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Today’s Hungarian weddings are resembling more to the Western weddings ceremonies, but fortunately there are still couples that make a choice for the more colorful and traditional Hungarian wedding ceremony. In the past tradition required the best men to go in every guest’s house and verbally invite them to the wedding event. They did that generally in rhymes and it was their duty to organize the up to three days of wedding ceremony. Today the tradition is preserved through that that bride and groom go personally to invite siblings, neighbors, and friends to their wedding.

The Hungarian bridal dress was very complex colored and flowery motifs embroidered. The colors chosen for the wedding dress were mostly vivid color and the fabric included woven wheat in order to symbolize fertility. In the past it was a custom for the bride (carried in a colorfully painted and decorated cart) to be accompanied by a procession till she reached the groom’s house. Along the way bride was repeatedly toasted with good wishes and thoughts, sometimes there was the habit to “steal the bride” and the groom was left with the only option to go look for the woman of his life.

hungarian wedding rings Hungarian Wedding RingsAnother tradition was throwing a handful of coins on the floor and after that some plates broken; the bride was supposed to sweep the floor while separating the coins from the pieces of the broken plate. Today, part of this tradition has been preserved and is still performed by many brides and grooms. All the Hungarian weddings are supposed to be made first official followed by the religious ones.

As tradition says, the wedding rings in Hungary were exchanged at the moment of engagement, and to be worn on the left hand throughout the period till the wedding day would come. After the ceremony, the Hungarian wedding rings are switched to the right hand. During the religious service it is a custom for the wedding couple to sit on a platform at the front of the church, meanwhile guests would come to recite poems, or to sing songs.

Along with the exchanging of wedding rings, the custom required the bride to offer her husband a wedding present, such as a wedding present of handkerchiefs, usually three or seven, these numbers considered to be good-luck. Wedding gifts are offered to the bride and groom while they leave the church or when they arrive at their new home. The bride and groom took note of every gift each guest brought, in order to return a similar gift on guests’ similar occasion.

The art of creating Hungarian wedding rings has incorporated several symbols that reflected the cultural influences of the population to migrate from one place to another. So we meet one by one the Celtic knot wedding ring, the Runic wedding ring, the Byzantine style wedding ring. While times may have changed, there are the traditions to carry us back in time being able to attract upon them even the most modern of the weddings today.11

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A wedding planner book is a notebook in which bride and groom draw the plan for their wedding day, take notes and add suggestion, for a start. Initiating one of these notebooks should happen after the day the couple has set the date for their wedding ceremony. Prior to purchasing this notebook, which, by the way,  is available in party stores, wedding boutiques and stationery stores, it is safer (!) to have a contract signed between bride and groom. It would be also very nice if on signing the contract, the groom hands out one of these notebooks to the bride.

These wedding planner books start with the things-to-do within a period of 9 to 24 months before the wedding, 6 to 9 months, 3 to 6 months, 3 to 4 weeks, and 1 to 4 weeks. So, how to make your own wedding planner book? Anyway as your own personal consultant you will need to start a book, to record every detail of the tasks to be performed, and at the same time to help you keep track on every step you take or every move you make in accomplishing the required tasks.

how to make your own wedding planner book How to Make Your Own Wedding Planner BookIf you plan to establish the details in the period between 9 to 24 months before your  wedding date, it is better to decide first on the existing budget for the wedding, because according to this, you have to begin drawing the proper plan. Next will follow the choices for the ceremony’s theme and reception’s location. These details are of a great importance as they set forth the following elements required in the planning process.

The wedding theme is the one that determines the location for the ceremony, whether it is religious or only official, the option for the wedding rings, creation of the invitations, the choice of dressing, both for bride and groom, the music style, floral decorations, catering. While going through these steps, you have to consider the vast range of vendors in each department; that is the most demanding part, since it requires through selection and awareness of the fact that there mustn’t be any detail left aside or omitted.

It is important that somewhere in the wedding planner book to save some blank pages for annotations, such as suggestions coming from the third parties, random thoughts that later might need consideration, ideas that one may get through a sudden touch of inspiration, and so on. Appointments are also to be written down and followed strictly in order not to fail an important meeting with one of your chosen vendors, or caterers, or jewelers, or couturiere.

The “to-do” lists are very useful, as they help you draw the plan in detailed, dated parts, according to the priorities, and also to schedule booking the hotels (if the case of a location set outside your country and not only), wedding rehearsal and dinner rehearsal, etc.

The last week of your planning, only few steps away from the wedding day and you reach the apex of your excitement and stress, as well. But here is a tip: it is better to start the wedding planning earlier, much earlier than the planned wedding day, since this long distance of time attenuates the impact of the upcoming day, both on your nerves and excitement. So, do not forget: the sooner you start your wedding planner book the better for your mental and physical health!11

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The presence of the parents at wedding ceremonies is, next to that of the wedding couple, draws the guests’ attention perhaps at the same extent that is drawn towards the couple. The days before the wedding,  bride and groom’s mothers play an important role, if not pragmatically, supportively, for sure! The couple, due to their excitement they are subjected to before the wedding day, need moral support and a helping hand, so the constant presence of the mothers is required. Next to the plans that a wedding needs drafting, mothers have to grant a considerable attention to the details for their outfit to be worn for their children’s wedding day. There are no rules to follow when it comes to choosing dresses for mother at wedding, although some unwritten rules are good to be known.

