1920s Wedding Shoes

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No wedding trend of today is 100% modern. There is always a subtle vibe of the past incorporated in our designer’s creations. The field of wedding dresses is already compromised. Every single designer has at least a collection or a gown design inspired by the beauty of the bygone eras in his portfolio! We are very excited about the modern-vintage trends popularized nowadays in weddings.

But our enthusiasm grows bigger as we’re approaching the bridal shoes field and see that the old-fashion look is here too! We must confess we are big fans of the old look when it comes to weddings & brides. There is something very chic and romantic about an old era inspired bride. Stylish, feminine and bold in the same time, comfy, nonchalant and glamorous, the bridal shoes worn during the 1920s period are our subject for today. We don’t know how many of you have information on this theme, but we do know something for sure: you will be fascinated to find out so many beautiful and fun things about the vintage style in wedding shoes.

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The footwear fashion of the roaring ‘20s was very stylishly conservative. The type of heel that was popular back then was small and very chic. Brides of that era used to wear kitten heeled wedding shoes. The type of fabric used for the bridal shoes of 1920 was very sleek and elegant. Silks and satins were the predominant materials used back then. As for the color, anything simple and antique, like white and ivory was in. The trend of special-occasion shoes was very popular among women who lived in that time. In many situations, their shoes were gorgeously embellished with beads and very often with buckles.

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1920s Wedding Shoes (Source: myweddingreceptionideas.com)

We personally adore the brocade shoes! Slightly deviating from our subject, we want to tell you that guys used to wear closed toes and heels. The trends back then were very different from current trends. Both men and women shoes were thick and formal, based on sturdy heels. 1920s brides had no idea that a pair of shoes can be as tall as our modern stilettos! All types of shoes worn in that time came in similar styles. However, the fabric and the heel height were different for daytime and evening shoes.

138467 1920s wedding shoes 1920s Wedding Shoes

1920s Wedding Shoes (Source: allthatshoes.info)

Later on, the shoe fashion was based on French styles. The split upper shoes that featured the toe covering separate from the heels’ covering. The pointed-up pump shoes were the classiest ones the most popular for brides. The T-strap styles were also very common styles used especially for evening parties. Another famous type of shoe trend that appeared around 1930s is the round-toe style often made of leather and embellished with buckles and bows.



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