1940 Wedding Cakes

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If your dream wedding is a beautiful, unique and loud event, then the retro style of the 1940 will suit you very well. The retro wedding theme is more sexy, sophisticated, glamorous and Hollywood style than we can now think of. All the fuss and the fast movements, dances, and bands must reflect in your retro wedding dress as in your wedding cake!
Those who are choosing a retro wedding theme may have very good and strong reasons for that, such as commemorating a big event from that century, or they just want to celebrate and mark with their wedding an important period of their past. But there are a lot of young brides or grooms that simply enjoyed that beautiful period and want to share the specific fashion and music of that era with the ones they love.

A 1940’s wedding cake is not a very simple design to do at all. Of course, one could have a lot of gorgeous ideas about how his retro wedding cake should look like, but there aren’t many designers that really can imitate or copy entirely the style you want. That is why you must hire the best bakeries that are specialized in creating such splendid wedding deserts. For many ideas and hot pictures of the 1940’s wedding cake examples you can check this out this website: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2628/4059944909_988246fb8c.jpg

Many brides or grooms might think of having a big band theme for their wedding cake, in the 1940 style. You can choose to shape the wedding cake into one of the famous musical instruments from the retro century: saxophone, drums, tuba, trumpet, guitar or piano. You can pick anything that reminds you or gets you into that era’s mood and bring it in to the cake’s appearance. This cake can have a regular size of two or three tiers.

The topping can be made out of plastic figures that can bring the retro style into sights, or you can opt for edible musician figure. Maybe you can find designers that have all the needed ingredients and material, and lots of inspiration and courage to create such cool things.

Another interesting retro themed wedding cake is one that pictures a hat from 1940. The difficult degree of this particular wedding cake is about to 3 on a scale of 10. Therefore, if you are a groom that loves hats and the retro style as well, you will be delighted with this choice of cake.

There are plenty examples of retro cakes for the brides as well as they are for the grooms, especially for those who loved the retro outfits and gowns. A beautiful idea could be the bride blue laced dress wedding cake, with reminiscent embroidery of ’40. The colors maintain the same theme, and start from white, blue, gold, cream, orange, brown, and can end up in a purple shade.11

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