The first thing is that mothers should avoid wearing white or cream dresses, as this color belongs to the bride’s wedding dress, but at the same time they have to avoid wearing very sharp colors, such as red or dark sparking purple. The term that should define the style of mother’s dress at wedding is formal, which is traditional for these occasions. But again, the style & design and the note of formality should depend on the time and location of the wedding ceremony and reception. Generally, the perfect outfit as dresses for mother at wedding is the cocktail dress for the summer time weddings, and for evening reception longer gowns are more appropriate.

dresses for mother wedding 216x300 Dresses for Mother WeddingThe mothers’ dresses at wedding, both the bride’s and groom’s mother have to be complimentary, not identical, but it is better when they do not clash. For example, if the bride’s mother wears a long dress, than the groom’s mother should wear the same style while the colors of the dresses should compliment each other. In this respect, mothers have to meet before the wedding day and try to agree as much as possible on their outfit at wedding. The order in this matter goes like this: bride’s mother is the first to make a pick in the dress’s style, and after that the groom’s mother should coordinate her choices to mother of the bride’s choice. It is better when this decisions and choices are made together, in this way mothers can avoid uncomfortable situations.

Color is another detail to seriously consider for the dress at wedding. As mentioned above, the white and cream colors need to be out of the question. The choices for a multi-color dress are also good to be taken into account, and in this case colors of both mother of the bride and mother of the groom should compliment each other. It was said that black a color choice wouldn’t have been a proper color for the cheering note of the wedding event, but lately they seem to be quite trendy. Anyway mothers should ask also their children about their decision on black. The dresses selected have to make the mothers feel and look great, after all this is a day where they meet new faces, and share with the guests the happiest moment of their children’s life.11

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The term “pagan” is a Christian naming of a person that belongs to a non-Israelite tribe, and as such having a pejorative connotation among the Western monotheists, that compares it to heathen – a person who does not acknowledge your God. Paganism in its turn has ‘polytheistic, spiritualist, animistic or shamanic practices, such as folk religion, historical polytheistic religion’. The term got a broad definition to include all the religions that are outside the monotheistic group of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This group encompasses Eastern religions, mythologies and Native American religions.

One may notice that the pagan term is cast outside the religious groups that had very well defined their religious beliefs, mostly connected to God, whereas paganism is related more to the elements of the nature, the ones that gave birth to the myths and their characters.

pagan wedding rings 300x298 Pagan Wedding RingsThe rings have been a symbol for marriage since ancient times; they were given to the women as a token of possession – once being ringed they weren’t allowed to circulate among other men. “Being ringed” – does this ring a bell? The cattle are also ringed in order to be easier recognized and controlled by the leader of the livestock. Is the origin ‘husbandry’ (a task performed by a farmer) coming from the term ‘husband’? Well, no. The etymology of ‘husband’ is more likely to have the origin in the medieval Scandinavian locution “hus” – house and “bondi” – dweller.

The ring symbolism comes from the unbroken circle as an age-old symbol of eternity. This is why such an ancient symbol was and still is an important part of a wedding ceremony, since everlasting love is the wish of the couple for their future life together, a bond for the soul mate, as Plato said “The soul is a circle”. Roundness is a shape connected to nature, as the nature itself has cyclical moves, and its timeless dimensions convey an eternity to be recognized in the meaning of the wedding ring.

“Everything tries to be round” as Black Elk says, an Oglala Sioux holy man. Even our lives move in repeated circles bearing the religious elements of the divine, since “God is a circle which has the centre everywhere and the circumference nowhere”, according to Greeks. The ring has been given magical properties, thus a ring around the heart is said to protect a person from evil spirits.

The pagan rings have also pagan meaning, such as the Hercule knot ring from the Hellenistic period which has the power to offer protection against evil spirits and represents the symbol of fidelity in marriage; the Love Sandals ring – worn as a good luck charm or as fertility symbol;

Triumphant Eros ring – the god of erotic love; grapes ring – the symbol of fertility, the version from 1st century Rome, the Circle ring; the Cornucopia – worn as a talisman to give prosperity; Lovers Feet – the bare feet design considered erotic; the phallic ring – phallic symbol, the symbol of fertility common among many ancient cultures; pagan handfasting ring – that includes Theban runes that spell out “Heart as one”.

Though one may think that pagan wedding rings do not imply religious meanings, they still bear symbols that supplement the definition of love, the only feeling that brings two people together into the circle of matrimony.11

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How many times while writing your correspondence you happened to run into the trouble of not finding the proper words for the intended letter? There are so many steps to be taken while composing the letter; some may say that it shouldn’t be such a big deal, so long as you write what you think or what you feel, and perhaps they are right, but if you are a demanding person and have the sense of self-respect, then you really look for your words to be given the appropriate signification and accurate description. Juggling with words is quite an art, a double-edged sword, as words hold sometimes meanings beyond their black appearance on the paper.

