the appearance of the bride while walking down the aisle, they decorate also the bouquets held by the bridesmaids, they are the elements to be used in table centerpieces and last but not least they can be a beautiful choice in decorating the wedding cakes.

flowers on wedding cakes 226x300 Flowers On Wedding Cakes
Flowers on wedding cakes come in the sequence of floral decorations that are present in the atmosphere of a wedding celebration. They are given the rightful importance and in this respect the selection of flowers is moreover regarded as a symbols’ transmittal to the eyes of both the young couple and the invitees. Wedding cakes are supposed to be the final decorative element that is brought into guests’ attention, therefore its appearance is meant to arouse surprise and at the same time appetite. Who doesn’t like to have after a good meal some dessert that ends up in a note of sweetness leaving a taste of completeness to be added to the taste of the previously served delicious courses?

The artisans in cakes design use their creative minds to obtain beautifully ornate wedding cakes in a combination of floral decorations with refined taste of a cake. They may use either artificial flowers, edible flowers or fresh flowers as elements that very often come as complements to the bridal bouquets or table centerpieces or even to the theme of the wedding. Many present weddings include in their planning a seasonal theme or a floral one in this way making their wedding appear as a real celebration of color and joyfulness.

The types of flowers blossoms to be used as flowers on wedding cakes are plenty, many times the type of the flower is meant to signify something or simply to render the wedding cake a sparkle of freshness or elegance, depending of course of the type of the flower. Some blossoms show a majestic displaying of a wedding cake such as calla lilies used in the decoration, other flowers show delicacy and sensitivity such as hydrangeas purple, pink or white blossoms; lots of ways to shine through as many flowers existing in the nature and utilized to embellish the masterpiece of a wedding reception table.11