1 Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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The first year of marriage is all milk and honey, generally said. However, they say love only lasts for three years, so why don’t you make the most of it and show your spouse your appreciation and love by surprising her with a lovely anniversary idea.

We all know flowers can’t go wrong when it comes to women, but perhaps you should do a little bit more than that, after all, your one year wedding anniversary is a big deal! Perhaps a romantic dinner can be a nice surprise and a lovely gesture for the romantic person that you have besides you, perhaps a trip she’s been waiting for or maybe a cruise around the world, if the budget is not exceeded, all are bright ideas and can light up your life together.

1 Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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However, if she’s more party-people like and she’d surely love to have all your common friends around to celebrate the happy event, a going-away surprise party, gathering all your friends may be more than she could ever expect. Start planning carefully and decide on the sum of money you wish and can spend, making sure to include all the facilities for your guests. Perhaps you should rent a mountain lodge for a few nights, gather everyone around and yell „Surprise!”.

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Of course, women much rather be surprised by being taken around the world, covered in jewelry, cuddled and loved, but, for starter, a mountain lodge will probably do the trick! Travel agencies recommend Aspen as a lovely anniversary destination, where you and your friends can spend a lovely two nights weekend and prices vary from $1000 to $2500, off season. Also, a lovely destination can be considered Wien, having the part of the city where she and her friends can shop around, where you can go sight-seeing and the mountain-like part, where you can all go skiing. Prices recommended by travel operators are relatively low, it depends on the offers.

1 Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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One little thing for you to be thinking about is to take only a few close friends along, after all, you’d be paying and the total sum will sure be large, make sure they can take time off from work and start preparing the details. That includes the dates of leaving and returning, number of nights you’ll be spending, hotel, lodge or flat to rent, the number of rooms and the way you’ll be checking in your guests, etc. Don’t forget to pack your bags and her’s as well, after all she has to be the last to know!

1 Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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You may want to include a small, meaningful present for your spouse, a pink gold ring, as the latest tendencies show, a personalized photo album, including funny pictures of you together or anything that can come to your mind. Remember to clear your head from work before leaving and make sure you’ll have the greatest anniversary weekend, surrounded by the people you both appreciate and care for. The success of the party that you will all attend depends on your joyful state of mind, love and the feeling that there are many more years to come.11

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