The same thing can happen while conceiving the wedding invitation text; once you get stuck, because this surely happens, you start wondering where to find wording for wedding invitation. Besides the countless websites available on internet you might want to have your personal style reflected by the wedding invitation wording.

where to find wording for wedding invitations 240x300 Where to Find Wording for Wedding InvitationsThere are so many aspects you have to take into account; first you need to know exactly what would be the tone of your wording, which tone depends in its turn, on other aspects – the wedding theme, the etiquette required for the wedding, the persons you have to address to, and so on. If you think of using a traditional style of the wording, you’d better forget the above said, because all the personalized thing you can get on these traditional wording would be your names and parents names written on the cards. And that’s all!

But adding that note of your style, it is better to start by sticking to the basics, for along with your wording to enrich the content with the print of your personality, tossing a little color from the style of your wedding theme, as well. A nice touch is to include a quote, verse, saying or rhyme. Generally brides want to put a little bit of romance while writing of the wedding cards, so letting your creativity flow is not such a bad thing, either.

Engaging yourself in the adventure of writing your own text for wedding invitations is a real challenge, but at the same time is a very rewarding one, since you can be sure of its originality and style.

Also including your personal choices for design can add a mark of your personality and you can get the effect desired, as guests will be very impressed on the original note the invitation is unfolding. Being natural, is a plus, using a sophisticated language, overly flowery is a minus, as they can show irrelevancy and tediousness. You need your language invitation to get to the heart of the ones who receive it, thus coming to your big event to seem to them a real celebration and not an obligation.

But do not let yourself carried away by other details, and omit the basic ones, such as the date, the time and place, the theme.

To give a note of stylish and elegancy to your wedding card you may use different fonts and words effects, by downloading the hundreds of fonts available on several websites.You just have to be sure that your wedding invitation is one of a kind and a delight to the eyes of the receiver.11

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When we say diamond our mind instantly relates the word to that of richness, power, elegance, and, of course… expense, and at what price, indeed! Diamonds look great on everybody, only its brilliance adds a note of distinctiveness, of energy, and elegance. A ring, however simple it is made, it becomes a precious jewel the moment it is adorned with a diamond, no matter how small the size of it is! Cognac or Champagne diamonds however are less expensive than any other colors and this is because the price of a diamond is set according to its popularity. But tastes in diamonds are changing and sometimes purchasing cognac diamonds seems to be a good deal.

Cognac diamonds have a tint of brownish and its name comes from describing its brown color. But the term of ‘definition’ for different colors of the diamonds expresses the impurity or the structural flaws that cause the coloration. Brown diamonds have a color scale or grades which are: very light brown, medium brown, brown and dark brown, known as fancy cognac. Diamonds bear the symbol of innocence and constancy and have been prized as jewels for crown. As to healing properties there are none, but it is said that next to other gems it increases the energy of the other stones.

cognac diamond wedding rings 300x203 Cognac Diamond Wedding RingsWe find in the diamond shape meanings that can say a lot about a person’s personality. According to the basic definitions of shape symbolism we find the following significance: for the round shape – honesty, faithfulness, traditionally romantic; pear shape – a side for traditional romance, but also a tendency to being sorrow; oval shape – creativity and individuality, fertility; cushion shape – intimacy and romance with a note of classic elegance; emerald cut – elegance and coolness, open-hearted and personal clarity; heart shape – pure romanticism, fantasy; marquise shape – desire for opulence, attitude toward wealth; radiant shape – flirty and trendy; asscher cut – desire for drama, clarity of person.

There are also other meanings depending on other cultures or traditional customs. For instance the diamond symbol from a Native American point of view includes several aspects. The diamond motif is shaped in that of a butterfly symbol representing the concept of transformation and immortality. Also to the Native Americans each facet of the diamond is a part of nature’s learning phases: freedom, equality, unity and eternity.

Wedding couples often choose as their wedding rings, bands that are enriched with diamonds, and some of them even try to choose the color that matches their personality. Cognac Diamond wedding rings represent also an option as their connection to the marriage itself breathes romance, victory and purity. Other wedding couples prefer to incorporate birthstones into their wedding rings, and if the birthstone is a diamond is even better!11

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The fleur-de-lis is a stylized design of an iris or lily, used nowadays decoratively and symbolically; its history stretching far back in time, supposedly into the times of antiquity, describes it as the emblem of Virgin Mary or as others say the three petals representing the holy Trinity.  In others opinion lily symbolizes the flower that had sprung from the tears shed by Eve as she left Eden. But its earliest and lastingly meaning is that of purity, that is why it has been adopted by the church in order to relate the Virgin Mary’s sanctity to the events of special significance.

