13th Wedding Anniversary

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It is commonly known that the 25th wedding anniversary is the silver one and that for this event couples should give each other something made of silver. Likewise it is known that the 50th wedding anniversary is the golden one and that the partners should give each other something golden. But only few people know what the traditional gift is for other wedding anniversaries. Every wedding anniversary has its specific gift and gems.

Superstitious couples fear no anniversary more than the 13th wedding anniversary. It is widely considered that the number 13 brings bad luck and misfortune. But the 13th wedding anniversary has nothing to do with luck or misfortune. Traditionally the 13th wedding anniversary is considered to be the lace anniversary. Consequently, the perfect 13th wedding anniversary gift is something made of lace or containing lace. The modern version of this anniversary gift is something made of furs or other textiles. If you are about to celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary but you still haven’t found the perfect gift yet, here we have some suggestions for you.

13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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When it comes to finding the right 13th wedding anniversary gift for a woman it is somehow easier to find a lace gift. The obvious gift for a wife on the 13th wedding anniversary is lace lingerie. Choose sensual or romantic lace lingerie and consider your wife’s favorite color. If your wife isn’t a big fan of lace lingerie you could give her another clothing item made of lace or containing lace (for example: a lace dress or a beautiful lace top etc.). You could also give her a nice lace bag. If you want a more practical 13th wedding anniversary gift you could decide to give your wife a beautiful and decorative lace tablecloth or lace curtains. But if you choose a practical gift take into consideration that these gifts aren’t very romantic, so be careful when choosing one.

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We all know that women love jewelries, so what could be a more perfect wedding anniversary gift than jewelry. Fortunately nowadays you can find jewelries with all kind of different models, some of them resembling lace. You could give your wife a beautiful silver cuff bracelet with floral lace or a necklace with a lace heart. If you or your wife are superstitious and believe that 13 brings bad luck, give your wife a piece of lace jewelry shaped like a clover or a horseshoe.

13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Finding the perfect 13th wedding anniversary gift for a man is much more difficult. Typically men do not appreciate lace. Luckily, as it was previously said, one can also give furs or textiles as 13th wedding anniversary gifts. You could give your husband for your 13th wedding anniversary a shirt of his favorite football, baseball, soccer, hockey etc. team. Or you could give him a cap of his favorite tea. If he is not into sports, gift him normal clothing pieces. You could also give him a monogrammed bath robe or a pillow with a photo representing both of you. If your husband is in love with his car, than giving him new micro suede seat cover will make him incredibly happy.11

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