1960’s Wedding Gowns

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To wear a vintage wedding dress means courage. Nowadays the bridal dresses are focused more on the sexy aspect and so, the sober style, the sophisticated one is less looked for. At least daring we may say about the nowadays tendencies. And there is nothing wrong in this, but for those romantic and nostalgic brides vintage seems to be the supreme elegance.
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Why choosing a vintage wedding dress? Is this obsolete? It is not, and let me say that old is gold; by this I mean that recurring to an antique outfit means recreating a style that made history. It is after all the fashion evolution and each and every decay makes part of this path. So, choosing a vintage wedding dress but what to be like? Let’s take now the example of 1960’s wedding gowns.

To start with describing the style regarding the wedding dresses in 1960 I must put in the front line the flower print. This was the ultimate tendency then and had known a wonderful success. And I am not referring to common flower prints but to the fine models, the embroidery. So, the design of the dresses was based on a multitude of decorative details.

Apart from this, the cut of the dress was aimed to reveal more and put more accents on the waist. Consequently, the length of the dress is shorter and no longer until knees and the waist is the main point of attraction, being in the spotlights through a sash or belt.

Despite the decked out appearance the 1960’s wedding gowns were simple regarding the cut of the dress. Nothing too fancy, no bouffant parts. But its simplicity is the one that creates a diaphanous aspect so specific for a bride.  The above part is not a corset but made out of material, with fine lines that sketches the bust, sleeveless; the bottom part with no large skirt but straight aspect. This type of dress is recommended as a casual outfit for a bride, for an informal wedding type. But this does not mean that it looses something from the magic charm of a bride.

Furthermore, for the period of 1960 I may say that the aim was to suggest the fineness and delicacy of a bride, the whole spirit created is of a romantic attitude along with innocent influence. This aspects are highly suggested by the cut of the dress, but the modest look regarding the fact that it is not a shrill look, but contrary it reveals less and as well the refined models of the dress.

All things considered, I believe that for a bride that recognizes herself into the above description the answer is already known: a vintage wedding dress from 1960. Not properly from that year but recreated after this eel.11

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