Over the centuries the fleur-de-lis symbol appeared on flags, being associated with the French monarchy and continues to be heraldically depicted on different historical royal houses. Because of the resemblance between an iris and a lily, this symbol of fleur-de-lis, has spread confusion in many writings on this subject, this happening quite in the late years, since it was during the 19th century that the iris ceased to be known as a lily. If we search deeper we discover that the heraldic representation cuts the upper pair of its five petals, leaving the symbolic design with merely three petals of the flower.

fleur dis lis wedding invitations1 300x225 Fleur Dis Lis Wedding InvitationsYet the meaning of the flower preserved through years and we find it to be so rich as the following range of meanings depicts: faith, wisdom,, valor, majesty,  purity, virginity; the white Lily, for instance is connected to Juno, the queen of gods in the Roman mythology.

Today’s wedding tendency is to use more and more symbols that complies with the desires of the wedding couple. That is why the wedding invitation designers provide a wide range of inspired decorations to enrich the appearance of wedding cards. Some of these cards considered to have a print of majestic are fleur de lis wedding invitations. The symbol of this flower is often selected by wedding couples, especially the ones that have a taste for royalty combined with purity. There is a kind of contradiction in terms of meaning, since purity can not stay next to the meaning of royalty. The history proves it; but either way, the choice of fleur de lis wedding invitations is one that offers a richness of designs in a variety of colors and refinements.

So the designs can be stylized or describing outdoor landscapes having the flower as a repetitive motif, thus obtaining a multitude of decorative effects that bring joy to the eye, especially that we don’t have to omit the fact that a wedding invitation is the first thing that is cast into the world of your family and friends to announce your wedding celebration.

The season in which the wedding takes place is an aspect that has to influence the choice of color for the wedding invitations. The wedding cards artists incorporate the rich colors of nature in a way that matches the season of the wedding day and the tastes of the couple, tastes that have to be recognizable in the shape, color, floral motif of the wedding card. A wedding card is the couple’s visit card of their personality and of what the wedding ceremony means to them.11

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When we say wedding dress we instantly think of a white, wonderful, elegant, once to be worn outfit. But brides do not always pick up white to be the color of their wedding gown. They may think it over and over again when it comes to color, since color is all around us, and whether we realize it or not color has a great impact on our lives. There are moments when we have moods that we may or may not be aware of the fact that they are generated by the colors that are out there around us. That is why we have the saying “color of mood”, since our senses are so subdued to the presence of the colors.

Some brides can take this saying for granted while considering the color of their wedding dress, as “mood” is what it has to be fresh and opened to relate to the big event. Studies have been conducted over the years over the effect the colors have on humans and according to these studies some meanings were given to the colors. It is a well-known fact that colors have been given meanings since the beginning of the days, meanings that have preserved in time and have been inherited by generation after generation.

wedding gowns with green 293x300 Wedding Gowns With GreenFew years ago color consultants started to help people find a color palette that matched a person the best. If so, maybe the brides that choose to have the wedding dress’s color other than white should better consider the advice of a color consultant. And again choosing other color than white for their wedding dress, brides should also forget the idea that the wedding dress is a one-day gown to wear. In this case they may select a design that gives the dress the possibility to be worn also in other occasions.

There is another option to be taken into account, that the wedding dress could be white and have garments made of another colored fabric; this too is an option.   One of the colors that can enrich the monotony of white is green. Wedding gowns with green can say so much about this choice a bride had made, since green is the color of life, fertility, nature. Green symbolizes well being and self-respect; it is also a color of balance, of growth and harmony. In a word, green represents everything that nature represents.

Wearing a wedding gown with green kind of puts the bride out of the conventional way of getting fit for a wedding, since the search for the dress may also expand outside the traditional wedding dress’s stores. Thus the perspective is larger than normally is, while looking out there for a white wedding dress; there are these stores where one can find a variety of dresses fit for different occasions, such as: cocktail dress, prom dress, dinner dress and so on.

So, choosing green as a color for the wedding gown or merely as a color for a garment’s fabric on your dress, can be a perfect choice, once for the meaning of the color itself, and second for the originality of the choice.11

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Wedding rings are important, this is a fact, the style of the wedding ring has to match the symbol of your love, that’s another fact, and that wedding rings do not necessary have to be plain and simple it’s more than obvious. Couples seek for their marriage day a unique way to seal the event. Some say that the wedding theme is important, so they put an accent on this aspect, some say that the choices of dresses is important, so they emphasize this part, others say that music gives the rhythm and the tone for the ceremony so they act accordingly, but no matter what they may think as being THE most important element in a wedding, the selection of the rings pass beyond all.

One choice that takes this selection out of the ordinary is art carved wedding rings. What can be there more beautiful? The craft that the jeweler has put inside defines his skills and confers the ring the appearance of a unique work of art. There are plenty of different artistic wedding band creations available in the jewelry shops:

artcarved mens wedding rings Artcarved Mens Wedding Rings- Celtic carving style – many people choose as wedding theme the Celtic tradition and due to this fact, their wedding rings have to match the theme of the wedding. Moreover the Celtic belief includes the notion of eternal life defined by the circle of nature itself. The circle that became the shape found in the wedding bands. The Celtic represented the bound of human life and nature in the art intertwined ribbons and braids, this model being later carved on wedding rings.

