1940s Style Bridesmaid Dresses

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The girls that have passed through the bridesmaid position experience are heroines I may say. You know what I am talking about: the bride, your friend, becomes a “bridezilla”. Your taste, your preferences are not part of the plan and you must be obedient and not refuse to wear what she imposes. Quite a nightmare; but things get in this situation due to bride’s desire to match everything with the wedding theme.
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Indeed, bridesmaids dressed all the same, matching with the whole wedding concept complete the decor of a traditional fairy tale wedding. What bride does not like this? But for a maid of honor this means wearing a dress that has nothing in common with her personality. I have one great idea that will please both parts: 1940’s bridesmaid dresses.

First and foremost, the 40’s period related to fashion and dresses is a simple design. But extremely elegant, feminine and with accent on the one that wears it. To be more specific, the purely 40’s dresses were of a long length, flowy, not too large but enough tight on the body, with waist accentuated, shoulders covered but revealing the cleavage. With these references, you can create for your maids of honor a dream vision; something that they like, something that you like, something appropriate for the occasion and above everything something really sexy.

1940’s bridesmaid dresses do not pout accent on corset, on tight dresses, nor on a too shrill look with bouffant design. It is like I said simple, but with a touch of natural beauty. It focuses more on elegant and diaphanous aspect. You can keep the entire description or you can adapt it to the nowadays tendencies. Being of a simple look it is easier to combine this with what you want. Consequently, the dresses can be long and flowy, halter neckline to put accent on the above part and backless with a modern influence as well. Or you can continue the plan with decent look and modest, with just some long dresses, with straps. As well V neckline is representative for this period style.

The simplicity comes as the result for the war period. But still even so women did not let away the feminine style. This is what can be related to a formal wedding, as well as one that recreates a romantic decor, or a casual outfit for a not so pretentious wedding type.

As a conclusion, it seems that the 40’s style dresses are appropriate from many angles of view. It puts first the person’s view in front and then it suggests its elegance. How ever thought that vintage dresses are with such a big influence for a woman, with such a strong accent on it? But you can see, from my description, it is all in their favor to reveal their beauty and not hide under a bouffant dress that attracts with its shiny or decked out appearance.11

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