1930’s wedding gown

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For a woman to be elegant it takes a dress and high hills. This is the well known image of a feminine look. But who says it is so simple? Imagine if for a simple occasion it is so hard to decide about the outfit how a woman is when it comes about choosing her wedding gown. The bridal dress is the supreme dress for a woman and not for anything: it is that beautiful elegant white dress that you as a bride wear it once in life time.
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If it is to think about what tradition requires when it comes a bout a bridal appearance then a simple white dress, decent and with no sexy look is your option. Still, it remains to choose the design. So, no matter how you take it is gets harder and harder to finalize this task. And with so many options available, with such a wide range of possibilities the bride is totally confused. For those that think about vintage as a defining element for their look and style I have one of a kind type of dress: 1930’s wedding gown.

Many say that fashion means looking ahead not forward. But at the same time something old is something gold and classic style will never be obsolete. By choosing such a wedding dress you are sure that you do not fail in the mixture of various elements, you are not too shrill, nor too modest, but perfect in your posture of a bride.

A 1930’s wedding gown is apparently simple but in fact with a fine style and well defined. To be more specific I will describe you: it is the long dress type, with skirt simple- straight or a little bit larger to look like flowy, with tendency of an empire waist, accentuated by a sash or ribbon, with low cut at the cleavage, bouffant shoulders and sleeves. Indeed this is not the only type part of this category. If you are the daring one then you can add the low back at the dress, an interesting model at the bottom part of the skirt, like ruffles or pleated folds, dropped waist and V-neck line.

Why would a bride choose such a wedding dress instead of a fancy one, with low cleavage and split parts for example? With certainty I can say that not many brides have these or see these types of wedding dresses as their preferential ones. The younger you are the more stylish you think about the ultimate tendencies in the bridal collections. But such a dress, the one inspired from 1930’s, is dedicated to those that want to accentuate better their femininity and beauty, for those that want to copy a romantic, nostalgic style, for those brides passed of their 30’s or those who are at the second marriage. Simple, elegant and suave, it puts accent on the whole body shapes, on the diaphanous aspect of a bride.11

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