1920’s Wedding Gowns

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1920’s wedding gowns were apart of a whole new movement that made women more independent and free to wear what they wanted. The so called “flapper” look included everything from attitude to hair style and clothing. Women in the 20’s started to wear shorter dresses (mid calf or ankle length) that came in a straight line.
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Women basically hid their shapes under these gowns that were very loosely fitted on the body; it was the so called “boyish” look. The dresses either were straight or had a dropped waist line. We have to keep in mind that this entire fashion came after the end of the First World War and it was like a breath of fresh air.

1920's Wedding Gowns

1920's Wedding Gowns from fashion-era.com

Women also shortened their hair in the well known dramatic bobs, they wore bright red lipstick and, generally, they wore a dramatic make up. The shorter dresses were a sign of a new found independence for women, as well as a good fit for the crazy dancing styles of that period. The one who was responsible for first introducing the shorter dresses was the well known Coco Chanel. The wedding gowns of the 1920’s basically followed the “flapper” look and brides started to give up the Edwardian and Victorian inspired dresses. In many pictures you will see women with dresses that no longer come with a train. Also, wedding gowns were made out of light, flowing materials and, although, they followed a pretty simple line they were full of beadings, embroidery, fringes and other embellishments. Other important clothing details consist of gloves; many women chose to wear sleeveless wedding gowns and thus chose to wear long, elegant gloves. Some women chose to wear the traditional veil, while others chose to embellish it with the very fashionable, at the time, feathers. However, some women gave up veils entirely and chose to wear the so called cloche.

1920's Wedding Gowns

1920's Wedding Gown from lindsayfleming.com

It is quite difficult to find a very well preserved 20’s wedding gown, but you can call upon companies that are specialized in manufacturing vintage wedding gowns. At this site you can find original dresses that have been restored, but you can also buy a new gown that was designed after the crazy 1920’s.

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