1930’s Style Wedding Gowns

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Do you want to be unique on your wedding day? If you have been dreaming of a unique wedding dress since forever, then you can get inspirational ideals from the 1930’s style wedding dresses. There was something about that year, every year has its charm but the 30’s has a different charm. If you analyze the wedding dresses from that time from pictures, your grandma’s pictures, from museums, you will see that all the wedding dresses from 1930 have the same style and elegance but not a sophisticated elegance, a simple elegance, with less embroidery or accessories than in any other dresses from other years.
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So if you want to learn about classic elegance and simple beauty, then study 1930’s style wedding gown.
Searching from inspirational ideals I found this very good blog that presents unique wedding dresses that have the style and charm of the 30’. The main thing that you will observe not only in dresses but also in hairstyle and make-up is the vintage natural inspired look. Most of the wedding dresses from 1930 were made from precious fabrics that complement every bride’s silhouette, the cuts are simple, and some dresses have crystal embroidery but not too much.

1930's Style Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gown from guruwedding.net

Usually the wedding dresses has long veil, the hairstyle is simple with no crown or flowers or anything, and almost no make-up. Let’s keep in mind that the 30’s were not very rich, people had to struggle after the First World War and the sense of modesty was reflected in what people wear especially at their wedding too. You will see that not even the brides from rich families wear jewelry on their wedding day. People had a sense of modesty in those times; they didn’t want to show off or to empathize. The colors in fashion at that time was off course white, but also the champagne color, light yellow, the style of the dresses were simple, elegant and romantic. Johanna Johnson is a well-known designer that has a beautiful collection; you can admire some of her work at here. There are many other sites that present vintage and 1930’s inspired dresses such as this one.

1930's Style Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns from weddingandbridal.net

Picture credit also for: http://www.antiquedress.com/

You can create a theme wedding that reflects the 1930 year, wear an inspired dress from that time, select a vintage reception location, decorate the place to give it an elegant atmosphere, hire a band that perform 1930’s songs, have some wedding pictures in black and white to give your event a more authentic look and you will have a unique wedding.11


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    Hi…. the second wedding gown (the vintage gown) is from my website, http://www.antiquedress.com I don’t mind you using the photos, but request that you change the photo credit to: Deborah Burke, antiquedress.com THANK YOU!!


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