– Native Americans style – their art in wood carving was reflected also in the jewelry art craft; often one can discover rings having carved the symbol of animals, such as bears or eagles. The characteristics of the animal were transmitted to the wearer of the ring.

– European carvings style – is an art that mixes different designs that imitate the gothic style in architecture. Their design is very elaborate and intricate.

Art carved men’s wedding rings confer to the groom a note of progress and manhood, since men use to wear stronger and larger made rings to fit their not only ring finger size, but also their personality. Compared to the brides’ wedding rings, the art carved men’s wedding rings can include also precious stones, such as diamonds, sapphires, onyx.

Jewelry in its real sense denotes the status of a person and because of this the taste and personality can be revealed. While choosing the wedding ring one has to be sure that it matches his individuality and adds a sparkle of brilliance to the love he is about to commit to. Since men are not into the style of wearing jewelry, at least not as much as women are, they have to be sure that the selection of the wedding ring is the good one, as this ring is the one he has to wear for the rest of his life.11

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Cake toppers can be the sensation of a wedding cake; not to mention that the wedding cake itself represents a sensation through  that it is ‘la piece de resistance’ at the wedding table. Cake toppers exist in the same amount of variety as the wedding cakes exist, even more! Because cake topper is part of the decoration craft on a cake and here comes the beauty and multitude of creative elements added on it! Decorating a cake requires much originality, imagination and design as well. The professional bakers try to raise their art and creation up to the wedding couple’s expectations!

Many cake toppers can be customized this depending on several details that need to be considered, such as: the theme of the wedding ceremony, the personality of the wedding couple, the decorations chosen for the wedding reception room, even the dresses, and so on. In this respect there is this possibility that they can be customized with different patterns. You just have to decide on the details counted above and it is up to the bakers to finish the job. Customizes to be made are plenty: clean and simple, fun and whimsical, monogrammed, traditional, romantic, Fairytale themed, contemporary, new and trendy, medieval, personalized.

pictures of wedding cakes with castle toppers Pictures of Wedding Cakes With Castle ToppersThe pictures of wedding cakes with castle toppers suggest a note of romanticism in the wedding ceremonies that have a medieval theme. This classic theme still appeals to many brides as it gives the print of romance and the perfume of a fairy tale as well. The renaissance theme for the medieval wedding reception is counted to be one of the most selected themes, since renaissance reflects royalty and can be imitated with elaborate dressing, a castle wedding location and a feast of food specific to that period.

In the case of the medieval wedding theme castle toppers are offered in a large variety of models: glass castle, story book castle, round castle, tall spires castle, castle with door, square castle, fairy tale dream castle and so on. The creativity of the bakers is endless and the accuracy of the designs of their toppers generate models out which one finds really hard to have a pick. The cakes with castle toppers are more frequently met in French weddings, communions and other special occasions. The wonderful castles are made from styofoam and can be sprinkled with pearl dust or painted.

But apart from the fact that the castle toppers look great, they are not made of edible materials, because it is impossible to make a castle out of cake ingredients; the details are so many, the turrets would not hold up. That is why the material used is often plastic with a whole system of tubes and cones that can create an intricate design with icing on it. The decoration, if properly preserved, can last forever. If you don’t have any idea on how your castle wedding cake should look like there are many pictures of wedding cakes with castle toppers to be found on different websites. They are offered in such an abundance of designs that you will find rather hard to decide for a single one.11

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Wedding invitations are an important detail of your wedding planning. You have to consider the fact that people will find out about your event due to these cards you are about to send and to announce your wedding. So, the wedding card has to represent through its design, creative shape and colors, what are your wedding details; for instance, beside the names, hour and location of the ceremony you might need to add the theme of the wedding, if there is one, the requests you may have for a special dressing that match the theme and so on.

Many designs of wedding invitations are available nowadays on the market, and sometimes it may be hard for you to decide upon the type of invitation as for every style there are hundreds of designs and still more to come. The imagination of wedding cards designers is bottomless, it can have its roots and extract its vim out the inexhaustible well of ideas that you as wedding couple can suggest to them. So, one can say that there are as many wedding cards types as wedding couples exist out there in the world!

glittering wedding invitations 264x300 Glittering Wedding InvitationsOne type of wedding invitations that is going out of the regular pattern of wedding cards is the glittering wedding invitation. Glitter, as a guile used to add a sparkle of uniqueness, describes a variety of very small pieces of glass or plastic painted in metallic and iridescent colors in order to reflect light in a sparkling spectrum. Glittering technique is used in different craft projects as it has brilliant effects easily to attain. On Christmas times this glitter is quite often used for Christmas decorations and for Christmas cards as well.

For the wedding invitations glitter is used not only to confer a sparkle of originality, but also to draw an attention not so easy to forget. Besides, the letters contained in the invitation can be made with the glittering effect, thus bearing the print of brilliancy for the upcoming event. It can definitely render your wedding ceremony the scent of shiny romance and nostalgy.

The graphic designers always take into account the fact that your wedding invitation set the tone for the big day. Therefore the glittering wedding invitations are very unique and they can be created in that special note to match your highest expectations once you ask for the services of wedding cards designers.

So add a sparkle of uniqueness to your wedding by decorating your wedding cards with the brilliancy of the glittering decoration and text writing as well.11

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Before setting off to have the ceremony for your wedding you have to take into account the budget that allows you to go further into the process of organizing.

Sometimes this evaluation falls into the professional hands of a wedding planner, but it can be that you would like to have this work done by yourself, so you have to thoroughly weigh the options your budget offers.

wedding budget planner worksheets 200x300 Wedding Budget Planner WorksheetsThis is essentially your first step to consider, because it is up to your budget to define the way you want to spend your money.  Drawing a wedding budget planner worksheet helps you to put the elements of a wedding in a proper order, enables you to check the omissions or to complete the list of your needs with others’ opinions. You have to be equipped with a notepad and always have it available in case some random ideas cross your mind and you may want to write them down. Avoid using in this purpose scraps or torn sheets of paper that you could misplace.

The first thing you have to write down is the amount of money affordable, as out of this amount you have to constantly subtract the amounts required for each service that you need to consider. Then the list of events: ceremony, reception, attire, rings, flowers, music, photography, transportation, stationery, gifts. There can be situations where you have an estimated cost, and for this fact you have to write down the maximum amount of money. After you make the research for these expenses you can add the real price for the service required. In this respect there are sites with different professional wedding services that specify the amount of money they charge for the services they provide.

Writing each event that is part of the wedding planning process will help you make a list of the vendors, experts, professionals that are strictly related to the nominated event, thus being able to set the priorities and purchase the essential things.  In this manner you keep a constant control on the way the things are evolving and on the things that are left to be done. That is a fact that drawing a wedding budget planner worksheet on your own requires a lot of responsibility and sometimes you may need help either from family or friends that had previously done this or better from professional wedding planners.The later are normally a better choice in case your financials allow you to ask for their advice, and you are free from any stress that involves the wedding planning.

You don’t have to worry any more, as planning a wedding for the wedding planners is what they are good at and trained for! Besides, every step they take in their work is according to a contract you and the planner agree upon and after that the wedding planner budget worksheet comes into being.But if the couples do not have a budget that covers also the expenses for a professional wedding planner, there are sites to provide wedding budget planner worksheets and you just have to follow the instructions and be sure that your wedding will turn out to be a real success and an event to be proud about.. So, if you reach the moment where you have to plan your wedding, you don’t have to panic, there are professionals to help carry out this burden or you can do it by yourself with the help of internet research; and this is only one click away!11

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Vows in the evolution of a wedding event play a real important part through that that strictly belong to the bride and groom performance in front of the priest and the participants. Besides the planning which is to be accomplished in many cases by wedding planners or other cases when friends or family members can give a helping hand, the vows are exclusively thought and said by the wedding couple.

There is a variety of wedding vows to opt for, such as traditional wedding vows, religious wedding vows, funny wedding vows, romantic or nostalgic wedding vows. Either one you choose, the vows have to be concise and relevant both to the couple and the witnesses of the ceremony. Mostly prefer the traditional wedding vows which they color with some witty remarks or memories from their past years, while others prefer to write their own original vows in an attempt to give the specific meaning of the love that brought them together in that special day.

wedding ceremony vow rings 300x170 Wedding Ceremony Vow RingsThe words uttered in the vows carry a deep and everlasting print in the soul of the couple, these words can seal the love in the promises to be remembered long after the wedding event had passed. While trying to draw the outlines of the wedding vows you don’t have to follow patterns, you can simply put the print of your personality and imagination as well. But you don’t need to wander from the subject, you have to stick to the point as all the attention is drawn on you and on the words you say. If you wrap your vows in a long, strained with details story you may lose the audience attention therefore the meaning of your vows can be lost. So, remember to be precise and descriptive in as few words as possible.

The moment where bride and groom exchange the vows is followed by offering to each other wedding ceremony vow rings. These rings represent the material shape of the spirituality of the words expressed in the vows. They are the seal in which is captured the meaning of the vows, they totally symbolize the promises you made in the act of marriage. That is why the favored words to emphasize the meaning are: “This ring is a token of love” or “With this ring I marry you…”.

The wedding ceremony vow rings are the rings to wear for life since the sacred symbol they carry inside is the symbol of love, commitment and last but not least the symbol of the day when you have been promised to each other. Worship your love and see that its symbol is always there safe on your finger ring and it won’t be removed only when the “death do us part” and not even then.11

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There is a moment in our life when the time has come to look into our closet and unfold to our daughter the bridal heirloom that may have faded in time, due to its out-of-fashion style or to the dust that may have spread its insinuating particles through the fine silk or delicate tulle. Of course that the nowadays future to be brides prefer to have their wedding gowns ready made or at least to have them purchased from the on-sale wedding stores, but with new couture services that have appeared on the market an old wedding dress can be turned into a new and up to date wedding gown.

Not to mention that the memory hold by the old wedding gown found at the moment of reorganizing one’s wardrobe, is the thing that kept the gown living to the present days. And because of this dear memory there are brides-to-be daughters that may want to carry the symbol that defined the day of her parents’ best event. This can also bring them good luck for the step they are about to take in their life and the choice of redesigning the altered wedding dress can be a great option.

pictures of altered redesigned wedding dresses 300x228 Pictures of Altered Redesigned Wedding DressesThere are the pictures of altered redesigned wedding dresses that can confirm the above statements. The couture service that exist provide re-fitting, re-fashioning with the right touch of respect and creativity to the altered gown and to what it stands for. Each couture bridal gown design requires initial consultations that allow the bride to share her vision of the future wedding gown, considering at the same time the design that initially formed the pattern of the dress. At the consultation session the bride can bring photos or magazine sheets that envision her dream of her wedding dress.

The couture service then offers various options in redesign the gown turning the bride’s ideas into sketches that render the possibilities of samples. Measurements are also included in this first session. Next step will be the fitting, a model that follows the pattern of the redesigned dress and on this pattern the changes can be made in order the ready to wear gown to match your body lines and sizes. There may also appear situations where additional fabrics, beading or lace can be used in order to render new image to the altered redesigned wedding dress.

It will follow the trial of the dress where final adjustments and alterations have to be made. It is better to bring also the accessories (shoes, gloves, jewels, etc) that the bride planned to wear for the wedding event, but it would be the best not to previously order them, at least not before consulting with the couturiere. Her assistance will help the bride to find the perfect match for the renewed dress, thus assuring a success for the bride on her Big Day.

The final thing left for the couture service is the preservation of the dress prior to the day of delivery. Pressing and steaming of the wedding dress, bridal veil and bridal headpiece, if case, are the ways through which the redesigned wedding dress is preserved. The bride should accurately follow the preservation instructions as a way of paying respect for the heirloom and the symbol it stands for.11

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For their wedding event couples are always on search for something that save the day in a print of eternity, print that can remind them of the day and the vows they had exchanged in that Big Day that marked the beginning of a life to spend together. Besides the photos, the filming of the event and gifts that remain eternal in the daily environment of their living space, there is this minor detail they consider for the wedding day: engraving the wedding rings.

As minor as it may look, due to the fact that not too many are aware of its existence (the engravings being basically, tiny images or sayings on the back sides or front sides of the rings), besides, of course, the couple and the next akin and friends, its importance is not at least one to be called ‘minor’. Engraving a wedding ring is also a way to determine your wedding to be mastered by the love that has built the bridge of marriage.

sayings for engraving wedding rings 300x209 Sayings for Engraving Wedding RingsUsing special words as sayings for engraving wedding rings couples can put pieces of their creative imagination combined with the intensity of their feelings, in this way the result of a mixture of personality with heart prevails. But finding the words can be a hard task to perform, almost as hard as deciding upon the style of the wedding ring. Since the model of the ring is the one that has a word to say when it comes to the engravings, the task of choosing the saying is so much the more difficult. As to the technique of engravings the saying needs to fit the size of the ring and complete its symbol.

The choices are numerous, couples can select from many options, from writing something simple as a name and date to a special message that is only for the couple to be desired and understood. Sometimes it works better to look for sayings that others have used, this doesn’t necessary mean that the couple imitate the saying. Love is generally felt the same in the heart of the humans, and its intensity inspired people to put it in words that colored and filled the poems and songs.

Here are some helpful suggestions for the couples to find proper sayings for engraving wedding rings:

“Always and forever”, “You’re mine”, “Never to part”, “Love will always be our guide”, “My love is yours for ever and a day”, “Looking out at the future together”, “Only love can keep us going”, “The eyes of love see through night”, “Your love is the music that lifts my soul”, “I live through your love”, “You & me – nothing else matters”, “As long as I have your love, I have everything” and so on.

Some may consider, some may not, the fact that the design of the wedding ring may lose its actuality, so be sure that when you decide upon the style and design of the wedding ring it will be the one to last in time together with the sayings you have chosen to engrave them.11

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There are some wedding ceremonies that use as part of the entertainment program watching slideshows with aspects of the couple’s life. Some couples prefer to show slides from the time when they had first met, others use photos of both of their family and friends, other couples prefer to let this task in the hands of their parents that are willing to proudly present the evolution of the growing up process of their offspring.

But whatever aspect of their past life they choose to show, the program is supported by a musical background. This music definitely needs to be appropriate with the images to be viewed in the slides. Songs about growing up for wedding slideshow are various, but there are somehow a few that have gained popularity in the slides presentation wedding program.

songs about growing up for wedding slideshow Songs About Growing Up For Wedding Slideshow“In my life” – performed by John Lennon & Paul McCartney is a song about places that still keep fresh the memory of the friends and lovers that have passed by, friends or lovers that some are maybe dead or still alive, friends and lovers that were the most loved in singer’s life, but none of them compares with the new found love. The memories that used to be dear lose their intensity and meaning while meeting the new love. But thinking deeper, one has to realize that due to the old memories of the lovers he is now able to feel the new love, so he is promising to himself not to ever again forget the people he used to be found of before meeting the new love. This is part of the growing up process of the way we have to learn from our past to face the future in a mature manner of the evolution of the being.

“This is the time to remember” – performed by Billy Joel freshen up the time couples have met and lived wonderful moments, moments that had built up the bond that tied them together. The bond that got them into the thought of committing to each other, to totally surrender in the arms of each other. The moment they have met resembled the one of living a miracle and that moment is a life time memory that will keep them together, a memory they can hold on to make their marriage work for better or for worse.

“Growing up” – by Bruce Springsteen is a musical, poetical depiction of the growing up process, and this makes this song worth playing among the songs about growing up for wedding slideshow. It is the story of the stages through which a teenager is supposed to cross all the same with deceptions, lost confidence, but yet carried by the blast of youth that leaves one soul untouched by ugliness and defeat. Armed with this fresh breath one confronts the dangers, thus setting off for the fights against prejudices and old generations’ beliefs. The youth is all the time ahead of the old, facing new challenges and experiencing love. On this background the personality is being defined thus making the young man ready to face the life.11

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While choosing a theme for a wedding, couples can be inclined to agree on a royal-medieval theme keeping at the same time the perfume of romance. But this theme is the one rich in fabrics and elaborate touches, with authentic very heavy dresses . That is the reason that these gowns are not ideal for the couples going to get married in the hot summer sun! However, many specialists Medieval Wedding Dress designers make their dresses in lighter fabric trying to get over the inconvenient of a heavy to wear dress.

From the vast range of Medieval dresses the Medieval Celtic Wedding Dresses are known to be special, fairy and ethereal. The beauty of these gowns, especially the ones for the brides, consists of the very romantic touch that sends you back to the time of the beautiful Romeo and Juliet’s love story. Designers have tried to adapt the gowns according to the richness of fabric in order to convey the dresses personality and to the person to wear uniqueness and beauty.

celtic wedding dress 195x300 Medieval Celtic Wedding DressesThe diversity of this choice lies in that that the colors can vary from nuances of white (ivory, moonlight silver, snow-white) to metallic silver, cream or moss green. Medieval wedding dresses for the winter weddings have long sleeves and can also be teamed up with beautiful capes and heavily boned corsets with dropped waist bands from which the skirt then flows fully.

Among the Medieval Celtic Wedding Dresses the Royal gowns can be counted as sophisticated and the most impressive ones as well. They are exquisitely detailed with many hours of construction time. Every aspect is well taken into account starting from fabric to the embroidery motifs and optional hand sewn beads that add just the right sparkle to the gown.

In the last years, designers have chosen to confer the old style of medieval wedding dresses the simplicity of a delicate gown preserving the ethereality of style. They have launched several new dresses to compliment the popular Celtic spirit offering a few less elaborate designs with a minimal amount of embroidery. Combining fitted embroidered bodice with chiffon sleeves and straight crepe skirt or else a flowing skirt of sand-washed crepe with a chiffon over-skirt, they have managed to open a wide range of options among the couples in search of a unique wedding event.

But whatever your choice the medieval theme for a wedding is to be preferred to that of an ordinary one.11

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Yves Saint Laurent or YSL is a luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé in 1962. Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint- Laurent known by the public as Yves Saint Laurent was an Algerian- French designer. He was considered to be one of the greatest fashion designers in the 20th century. Yves Saint Laurent and his lover Pierre Bergé began the YSL fashion house with funds from an Atlanta millionaire J.Mack Robinson. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé split romantically in 1976 but remained business partners. Yves Saint Laurent’s merits were fully appreciated firstly in 1983 when he was honored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a solo exhibition and then in 2001 when he received the rank of Commander of the Légion d’Honneur by the French president of that time, Jacques Chirac.

The designer understood women and their needs for fashion and make-up not like a man but like a professional in this domain. He was always a pioneer in everything that he made and with one step ahead the women’s desires, inferring all their needs and succeeding in everything that he proposed to. Between women and YSL lipsticks is a long-standing passion that revives with every season. To delight the women even more YSL creates each lipstick even better , more melting, with more wonderful colors, more appealing than the one before just like Yves Saint Laurent Tropical Pink Lipstick. This lipstick has a beautiful electric shade suitable for summer nights and summer parties on the beach. It is a shade that gives not only color but also joy.

yves saint laurent tropical pink lipstick Yves Saint Laurent Tropical Pink LipstickYves Saint Laurent Tropical Pink Lipstick gives you the impression that you really are at the tropic with a cocktail in your hands admiring the wild nature and feeling free and happy. It is a declaration of style and freedom, addressed to women who feel good in their skin and who are not afraid to show this to the whole world.

Yves Saint Laurent knew how to make any woman look wonderful because not only the beauty from the outside is important but also the beauty from the inside and how a woman feels when wearing a special lipstick along with a special dress. There are lipsticks for everyday use, lipsticks for special occasions or just lipsticks that makes a woman special. Having also a feminine part helped Yves Saint Laurent understand everything that a woman desires to buy and the effect that a product, make-up or fashion, must have upon her when looking into the mirror.11